Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Dark Day...

Good morning, readers! I hope (both of) you are having a great start to your weekend. I am not, which is why I may have to wait until tonight to post my Spend Less Saturday piece. I'm using T's laptop right now, and he's going to need to take it to work in a little bit.

On Thursday afternoon, I spilled water on my laptop keyboard with my purse. *REALLY* dumb move. Was trying to run out the door to the grocery and as I ran by the computer, my enormous bag knocked my Nalgene bottle over and spilled some water onto the 'puter (as Natalie likes to call it).

I won't lie to you. I had some conflicting emotions in that split second that it happened.

Do I drop the baby and save the laptop, or do I gently set the baby down on the floor as my beloved 'puter fries?

I chose the best of both worlds. Michaela Byrd was deposited not-so-gently on the kitchen floor and in my haste to save the laptop, a little bit of water might have trickled down her neck, which scared her. While she screamed, I screamed inside my head.

Why me?!

Everything I have is on that laptop. Thank goodness I follow my own advice and probably 98% of my pictures are on discs, which is good. But I can't get to my work files, music, MOPS stuff, nuthin.'

T was surprisingly okay with it. This could be because he spilled Pepsi on his old laptop once (or twice) and the baby spilled water on his new one once when she was on his watch. So he can't say too much. 'Cept his always worked, or were under warranty. Sigh.

We let the 'puter dry out for over 24 hours, but it is a goner for sure. T's friend, Matt, says he can get stuff off the hard drive for me (yay!) and will attempt to check out the power source to see what he can do, but it looks like my early birthday present will be a laptop.

The good news is that we scoped them out at Best Buy last night, and the Sony closest to mine is about $500 cheaper than what I paid for mine 3 1/2 years ago, and it's a better laptop too. She's beautiful, but she's not the same as my good ole' laptop.

Happy early twenty-fauxth Birthday, Amanda. I will never again keep any sort of beverage next to my electronics!!!


  1. I'm sorry about your computer. At least a new one is cheaper than what you thought it would be.

    My fil did the same thing this week that you did, except it was beer. He just happened to have a shop-vac in the room and was able to clean up the mess with no damage to his computer. He was lucky!

  2. sorry. There are good things, your second reader is here, and I'm sure at least Alison will also read this, too, so your readership is increasing. Good reason to get that new laptop quickly. Second, yes, the prices of laptops have gone down tremendously, so you are saving money......ok, stretch there, but at least it didn't break (or get spilled on) before the prices came down....and third, well, it's the things are looking up! Sorry for the mishap....but at least the baby's ok and only got a small drip on her.....:)

  3. So sorry about your "puter". I'm glad your mothering instinct allowed you not to drop poor Michaela. Natalie was so adorable today carrying around her potted seed. She had to show it to (and pet) little Zachary.

  4. Amanda, Sorry about the accident. Glad that a new one will be cheaper this time around.

  5. You must think I am slow by responding to this story but I do not have internet at home and have to read during my lunch hour at work and I do not read all the old posts in order. Sorry for your loss but I have read your lovely has been replaced now. Happy for you but my question is when is your birthday? I hope I haven't missed it.


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