Friday, June 5, 2009

Doctor's Note

I totally had a great post planned to share with you all today, but then we had a trip to the E.R. last night, and now you'll just have to read this junk instead. No, really.

Mimi (my mom) came over to say hi to the girls last night before their bedtime. Natalie decided that a rousing game of ballroom dancing was in order. This requires me to lift, spin, twirl, and dip her repeatedly, all the while loudly humming the "Once Upon a Dream" song from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, which is her current favorite this week. If I stop humming to catch my breath, she orders me to continue.

She's a real taskmaster.

With all the intricate dance moves we were performing, an injury was bound to occur sooner or later. Except it ended up being Michaela Byrd. Mimi was spinning her, and we think something in her arm might have popped out of place because she started wailing and could not be consoled.

T rushed home from his poker game to drive us to the E.R. and Mimi stayed home with Natalie.

God surely smiled on us because the waiting room was close to deserted, and we were taken back after only a few minutes wait. In our town, this is a miracle.

As I looked at the enormous X-ray machines, computers, syringes, bandages, and charts, I was at that moment grateful for family in town. If Mimi hadn't stayed home with Natalie, she would have surely overtaken the triage unit and wanted to suture everything.

By the time it was our turn for the X-rays, Michaela Byrd had perked up considerably. And by considerably, I mean she was holding her sippy cup with both hands and downing ice water like there was no tomorrow. She also gave T repeated high fives and tried to climb off my lap.

We jokingly asked her if she was faking.


"No." she replied in her tiny little voice.

Okay then.

The doctor reviewed the X-rays and said that she didn't think a splint would actually be necessary and to just keep an eye on her. Something may have popped out of place and then just popped back in.

After a quick visit with my friend J, who was working in the ER, we headed home to put a sleepy 17 month old in bed.

So that's why you ended up reading this crappy post today instead of the wonder I had planned for you.

If you don't believe me, I have a doctor's note.

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  1. I'm so glad everything turned out OK. There's nothing like a trip to the ER to make you feel thankful for a healthy family.

    You have a doctor's note - LOL.

  2. Stopping in from SITS today!
    I am so glad to know everhting is okay with your little angel.
    Have a Sweet Friday!
    stop by my Blog(s) I have a great giveaways ending tonight.

  3. That happened to Allison once and thankfully my mother in law was there and knew how to maneuver it just right to pop it back into place. She had had to do that numerous times with her daughter. Once it happens, it might happen again until she gets a little older. If you have someone who can show you how to manipulate it if it happens, you might be prepared to handle it yourself....and we'll call you DR. Amanda!! :)


  4. Dang about having to go to the ER! I'm glad she's okay!

    I can't tell you how many times one of my kids was really hurt or really sick and we've taken them in, only to have them be perfectly fine by the time it's our turn!

    It's a little embarrassing!

    Again...glad there was no serious damage!!

  5. You are too cute!!! I have loved spending some time reading through your posts!!! Glad your little one was o.k. From the way it sounds you should definitely try out for SYTYCD, with the humming of course!!! Have a wonderful night!

  6. Sometimes all we need is a little assurance from an authoritative figure. Happened to us on vacation w/ a teething first child. Glad all worked out okay. :-) Sue

  7. Ouch! But...what is up with that? Every time I rushed my daughter to the emergency room, she was perfectly fine by the time they could see her!! "I swear she was very sick when we left the house, doctor!!" lol I was told that it was not that uncommon...the Tylenol kicks in and the fever goes down, etc! In any case, you are excused! and the post was not crappy...just life!!...Debbie

  8. It's these kind of posts that I find most interesting! Glad she's ok.

  9. I'm glad that she was ok. You are very lucky indeed to have family in town. I hate going to the ER. The wait, the gross people who use it as their physician's office, yuck.

  10. I'm glad it all turned out ok, but it is still scary to ever have to do that!

    P.S. Sleeping Beauty is my fave too.

  11. We had a similar experience at a Dr. Seuss party at the Library. They were having cake for Dr. Seus's 100th birthday and the kids literally stampeded into the other room to have middle child tripped, fell, and was trampled. (His arm) He was screaming at the top of his lungs. At first I thought he was just scared; but it didn't stop and he wasn't using his arm at all. My husband was out of town (of course!) So off to the ER I went with both kiddos (only had 2 at the time.) I called my hubby just as we were pulling into the ER.

    We hung up and I went to take my son out of his car seat. He was JUST FINE; suddenly playing like nothing had happened at all. So I called my pediatrician instead of going inside. They also said it probably had been pulled out of the socket and had popped back in. To watch it and go in to their office the next day if he had any issues. None since. So either God healed him on the spot; or maybe an angel helped his arm to pop back into the socket; either way I was relieved and haven't gone to another Dr. Seuss party since!!


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