Friday, March 20, 2009

Have You Caught It Yet?

...SpRiNG FeVEr, that is!

I didn't even realize that today is the first day of Spring, until I was watching a preview of the late news after Grey's Anatomy (poor Izzie!) last night. I was wearing my slippers, a robe, and had a wool blanket draped over my legs. I am really 87, and not twenty-faux. 

With a blustery wind blowing this morning, it's kind of hard to feel a Spring Fever coming on. I might have a slight temperature. My daffodils always bloom early, and the ones that weren't destroyed by the BigSnow create a bright, sunny pop of color against the barren wasteland that is/was my front flower bed. 

{Here are the things I love about Spring}:
*Flowers! (Hydrangea, Daffodils, tulips, roses, peonies, and azaleas are my favorite. I like flowers best when they are outdoors...I just seem to kill them-or they commit suicide- when they come into my home.)
*Flip flops! (I am not *allowed* to buy any more flip flops, but that doesn't stop Mimi from bringing a pair or two over as a nice Spring present every so often. Plain, with ribbons or flowers, polka dots, paisley, I don't care...I just love 'em)
*The color palette! (I'm a sucker for the pretty, bright yellows, blues, greens, pinks, oranges, and purples I'm seeing everywhere)
*Warmish weather. (I. hate. hot. Unless I'm at the beach. I don't mind a breezy, sunny Spring day though. Who would?)
*Easter! (I haven't bought an Easter outfit in more than several years, but I sure do love picking them out for my girls. It's almost a challenge to find two matching dresses that are sweet and girlish without looking like tulle threw up on them. I also love filling up Easter baskets. The chocolate rabbits are pretty great too.)

{Here are things I do not love about Spring}:
*Preschool and MOPS will be ending soon. (These are my two lifelines during the school year. I can actually run some errands on Mondays and Wednesdays without a three year old whining about walking instead of riding in the cart. This is, of course, nonsense because the second her little feet hit the aisle, she is driving me nuts helping me by dumping stuff in the cart. The end of the MOPS year is sad because not only is it a fabulous two hour break from my *amazing* children twice a month, but I get the chance to converse with grown women about topics that do not involve Cinderella or granola bars. Summers seem to be busy for everyone but me...the word "vacation" is not in T's lexicon. The girls and I are stuck at home while our friends travel to magical, fantastical places with names like "Nagshead" and "Myrtle." We used to have a condo to visit until my drunk aunt started shacking up there, but that's a post for another day.)
*Showing skin. (If I were writing this 10 years ago, I'd be blogging about the cute bikinis I found at Macy's to wear at the beach or the shorts I found on sale at Express. I think if I were to don a bikini at this point, I would emotionally scar myself and others for life. I like jeans and sweater weather. My paleness could rival Twilight's Edward, and if you saw my great-aunt Vera, once an avid sunbather, you'd know why I don't tan anymore. Albino-white legs poking out from capris just don't make me feel sexy.)

So, I haven't caught the fever just yet, but I'm getting there. I think that perhaps dragging our meager Easter decorations down from the attic will inspire some Spring Fever, but for now I'll curl up in my chair and watch this week's TiVo'd episode of The Office

Happy Spring! Have you caught Spring Fever yet?


  1. Oh flip flops...I love them. DD just asked if we could stop by Old Navy to buy new ones. They make the best cheapie ff around.

  2. I have a passion for flip flops and sandals myself! I try to limit myself to one or two new pair a summer.

    I just need a few days of consistent warm weather and I will jump right into spring! This warm, freezing, warm, cold & rainy is dampening my zeal...

  3. "I am really 87, and not twenty-faux"

    You are so funny! I have thought the same thing (except I guess I would have to call myself 30-faux). I told my friend the other night that I just skipped the whole "I'm turning into my mother" thing and turned into my great-grandmother instead. :)

  4. I will miss MOPS too! We need to make sure we still get together over the summer and let Natalie play mommy to my little Zachary. While you're out dress shopping for the girls, just remember that there are moms (like ME) who can't wait to thrust little girls into gobs of tulle, lace, and don them with frills from head to toe. :)

  5. Yep...we're in full spring swing down south! We actually went to the beach yesterday. It was a gorgeous sand, 70 degrees, breezy, and sunny. The water was frigid, but the kids didn't care. They had a blast!

    Wishing you warmer weather ~

    BTW, I just read the things you hate on your sidebar. I thought I was the only weirdo who got angry when people mixed up their usage of "your" and "you're". What did I tell ya...two peas in a pod!

  6. OH YES, i have spring fever! We actually hit 70 today, but around here we don't get too comfortable with that. We truly could have a blizzard with any moment's notice. :(

    I like your lists. I so remember MDO. I remember I was really big in to sewing then. I would go to Ben Franklin and pour over Simplicity or Butterrick patterns to see what I could make for my little girls! :)

    This faux flower lady LOVEd that you said twenty faux. You are funny, Amanda!
    Happy Spring to you!

  7. I agree poor Izzy. Guess we shouldn't complain about a few pounds, grey hairs, wrinkles, pale skin or anything else (we've got our good health to keep us happy but I think we still have the right to complain at times.)
    What size of flip flops do you wear? I might just come across a good, unused pair at one of my garage sale stops. (that would be my thrifty bargain)

  8. P.S. You girls make me feel so old. Twenty-faux & thirty-faux seems so long ago to me. I am even doubled some twenty-faux figures. Maybe that's the way I'll explain my age twenty-faux x 2.


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