Friday, June 12, 2009

Dressed Up Dresser!

You'll read all over the internet and see on various TV decorating shows the advice to "shop your house" first when pondering a new look for an area in your home. Until I started reading blogs and seeing how much fun and rewarding it could be to "repurpose" something in my own home, I would have much rather just shelled out the cash for a new pillow, new desk, new picture frame, you name it.

Having two little ones at home and living on one income certainly forces you to get creative with what you have! I rarely watch Oprah anymore unless it's a show with a home makeover, Nate Berkus, something really fun and creative, Nate Berkus, a light-hearted theme, and did I mention Nate Berkus?

One episode featured the h-o-t designer redoing several couple's homes with a budget, which he's never had to do before. My ears perked up when he mentioned that true creativity is born out of having obstacles and boundaries that you have to overcome. The rooms he designed on that show were cute, and he looked like he had a blast using what the families already owned and shopping at *real* stores such as Target, like the rest of of us do.

I find myself reevaluating many of the pieces in my home that I not too long ago considered dumping at Salvation Army the second we could afford something "better." Thanks to gleaning so many fabulous ideas from the blog world, I see things in my home with a new eye. The piece I am sharing today is one I remade when I was pregnant with Natalie, but I am still proud of it!

Here's a Before shot:

You can see the icky laminate chest of drawers in the right corner of the picture. Sorry, it's the only one I have!

This was a quick buy at Wal-Mart, I think, when I was in college. That's me on the left, moving in to my room in the townhome I lived in with some friends. I was clearly more concerned with finding cool things to sticky-tack on my walls and what I would wear to the sorority girls' party next door than making my room a well-designed space.

Hence the ugly, serviceable, Wal-Mart chest of drawers. Eh, it was just okay.

Fast forward 5 years....Like many first time moms, I had nothing to do with my time other than prepare for Natalie's arrival (oh, how times have changed!). I spent hours nesting in that room. I knew I needed another storage solution for her room because even though she wasn't born yet, she already had more clothes than me.

Rather than waste a bunch of space at the bottom of the closet, I decided to move the aforementioned hideous chest of drawers in there. Gasp! I couldn't let my baby peer out of her crib at something so monstrous, could I?

So I used some primer, some of the leftover paint from her walls, a stencil I had laying around, and this is what I came up with!

Added a few cheap-o white drawer pulls from Wallyworld or Target, and voila!

I primed and painted right over that old laminate, and while it took about 6543 coats, it has held up well for three years. (I didn't know about laminate primer back then!) I had to putty over the existing holes for the old drawer pulls, something I'd never done before. T about had a coronary when he heard I'd used putty...he is sort of finicky about doing everything, well, to the "t." You really don't notice the spots I puttied.

It's not perfect, but like The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." (!!)

Take a look around your house. Is there a piece of furniture that could be given new life with some scrapbook paper or some paint? Shopping your house can be fun, and talk about Thrifty!

I know I'm still "shopping!"

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  1. What a great transformation! It looks so cute in the closet.

  2. Incredible make-over! So sweet,yet sophisticated. Love it.

  3. Adorable! Too cute to hide in a closet cute! :)


  4. Oh it is adorable! Great job!! My fiance and I are having the same problem too; trying to get rid of our college furniture to have some stuff that matches. We have done ok in the living room but the bedrooms always seem to be the toughest! Keep these kinds of posts coming. They are amazing! Thanks for entering my giveaway too :)

  5. Man oh man girl! What a save! Love it. Isn't is so much more rewarding to take the ugly, wave your magic paint want and turn her into a princess? Great job! Thanks for linking up!

  6. i like that good job and thanks for your comment

  7. I just came over from Big Mama's Blog and wanted to say how cool it is that you've got hooked on So You Think You Can Dance. It's a big show around here and we actually go to the live show when it comes to Detroit. Hands down best live show ever and it makes me feel 14 again.

    If you've never been to you might want to visit. They do fantasy games based on reality shows and SYTYCD is one of them. Try playing..way fun.

  8. WOW, it turned out adorable. You would of never known that it was the same dresser.
    Wish me luck on doing the same, im going to look at a dresser to repurpose for the kiddos room. Theirs is breaking and its time for a new one!!

  9. I really like it! I'm going to be doing a lot of transformations soon, I'm moving into my first house and getting lots of second hand stuff.

  10. That is so beautiful! I love the changes you made, how about coming on over and makin' over some of my stuff?:-)

  11. I said it the first time, and I'll say it again...LOVE IT!


  13. How cute! I'm impressed it held up so long :)

  14. I love that! I've never tried anything like that before. Which is funny because I group up with a mom who did some serious furniture makeovers... Don't think paint is in my future for a little while with all of the toddlers running around, but someday. I find this inspiring.

  15. Lovely and I LOVE a dresser in the closet. My kids have almost always had their dressers in the closet and I am going to put one of ours in there pretty soon. After my 'discussion' with hubby this week,I'll probably put mine in there :D and leave his where it is...apparently he doesn't WANT his dresser in the closet...even though mine is prettier. Anyway, yes, there is room in there for it...and gives me a reason to get that thing cleaned out (the closet I mean)

    Saw your other sites...I love Ann Coulter!

  16. Love it, it's so cute and girly! :D

  17. Such a sweet transformation! Great job! So glad to have found your blog!


  18. That's the cutest makeover! GIANT transformation, with not too much work - I love it!

  19. Everything looks better in white right? I love the idea of using a dresser in the closet for storage. But I think the best part is the coordinating stencil. Too cute!

  20. I think it turned out great!
    I never tried painting laminate, but I have a very similar dresser (except uglier! and over 10 years old!) I also like to put dresser in closet....great storage and so much prettier when the doors are opened. The fleurs de lys are a nice touch!
    thanks for viviting!

  21. it's sooo cute! much better- much much much better!!!!!

  22. So sweet! You did a great job, I love the colors and the stencil. I love shopping my house too...and Nate!;)


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