Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest Thrift Shopping Fun

By now, you must have realized that browsing a thrift store for diamonds in the rough is a hobby of mine. I don't have a garage, basement, or workshop to store pieces, so many of them are sadly left behind. Thrift Store Shopping is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and to imagine all the possibilities for discarded furniture and accessories you come across.

Christy, my favorite thrifting partner in crime, helped me stake out the opening of a new local consignment/thrift shop at the beginning of February, Starbucks to-go mugs clenched tightly in our thrifty little hands. And this time, we didn't leave empty handed! In fact, we made such great purchases that other shoppers were stopping us to ask about our bargains.

See if you can guess what came home with us...makeovers will be posted as soon as the weather clears enough for me to complete some work!

Call me crazy, but I can see this pretty pink bookcase in a little girl's room if it were styled the right way. (ie. not with country-stitched geese or old cross-stitched toilet paper covers) Even painted a nice neutral gray, the lines on this guy are nice:

This gorgeous cerulean-ish blue compote made me smile. It would be perfect in a Spring display!

Sure, this green bowl looks a little dated and hokey lumped in with a bunch of old bottles and vases...but I think it could really shine on someone's bookshelf or built-ins. Add a nice pop of color!

Speaking of green, I'm not a fan of the checker board on the top (I have no patience for games), but I love the shape of this side table!

Get rid of all the extra tchotchkes on top of it, and this little white industrial shelving unit would be a fun addition to your kitchen with some modern accessories!

This bench needs a fresh coat of paint and an updated fabric for the cushion:

This trio looked like a worn out set, but the coffee table was actually a different brand. An awful stain, but all three have great lines!

Oh, the possibilities I see for this cute little cabinet with the ugly knobs:

Um, so this currently resembles something you'd see in an 1853 bordello, but I can see it spray painted a solid color as an accent in a sewing or craft room:

How cool would this trunk be to store blankets, extra pillows, magazines, or board games?

I may have drooled a leetle bit when I saw this beauty:

I was sad to walk away from some of these fab finds, but I didn't walk away completely empty handed. What do you think came home with me?

How would you make over or use some of these pieces?

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  1. Ooooh I hope you came home with that round end table! It's adorable, and I've never seen anything quite like it! My second vote is for the cross-stitched toilet paper covers. ;)

  2. I'm really digging the round end table and the bench. Great finds! Were the prices reasonable? It's so hit or miss here, that sometimes thrifting is a disappointment.

    Looking forward to seeing what you scored!

  3. I'd say you came home with the side table. If not, can you go back and get it for me! :)

  4. I guess the bench and the "ugly knob" cabinet (which I don't think is bad).

    I also realllly love the blue dishes on that pink bookshelf. The solid blue ones. Just in case you want to go back and buy them for me. And the compote. Send that too. :)

  5. Hmmm, not sure what you came home with, but you have definitely inspired me to swing by there today on my way to after school pick up:-)

  6. Love this post...not everyone can see the diamonds through the rough! I am a bit of a thrift store "junkie" myself...check out my latest find posted last week


    I can see the round end table in some beautiful "after" photos!

  7. Oh I hope you grabbed that round end table...I really love that, and can imagine with some TLC could really look great. Some really nice stuff there...I would find it hard to walk away without buying a bunch of it...ha!

  8. I have that same bookshelf in our picture! It was in my room growing up. It was a really dark color and a number of years ago I painted it white. It is now in my youngest sons room. So, I can tell you that it turns out great if you want to paint it white.

  9. So many great pieces! I love the round green table...but the checker board would have to go! The pink bookshelf is pretty cute too and I love the 3 {not really a set} tables! I can't wait to see what you got and how you are making it over!

  10. Ah! I love the pink bookshelf & the bench is great too, I pick those! Where was this new thrift store?

  11. Okay so I would buy that first pink bookshelf, keep it pink, and put some funky wallpaper/contact paper behind the shelves...BAM! Hotness! I want to know the prices on these goodies!! Some really sweet pieces!

  12. Loving the round end table and the cerulean blue vase. he green bowl reminds me of a bowl that same color my grandmother used to keep candy in. When she passed away I thought it was too fuddy-duddy, but it looks amazing and modern in my sister's house. So I think as long as the items are one-offs, you can use them to accessorize.

  13. I think you came home with the two end tables that match.

    If I'd been with you, I think that the blue compote would have had to come home with me.

  14. please tell me you bought the blue vase/dish and the round end table...drooling over those!


  15. What a well stocked thrift store. Some of the ones around here have 50% off day on holidays, which is always fun.

    I am guessing either the pink bookshelves or perhaps the end tables for your living room?

  16. I'm thinking the blue cerulean-ish compote made it home with you. What is a compote? I have something very similar in milk glass. I definitely would have taken it home as well. It's lovely!

    I love the green table too. I would paint it, though. Maybe gold leaf it.

    The 2 side tables on top of the coffee table would have made it home with me! I love them! I'm not sure how I would make them over. I take my time before deciding.

    Over all these were nice finds. Thanks for taking me shopping with you!

  17. These are some wonderful finds!!
    Glad to be your newest follower!


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