Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Shout Outs!

I have been blessed with two very prestigous blog awards this week. Well, I don't know how prestigous they are, but it sure meant a lot that some friends thought to TAG me!! So I thought I'd pay it forward today.

My fabulous friend Suzanne mentioned me recently on her blog in a "Top 10 Faves" post. Suzanne and I go way back...maybe 6 or 7 years...from Southern Living, right, Suzanne? I'm usually just pleased if my sister or my sister-in-law read my blog, so to have someone list me as one of her Top 10 reads is pretty cool, I think!

I'm supposed to name my own Top 10 faves, so I'll do what Suzanne did and try to list some blogs that I don't think have been tagged yet. I like to spread some bloggy love, ya'll! Please check out these awesome blogs and leave some commentry (I just spawned a new word. It will totally be in Websters)

1.Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful--this girl is so creative that it makes me a little bit mad. It couldn't be spread around just a little bit?!
2.Bella at Southern Somedays-- a real Southern lady!
3.Alison at They Gave Me a Mullet--my sister is downright hilarious, and she finally got a new camera, so she should be back to blogging now
4.Erin at Musings of a Stone Dodger--I (heart) this chick. She's the best road trip buddy evah.
5.Dawn at Life at Eventually Cottage--neat ideas!
6.Shanda at A Teachable Heart--A wise, discerning, and kind teacher!
7.The Scooper at A la Mode--just plain cute and insightful
8.Mom in High Heels--her posts are humorous, and I love reading about her life in Germany!
9. All-American Preppy at The Monogrammed Nest--she's pretty, her blog is pretty, there's pretty stuff to look at. It's all so pretty!
10.SongbirdTiff at Twelve Months of Christmas. This is her "secondary" blog, but she has so many neat ideas here!

Dawn at Life at Eventually Cottage also tagged me with the "Attitude for Gratitude" award! (Girl, how'd you know I love lemonade?!) Thanks, Dawn!

Being grateful is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I suffer from the "Keeping Up with the Joneses" Syndrome. I know I've mentioned before that it's hard for me to be thankful for our older, smaller home, when many of our friends live in big, beautiful McMansions and their children have all the latest and greatest toys. I have recently started to really remind myself to be grateful for T's job. We live in a scary world these days, and I see people being laid off left and right! I thank God for T's job whenever I think of it! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for: our family's health, a roof over our heads, food, clothing (from Target!), and fabulous friends! Thank you, LORD!


  1. Thank you so much! You're too sweet. :)

  2. Wow! What a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much!!

    It was great seeing you yesterday as well. Stephanie asked me if there was anyone that I thought might be a good field leader from our zone and I did mention your name...I know a few people did speak to her so not sure if she will be contacting you or not...just thought maybe I should forewarn you! :) Seriously, think about it...even if down the line.

    Convention is going to be awesome!

    Thank you so much again! It's always a surprise to me when people give me blog awards!

  3. yep, we go way back......SL was right. We've talked thru many an issue, right???

    Enjoy your accolades!!! Your acceptance speech was totally fab!! :)


  4. YAY! you're such a sweetheart, and have been rocking the shoe dept these days, too! here's to sweaty lockdowns, 1/2 filled starbuck's cups, and being authentic even if it means wearing spit-up, or yesterday's jeans. okay, who am i kidding, 3day in a row jeans that make me feel skinny because they're so stretched out. smooches!

  5. Thank you Amanda. You are a sweetheart. ANd you make me laugh hysterically. Some of the best qualities a friend can have!

    Love ya girl ~ Amanda


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