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Hooked On...

I'm linking up to Julia at Hooked on Houses for her "Hooked On..." party! Please check out her fabulous blog today. I love the way she takes readers inside all kinds of homes-from really, really bad MLS listings to celebrity homes, to homes we can find inspiration in.

I'm Hooked on...To-Do Lists!

I have always had a thing for To-Do Lists. There's just something so satisfying about crossing off things I've been able to accomplish. If that makes me a huge nerd, I'm okay with that. (wink)

I haven't made much progress in the list department lately. Probably because my days have been spent doling out crackers, washing sippy cups, and switching on an Elmo video here and there so I can put on minimal make-up so as not to scare the "outside world" when we escape the house run some errands.

I tend to lose lists too. I'll write up a great note detailing all sorts of things I need to work on, and then it gets lost in the caverns of my enormous purses.

Or maybe they go to the same place my keys and Panera card went.
At any rate, I've seen a few bloggers post their summer to-do lists, and I thought that maybe if I make my own up here, I'd be less likely to lose it.

{Amanda's SuMmEr To DO LiSt}

~Make myself get out of bed early enough to get some make-up on and fix my hair before the girls wake up. It's no fun putting on mascara in front of the mirror while holding one foot on the toilet lid so Michaela Byrd doesn't decide to have another toilet party.

~Find someone to coordinate a Bible study with. I am absolutely an unmotivated slacker when it comes to studying on my own. I need to know that there will be a group to discuss what we are learning, otherwise I just won't do it. Keepin' it real. This is one I'd love to do:

~Continue going through the girls' toys for stuff I can donate to Salvation Army. I have to be stealthy about this and work while they are napping or in bed for the night, otherwise there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

~Work on organization!

I got this book a few months ago, and I keep meaning to pull it out and get started, but I can't get organized enough to do that.

~Start a chore/behavior chart for Natalie. The girl is killin' me here. Preschool let out for the summer, and she is wreaking havoc on the T family. I think some motivation is in order. Like most three year olds, she can be coerced with stickers, but I think she'll also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from following through on simple things like clean-up time, putting dishes in the sink, not murdering her little sister, etc.

~Hang some stinkin' pictures on the giant blank canvas that is our "new room." It is so blah that it makes me want to go to sleep when I walk in there. (L, if you see this, I need help! A play date is needed, stat!)


~Pillows to coordinate with the chair for my new craft/workspace table.

~Craft storage with some "found items" from my home. I can't wait to share this with you!

~Healthy meals. Since I hosted the GIVEAWAY for the Eat This! Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide, I keep reminding myself to sit down and make some meal plans that do not involve me standing in the aisle at the grocery frantically grabbing frozen dinners while my three year old begs for popsicles and my 17 month old attempts to escape from the cart.


A few of those books have more than twenty pages and are intended for readers over the age of six. Like these two:

Finances permitting, I want to take a couple of sewing classes from my friend AT.

Also on my reading list?

~Mary Kay Andrews' The Fixer Upper (I adore MKA and her Southern Style. Her heroines are always so much fun!)
~The rest of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series. Once again, my friends L and AS have hooked me on a series of fluffy books. I love fluffy books. I read enough fancy frou-frou books in college to last me another ten years. So fluff it is!


~To the pool! We paid for it; now we need to swim for our money's worth. I'd love to get Natalie swimming by the end of the summer. Then she can forget again until next May.

~To the gym. Regularly. I really really want to take a Hip-Hop class there, but I'll need to enlist my mom for babysitting services, as it is after the girls' bedtime, and T works late on Tuesday nights.

~To bed earlier. 'Nuff said.

What about you?

Do you like to make lists? Do you lose them like I do or do you have a system for staying organized? I'd love your feedback!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get everything on your to-do list crossed off!

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  1. You have a long list. On my list is get more exercise. Since it is very hot for walking I have been swimming twice this week. I am lucky to live at a lake where the water gets nice and warm.

  2. Your list are inspiring... wow.. i dont think i could tackle much on those lists.

    Bravo to you --- cute blog.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  3. On my list is to learn how to use Photoshop the software and a book, need to get on the program and do a little studying and practicing!


  4. Boy, you're speaking my language here, Amanda! I'm constantly making lists, and checking things off, and making new lists, etc. I've got my 7 year-old making them for herself now, too, so apparently it's contagious. :-)

    I bought the first Sookie Stackhouse book but still haven't had time to read it. Maybe next week!

    Glad you could join my party. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm hooked on to-do lists too! Partly because I'm slightly uptight about being organized, and mostly because unless I write something down, it goes right out of my head and it's as if the thought never even existed :)

  6. I think I could have written your list! lol Now to get off our duffs and be like Nike and "Just Do It"!

  7. I don't ever feel the satisfaction of being able to cross off stuff.

    Maybe my to do list should say:
    sleep in
    yell at kids

    Then I could cross off stuff and feel awesome!

  8. Ha ha ha...LOVINg Xazmin's comment! I feel the same way most of the time.

    About the chalkboard...I used the actual painting for the chalkboard. I flipped it over and painted the underside of the backerboard. You CAN paint directly onto a painting (and I have before), but this particualr one had too much texture on it. Really, it could not be easier! And I'm sure you see ugly paintings with gorgeous detailed frames at yard sales ALL THE TIME!


  9. I love lists too, always have! They are so helpful.

  10. My partner Steve is obsessed with To Do Lists. I like to make him think it drives me crazy, but secretly I dig them too.

  11. I make lists for everything! Can't live without them, ha.

    So, you've been to Wal-Mart already. I sure miss that place!!

    I commented under you on the blog roll and just wanted to say "hi". Hope your weekend is a great one!


  12. I adore lists! I just wish I could cross more off every day:)

  13. hey fluffy book reader, before you spend your hard earned $$ at borders, let me know what you're looking for! stacy sells tons of those books and for cheap, too!

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