Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Fling!

Before you read today, please check out my big fat 100th post GIVEAWAY from Thursday, if you haven't already! The Giveaway is open until Monday, April 13th, at noon. With the holiday, I wanted to give readers some extra time to head over. I think it's fun!

I try not to blog on the weekends, unless something major is going on. Since tomorrow is Easter, I thought I'd share some of my meager Easter decorations with you. My goal this year is to add to my stash to decorate more for each holiday (well, the big ones anyways, Valentines, St. Patty's, Easter, 4th of July, etc. etc.). I'll be hitting the clearance racks next week to see what I can find. Kids seem to really enjoy holiday decorations, and I want my kids to have fond memories of our home. I just need some help! Any suggestions on items I could buy, ways to arrange things, etc. are greatly appreciated. With the exception of my Christmas blowout, I haven't done much seasonal decorating!

I bought this Southern Living at Home basket ages and ages ago and never used it. I stuffed it with that mossy stuff you can buy at the craft store, some white hydrangeas (fakey!), and a cute little bunny pick.

I like this little bunny because her dress is hand painted.

I filled this hurricane with jelly beans, but I am kicking myself because I used the good Starburst jelly beans and not the cheap-o ones from The Dollar Tree. They sweeten up the hutch though!

My Granny gave me this tea pot for my birthday a few years ago, and I recently picked up the little birdie for $1 at Michael's. I don't know if they go together at all, but I needed a place to put it that would not be easily accessible to nosy, young children.

I am clueless when it comes to the top of my armoire. We always end up with an extra Easter basket (or 4) at the end of each Easter. So I just started stacking them up there. That's pretty much all I have going on in the Family room.

I am sooooo late jumping on the bunny stick bandwagon. (And Amanda thought she was late!) I still need to spray paint the pot, and I'm not crazy about my ribbon. I got the pot at The Dollar Tree (for a dollar, duh), and the moss from Wal-Mart, I think for maybe $1.50...and I have plenty left! I went back to Pier 1 this morning and ended up scoring two more bunnies for $3! I'm going to make my mom one for Easter and then I'll have an extra. I think I have a Spring-y runner I could put under this one. (?)

I haven't put out the bunny "family" in a few years, but I knew Natalie would be old enough to appreciate them this year. They're a little more "country" than what I normally like, but she is in love with them. They sit on the girls' play table in the "new room."

You already saw the bird's nest in the butter dish that I stuck in front of Natalie's baby picture. Michaela Byrd has been eyeing it, but I don't think she's quite tall enough to reach.

I had very good intentions of doing the decoupaged plastic eggs this week, and time just got away from me! (sob) I have tons and tons of scrapbooking paper that I could use. I was so insprired by the examples I saw on so many ladies' blogs! Maybe I'll save the project for next year.

That's pretty much it, save a few small things! Isn't it pitiful??? I want to up my game, but it's hard with the chickees needing a mother and all. (hehe)

I'd love your feedback if you have any ideas on things I could add or move around. My main concern is not knowing where to display things that a toddler can't reach. I can threaten the three year old with time outs and no Ariel, but the one year old has no kryptonite as of yet. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some neat apothecary jars. I have one in our upstairs bath that may need to make a move, and I might have to bite the bullet and use a coupon to buy the neat one I saw at Michael's.

Please help a girl out!

Happy Easter!


  1. I think it all looks nice, Manda. Here's an idea for the top of the armoire once Easter is over.......Love the SLaHOME basket with white flowers.....put it on top of the armoire, get an apothecary jar and fill with faux lemons then group your precious little teapot with those two items on top. That might be just a pic and I will help you add more if needed.


  2. had another idea......add the little white bird to the grouping with the baby pic and gorgeous little nest.....if you're sensing a pattern here, you're right...things look better in groups of odd numbers like three or five.


  3. In your hurricane, you can add some sand around your candle, with a few small seashells.....ok, I"m outta here..enough from me....


  4. I love all your Easter lovelies. I'm not the best person at visualizing decor arrangements, so don't ask me!

    I think it all looks great! Maybe you could look on Ebay for an apothecary jar?



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