Friday, January 21, 2011

::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

Welcome to Weekend Bloggy Reading! I hope you will leave me some comment love today and also take a minute to link up your best post of the week from your own blog.

Here are some of my faves from this week:
Sources Listed Below

~Leslie featured a thought-provoking guest post on Restoring Your Husband's Shining Armor. Good stuff!

~I fell in love with the rustic look to Jodi's Coffee Table.

~Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes? I am intrigued, Chiara.

~Melissa shared 4 Tips for Styling Coffee and Console Tables. Great photos!

~And moi?
This week, I showed you my new Snowflake Window and shared about a great Silhouette Promo that ends on Saturday. On Tuesday, I shared a tutorial on How to Make the Perfect Cafe Mocha. I opened up a little and shared about Friendship on Wednesday, and Thursday brought another Silhouette tutorial featuring a Valentine's "Hugs and Kisses" Bucket.

Time to link up your best post of the week to share! Let me know if you need help getting your link to appear.

Here's the button code if you'd prefer to use that instead of a link-back:
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Party is open until 10 pm (ET) on Sunday night. Please leave me a comment with your link if you have trouble getting it to appear on the list. I will get it posted for you!

Remember that blog parties work best when bloggers participate, so if you have a chance to visit a few of the other links, you might find a new friend or two!

I'm off to get ready for Michaela Byrd's 3rd birthday party tomorrow morning! Thankfully, the birthday girl agreed to a Cinderella themed party like her sister had. This makes things decidedly easier on Mommy.

{What are you up to this weekend?}


  1. Yeah! Thanks for another great linky party and I hope your princess celebrates with all the flair that is expected! (BTW, you are allowed a little WTW in prep!)

  2. Good Luck with the birthday party! We have a weekend jammed packed full of basketball-5 games-and one of my girls has a bday party.

    Off to check out all the coffee table tips! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for hosting this party...I don't always participate because I don't usually have anything interesting that I've blogged about. LOL But it's a fun one.

    I hope the birthday party goes well...totally awesome for you that the girls wanted to same birthday party! I wonder if that will still be true when they are older and maybe a little competitive!


  4. Love all your ideas this week. You are making me want one of those machines - bad girl! Thanks for hosting. Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Hey girl--

    I know this isn't a Decorating Dilemma party, but I decided to link my decorating dilemma post to this party! I'm hoping to get some feedback about how to handle the corner of my living room. As always, thank you for being a gracious hostess!

  6. How fun to find your link up! Count me in! :)

  7. Have a great time with your party tomorrow!!! Treasure those special moments with your little princess!! :D

    Thanks for hosting!!! Can't wait to spend some time this weekend visiting the other bloggers in your party! I have made some new friends too!

    Blessings on your birthday girl!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  8. LOL...Ok I am a little scattered today...just realized that I didn't tell you what I am up to this weekend! LOL

    I am in a winter nesting mode! LOL Fun for me not so fun for my 7 yr old assistant who will be helping me with cleaning the bathrooms till they shine...I'm also on a sorting and organizing kick right now and I think I'll have my hubby help me move a little bit of furniture in our bedroom that has been driving me crazy...and put up some "artwork" in the boys's room...yes I will be sharing pics sometime next week! Busy weekend but being snowed in makes me get a nesting bug! :D

    Anyway...have a great weekend friend!

    Mary Joy

  9. I've been meaning to tell you that I saw a comment you left on someone else's blog the other day--I'm not sure whose blog it was--but you said something like "My five-year-old likes. . . ." And I thought, "WHAT? Five-year-old??"

    I am having trouble believing that Natalie is five years old. And little MB is going to be three?


    Enjoy your Cinderella weekend. Don't step on any glass slippers. :)

    Love you!

  10. Me again. . . I just saw you have nearly 800 followers now! Your blog has grown a lot since your birthday! Good for you!! :)

  11. That "best friends" heart reminds me of all my best friends for whom I have several titles, like: vbaff (very best Alexandrian friend forever). Or vbfic (very best friend in China). We sign our emails like that and it always makes me grin.

  12. Thanks for hosting!! Have a great weekend, Veronica

  13. Have a great weekend. I always use the line that was portrayed in your post with my daughter - once a princess, always a princess.

  14. Well I've never participated in a blog party mainly because I never knew they existed, lol. I don't think I did the link correctly because the title came out with MY name, not my blog title or the title of the post! Oh well. There are so many interesting and lovely blogs listed -- can't wait to get back on the computer later tonight so that I can start making some new friends :)

  15. What a fabulous idea for a link party! I am for sure linking up :) you rock Amanda!


  16. Thanks for hosting the party. I'm looking forward to coffee and reading the links.

    Hope you have a great birthday celebration today! It's great that you'll get double duty out of some of the decorations.

    I'm having a sewing lesson this afternoon on how to use the embroidery feature on the machine that I inherited from my mother in law. We have tennis both days this weekend and a beer tasting to go to tonight. That's about fills up both days! Have a good one!

  17. I hope the birthday party is great! 3 is such a fun (and challenging) age, as I'm finding w/ Sophie. I posted a little giveaway from my new endeavor. Thanks for hosting this!

  18. Thanks for a fun link up party! I am actually working on preparation for my sweet daughter's 1st birthday! She is our little miracle and I'm so excited!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Thanks so much for hosting! Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  20. Just found your blog and I am lovin it!

  21. Thanks for hosting. I am new here, found you through Peace.Love.Mommy! Look forward to following!

  22. What a fun link party! :) I found your blog via LMM. Soooooooooo cute!

  23. Thanks so much for your comment on the new teaching blog idea. I'm trying to get the word out there and gain more followers, most of whom would be interested in a second (teaching) blog! Any ideas for spreading the blog around??


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