Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spend Less Saturday {5}

I was so thrilled this week to learn that I am not the only mama who is unafraid of purchasing a few used toys here and there! 

Since we seem to be on a dollhouse theme here, another one of my frugal finds was a much older Fisher Price Little People dollhouse a year or so ago. Natalie had just recently turned two and really seemed to enjoy pretend play, so when I spotted this dollhouse at a local church's yard sale, I knew it had to come home with me. $6 for the house and all of the accessories: furniture, the family, and a car. If you've ever looked on Ebay for these old Fisher Price play sets, you know they can reach upwards of $40-$50. 

Another little girl played with a Fisher Price dollhouse once upon a time. (Moi! My 2nd birthday party)

For me, finding the house was a big deal because I remember playing with my own Fisher Price
 toys as a child. I saved my find as a special surprise for potty training, and she was so excited about it. And for only $6, I don't feel bad about packing it up for another year or so and then reintroducing it for Michaela Byrd to play with. 

The point is, know what you're looking for, and be patient! 

I ended up finding the old Fisher Price "city" last Spring, and the seller even threw in the old Little People camping set--got it all for $5. Natalie was thrilled to play with it. I just had to look through stuff at more than one sale to find such a bargain!

That city made a great "extra" for Easter last year!

It seems that my friends are also bargain hunters! 
My good friend, L, wrote:
{Several years ago, I scored a new (plastic but not cheapy) tea set that sang "I'm a little teapot" when it was "poured." The kids loved it. It was in like new condition and I got it for $4- AND it came in the box still!! It retailed for $20 at the time. And- another time I bought a new tool bench and create it set from Little Tikes for the kids and had it delivered by the lady selling in on ebay for $70 UNDER retail!! Can you believe it? I get so excited about a total "score." It must go back to my hunter gatherer genes.}

I can totally relate to the thrill of the hunt, L, but you know that! There's something exhilarating about finding something I know my kids will love and knowing I didn't spend a fortune on it!

My bloggy friend, Amanda, may very well be my twin separated at birth. Which would be weird seeing as how we have the same name. ("This is my brother Darryl. This is my other brother, Darryl.") She wrote:
{So, I too bought my kids some rocking second hand toys and games for Christmas. My hubby thought it was just plain wrong. But I am convinced it is GENIUS. My 3 year old got a like- new kitchen that she has played with every day since Dec 25. And my boys got a fabulous electronic air hockey table that keeps a digital score...they love it and never once noticed it was used!}

Amanda, you ARE a genius, and your rockin' blog proves it. I get the best ideas from your inspiring! (If you haven't read anything on "Imperfectly Beautiful," get over there now!)

Tracy whose son is Natalie's foster child, also enjoys a good deal, even at risk to her health! She wrote:
{I love to find good deals in the toy dept at ROSS, but you have to be willing to sort through disasterous shelves while taking your life into your own hands as the toys fall on you.}

Watch your head, Tracy! We can't drill you for teaching ideas if you get a concussion at Ross!

And finally, my friend Meri admitted:
{I completely stink at finding cool things at great prices. I am usually the one selling the good stuff at a cheap price because the kids have ignored it for forever...just ask Katie D. I am pretty sure she owns a lot of our toy box from 2 or 3 years ago.}

Meri, I could tell you to just keep looking and be persistent, but you've got four boys, for crying out loud! I just might take on that challenge if you tell me what you're looking for...and buy me a mocha at Caribou Coffee. Hehehe....

Hope you come across some fabulous, frugal finds this week! I'm STILL on the lookout for a wood desk for the addition...need something for my crafty stuff, sewing stuff, and laptop. No luck yet, but I'll keep digging!


  1. I think you are super smart to look for used toys for your children. Why pay an arm and a leg for something that they are not going to use forever. Chances are that you'll be able to resell the toys for as much or more as you paid for them.

  2. I love your blog! I'm addicted.:) I made a visit to WeeCycled Wardrobe today & would have made you proud.:) Oh the church dresses I found for Maddy. Just beautiful.

  3. I LOVE those fisher price sets! There's just something about those classic toys that all the new fangled gadgets will never be able to match!

    Great frugal finds!


  4. Didn't know FP had a city set. I still have the FP village that the girls grew up with .Lots of stuff to do and imagine in those old sets. Keep up the good work finding those great bargains. The more you save, can be spent elsewhere.


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