Wednesday, June 3, 2009

High Fashion (?)

I have an exciting new sponsor!

Petite Couture by Natalie, a fabulous new fashion label for the preschool set, has just launched an inaugural line. 

Only the most fashion savvy tots can appreciate the genius of Natalie's designs. She blends colors, fabrics, patterns, and insanity into a creative palette that defies the realms of common sense.

Natalie, designer and CEO of Petite Couture by Natalie, began her career as a stylist at a young age. 

She single-handedly made the one-leg toddler leg warmer a national sensation. The fashion world hasn't been turned upside down by a trend like this since acid washed jeans hit the roller skating rink in the 80s.  

Here, she rocks a cropped look. A teddy bear's sweater paired with Pampers? Genius. 

Natalie has garnered much praise from the design elite:

Christian Siriano: "That's fierce."

Ralph Lauren: "Natalie combines chic, whimsy, and the outrageous in such a dynamic way. I stand in awe of her talent."

Stella McCartney: "With equisite taste and the illusion of an effortless presentation, Natalie's skills rivals my own."

Her clients rave about her attention to detail:

"I was thrilled when Natalie agreed to create a couture piece for me. We agreed on a golden, floor length ball gown. She knew I might be uncomfortable with a plunging neckline, so she paired my gown with a hand-stitched cotton tee-shirt. All the other preschoolers were insanely jealous."
-LaLa, socialite and tea party enthusiast

"Natalie knew I needed to be able to move freely, so she designed a fabulous sequined leotard with a drop shoulder over black stretch pants. Now I can scale the highest kitchen counter, and ford the deepest toilet. I am invincible, thanks to Natalie."
-Michaela Byrd, dancer, adventurer, and trouble-maker

The designer had time for a brief interview. She said, "I like to keep it real. I remember my roots and the people who gave me my start. I am just honored to be doing what I love."

Natalie, modeling one of her latest creations. Note the attention to detail in the head piece. 

Editor's Note: After the interview, the designer locked her sister in her room, threw a tantrum over the lack of snack options, and trashed the reception area. Because her sponsorship is pending, we will not be pressing charges. 

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  1. I hope no children were harmed in the documenting of this article. The antics of both the designer and the author are incredibly haute cuter!!! :)


  2. What an adorable post! You are too funny. I just ADORE the fashion sense of little people!

    You little fashionista will be the talk of the town!

  3. You are so funny! Your girls must have a great time playing dress up.

  4. You crack me up! I often felt the same way about my little darling when she was she's rocking some interesting hair do's...

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! I am laughing so hard! Thanks for such an enjoyable post. It started my day off great! I can so relate to all of this! :)

  6. Very cute pics of the girls; some pretty original, one of a kind outfits. You'll have some good pictures to put in their albums.


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