Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Limbo

DIYing in February can be tricky when you live in Virginia. For most of this month, I've been busy with the same project. We don't have a basement or garage, so the great outdoors is my workshop. This is problematic for a girl who tends to rush through things to check them off her imaginary to-do list. A girl who doesn't like waiting. A girl who doesn't much like the great outdoors.

I am now at the mercy of Mother Nature and T's friend who owns a paint sprayer. Good weather is essential to the completion of my DIY project, and so is the paint sprayer...which will make sense when I show you the finished project, should that day ever come.

Mother Nature enjoys teasing me with a few days of warmth and sunshine, only to yank it away with cold and snow and rain. T's friend is busy with some of his own DIY jobs, so he hasn't made it over to our place yet. I'm considering telling him that T isn't allowed to play at his house anymore until he gets over here already and works his paint sprayer magic.

I've compared paint chips, cleaned, sanded, dusted, caulked, and primed. Now, it's just a waiting game. Did I mention I don't like waiting?

Do you have any DIY projects in Limbo?

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  1. YES! A million. The trim is off one window because it was replaced last fall. I want to refinish all the trim, but I'm not going to until ALL the windows are replaced this spring.

    Can't landscape until the siding's done.

    Can't fence until the siding's done.

    Can't do Isaac's room until my dad finishes the wiring.

    And on, and on, and on.

  2. ha! i just posted a similar thought 3 minutes ago! except i don't have weather of friends to blame. It's me! help wanted: A FINISHER!!!
    have a great day and good luck getting it done!

  3. Oh Yes...would you like a list?! My biggest is a beautiful antique dresser that I bought months ago to use in my Master Bedroom re-do. It is now just sitting in the garage waiting to be painted. I cant blame the weather here in California...forecast today 71'

  4. It's supposed to be warm the rest of the week, hope the sprayer shows up!

  5. Yes! I have so many DIY projects in limbo...we're living in a temporary apartment until our house is done and I cannot WAIT to have my garage and workspace back:)

  6. I'm so happy that after this weekend I'll have a garage for DIYing and will no longer be at the mercy of VA's weird weather!

  7. We are definitely in DIY limbo around here with our bathroom project underway. There's a vanity sitting in my formal living room, everything is dusty, and with only weekends to work, the end of the project isn't in sight.

    I can't wait to see what you've been working on!

  8. I feel ya! I have several projects that I need warmer weather for to complete. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, maybe you can get everything done then?

  9. I have got so many projects in progress right now, I can hardly keep them all straight! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve. :)

  10. Yes, I do. This has been a big issue lately for me. I just blogged about many projects that are in limbo. One of them I finally finished today and posted. It's a quatrefoil SHAPED lampshade that you can make yourself. I've been telling my readers forever about this project and everything (life) kept getting in the way.

    Still need to:
    Sand and paint the wood floors
    Finish upholstering the door
    Add wall to wall bookshelves
    Stencil the dining room wall
    Finish gold leafing a dresser
    Post my newly painted wingback chair
    This list could go forever......

  11. Sounds like this time of year in NY--that darn weather! All DIYers should probably live in Arizona or something where we wouldn't have to contend with poor painting conditions. Unless there was a dust storm. That might put a damper on things...

  12. Limbo here too! Mostly mental limbo and a little weather related too! Maybe he'll spray this weekend.

  13. Yes! I am in limbo too! I was just telling my hub I cannot wait until nicer weather gets here so I can do some projects.

    I live on the Oregon Coast and we get rain, rain, rain and more rain. I am sooo ready for some sun!

    We don't have a basement but we do have a garage... although there is literally no room to walk in it because it is FILLED to the brim with stuff... one more project for Spring/Summer, lol.

    I am getting some indoor projects done, such as our big boy room (just revealed it on my blog) andthe bathroom will be revealed soon. But my trigger finger is twitching to spray paint something and I need nice weather to do that! :)

  14. My whole craft room is full of half finished or not even started projects! I have seriously lost my crafting mojo lately! I haven't done much of anything since Christmas and my craft room shows it since there is still wrapping paper and various Christmas things all over:)

  15. YES! This post hits home, big time. Since we're moving and putting our house on the market, I can't buy ANY new home decor... ie. no need for new projects. It's killing me! I think it's been weeks since I've stepped in a Hobby Lobby (which is crazy for me). But it just doesn't make sense to start any new projects... how will I know we need that in a new house? Ugh! I should take up jewelry making or something, ha ha!


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