Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Griswolds Are Back!

It's that time of year again! "Mr. Griswold" broke out the faux grave stones, and the skull garland, and the twinkle lights. We have a nightly show of Halloween splendor that rivals Disney's Electric Paradel, just across the street from our house, and the girls are thrilled.

Excuse the grainy iPhone pic. I snapped this last night as I returned from a Moms' Night Out (bowling!), and I was scared I'd get caught!

Our neighbors' (whose real name is not "Griswold", in case you are wondering) Halloween decorations used to drive me crazy with the gaudy, but having kids makes me see the fun side. The girls go nuts when they see Mr. Griswold toting boxes of lights across the yard because they know that Trick or Treating is that much closer.

And, if I'm being honest, Trick or Treating is that much closer for me too. I do love the left over Halloween candy. The girls are thrilled...and maybe I am too. 

Do your neighbors ever drive you nuts?


  1. OMG that's hysterical. The Griswalds. I feel your pain, we had a neighbor across the street with Las Vegas type flashing lights at Christmas. Flashing lights drive me crazy , how annoying. And they would leave them on all night.

  2. Ha, that's soo funny! We don't have any neighbors that go crazy for Halloween, but we have some that keep their Christmas lights on a night well into February! WTH?? hahaha

    ~ Catie

  3. Haha, in our neighborhood we ARE the Griswolds at Halloween time! We have a community wide decorating contest though, so we're definitely not alone in our Halloween garishness. We've placed in the top 3 (and won prize $!) every year we've entered :)

  4. There's a house on my way to school that goes all out for football season (Redskins stuff everywhere) and then they add Halloween to the Redskins. It's too tacky not to enjoy!

  5. Wouldn't it be funny if their name was Griswold? We currently have one neighbor with a boat in the middle of the front yard and another with a giant gorilla statue. I can only hope they go away after Halloween!

  6. I can imaigne the giddiness of the girls having a fantasy Halloween land a few steps away!

  7. Amanda, this is so funny. Bless your neighbor's hearts; at least they do work with the holiday at hand! But isn't it amazing how our perspectives can change when we start viewing things through our children's eyes? :)

  8. Too funny! I don't think anyone around here goes that overboard with Halloween! Now Christmas is a different story...there are tons of people who load up their yard with all those huge inflatables:)


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