Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tweeeeenty-Faux Candles...

There are more than sixteen candles (love the movie. love the song.) on my proverbial cake this year. Just a few....I'm turning twenty-faux. Again. To have some fun on my twenty-fauxth birthday, I thought I'd do a list of ten things about some birthdays I've had. I was going to do twenty-faux, but I ran out of ideas at 12.

1. My favorite cake to have on my birthday is one of those cookie cakes from The Great American Cookie Company. The more icing the better. A decent back-up would be a chocolate cake with white icing. No fruity crap. That's not dessert, people.

2. The first birthday I can really remember was my 4th birthday. I got the Care Bears' Cloud Mobile and was over the moon.

3. I really just like my birthday. This is a picture of my sister's first (?) birthday below. You can see the joy on my face as I share the spotlight with her. Classic pout.

4. Plans for my birthday today: Café mocha this morning (Starbucks, maybe?), Bible study, lunch with some girls from study and our kids, work on MOPS newsletter and clean up the house. Not much else since T won't be home from work until after 9 pm.

5. Best birthday gift I've ever received? It's a tie: T gave me our dog, Emma, as a birthday gift five or six years ago. When I turned 16, my dad gave me a nice, hardback copy of Gone with the Wind because I'd been asking for it. Now that he's gone, the note he wrote me on the inside is the most special.

6. I think those trick candles are silly. They mostly just make me mad. Why delay the cake??!

7. Gift wrap or gift bag? I love gift bags. Picking out a cute gift bag is a talent of mine. It might be my spiritual gift.

8. I don't think I'll get a gift from T this year, as this fabulous laptop I am now typing on was my early birthday gift after the Great Laptop Debacle. That's okay...this counts big time!

9. What do I wish I'd receive this year? A massage at the spa, some new books, a maid, and some crafty stuff. And better skin.

10. Natalie is planning on making me a card in the nursery at Bible Study tomorrow. I hope it has a picture of a person on it. She just started drawing blobs that actually somewhat resemble people.

{What's the best birthday gift you've ever received?}


  1. Happy Birthday Amanda! I hope all your birthday dreams come true... Or at least the one about that cookie cake. yum. Love you.


  2. happy Twenty-fauxth!!! I hope your birthday is fun, and filled with love!!! Enjoy your special day!


  3. Happy Birthday Amanda. When is it? Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day... you deserve it. Wish I lived closer...I would grant your one birthday wish and come and clean your house (I even do windows, especially the ones with little tongue prints.)

  4. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!! How wonderful! It was fun to read over some of your best birthday memories.

    I guess the best birthday gift I ever received was to be born on the same day as my twin. I consider it a blessing every day of my life. :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet friend! How many times have you actually turned twenty-faux??? I hope your day is filled with all kinds of fabulousness!

    BTW, thanks for entering my giveaway. I am soooo glad we've become bloggy friends!


  6. Happy Birthday Dear Amanda! You are so cute. That picture of you looks just like Natalie..wow does it ever!

    That is so precious about the note from your father inside Gone with the Wind. I love that he wrote that to you.

    I'm too old to remember my favorite birthday present. I do remember when I turned 16 my grandmother gave me money and I bought the very first Beatle album that had just come out! See, I told you I was old, and yes I did say album because it was an album.......

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I like frosting too! :)

  7. Happy Happy Birthday Amanda Dear,
    Happy days will come to you all year...

    If I had one wish then it would be...

    A Happy,Happy Birthday to you from me!

    That's the birthday song our primary children sing when it's someones birthday at church! I thought I'd sing it to you!

    I hope you've had a wonderful day!

    Best birthday present I ever got? NKOTB TICKETS!!!! TWICE! For my 13th and my 32nd!


  8. I went into labor on one of my birthdays...my daughter was born the following day!! I think that one "takes the cake!"


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