Monday, January 24, 2011

Vegas, Baby

If there was ever a time to wrap myself in a fluffy bathrobe, lock myself in the bathroom, and rock back and forth on the floor chanting "Serenity Now" to myself over and over, it would be now.

T left for Vegas yesterday for a conference.

Without us. Well, without me.

I'm pretty sure they don't let little kids into Vegas. Or at least that's what T told Natalie when she asked if she could please go to "Baygus" too. She is the last person that ever needs to go to Vegas. Ever. A trip like that would only end in a highly rated episode of Cops.

So she and Michaela Byrd are home with me until Wednesday night.

In all fairness, I was invited to tag along, but I didn't think that Protective Child Services would take kindly to finding two children left in the care of a couple of Pomeranians.

I'm not even trying to pretend like I have it all together, because I don't. And they know it.

I can't get away with yelling "YoubettercutthatoutrightnowandstopspittingatyoursisterbecauseyourDADDYwillbehomesoonandthenyou'rereallygonnagetit!"

No, that doesn't seem to work as well when they know that Daddy left on a plane for the magical world of Baygus and that he won't be home until Wednesday, which is also known as Ballet Day in our house.

I'm beginning to feel the same slight twinge of resentment that I felt the last time T left for a Vegas conference. No sick baby this time, but there was a backseat tantrum over a handful of crackers no less than 2 minutes after I dropped T off to catch his plane.

I have been comforting myself with the fact that T left his beloved flat screen TV unguarded and I will be watching as many girlie shows as I can possibly squeeze into my schedule while he is gone. I think The Bachelor in HD will be sooo much better than plain old stone age TV. Maybe I'll even eat chocolate, paint my fingernails, and let the dogs sit on the leather couch with me while I watch.

What happens in Virginia, stays in Virginia. Right??

Let's keep that last part our little secret, 'kay?

Stay tuned this week for a little craftiness and a Giveaway from moi!


  1. At least mom will probably come over more this week to give you adult conversation:-) There's always preschool, right?!?!

  2. Awww, my husband went to "Baygus" for a conference a couple weeks ago so I kind of know how you feel. You should feel fortunate that you at least got invited to go along because I wasn't invited when my husband went. :) Five long days of just me and the dog...needless to say, we were both very happy when he returned home!


  3. Man, when I first clicked over and saw that photo I thought YOU were going to Baygus! Darn :(

    Good luck, and I highly recommend watching any of the Real Housewives series while eating ice cream. Might as well make it worth your while!

  4. Your secret is safe. Just be careful not to drip nail polish on the couch. :)

  5. Ugh. I feel for you! My husband was gone for over three months last year traveling for work. (Which happened to be touring national parks to inspect their guard rail-he's a highway engineer.) So I was left alone with an infant & a special needs toddler while his job was quite literally a walk in the park. It's hard not to feel resentment when they get to be paid to do awesome stuff & we are home with chores & kids to take care of, but I know that in reality I am the lucky one because I get to have all of the special moments with the kids and he misses a lot when he has to travel for work. Good luck! It will be a long couple of days, but we are here for you. :)

  6. Sounds like you have a fun week planned:) I hate when my hubby is gone on business trips...and it is even worse when they are to a place that is fun like Vegas!! Maybe he will bring you back something good:)

  7. I feel your pain - business trips are the worst...the good news is he'll be home on Wednesday, and bedtime is only a few hours away :)

    Stay sane!

  8. Good luck making it on your own! I know you can do it! And make sure to enjoy getting away with every little thing that you want!!!

  9. Love it! I totally watch every girlie show and movie when left to my own devices :-)

  10. Keep it together, Amanda! You can do it! Perhaps bedtime can be moved up an hour or so for the next few days?

  11. Bless you heart! I HATE it when my Hubby gets to go away without me! UGH! Although, I did go to Vegas once for a conference and left him home with 3 kids and you know what he did? He called his grandmother to come up and help him for 3 days. Seriously? MEN! Ya know what I do when my Hubby is away? I clean NOTHING! I only do the little bit of cooking I can to get by and I watch as much girly Lifetime movies as I can fit in! He's much more strict that me so anything goes when he's away. BUT I totally get what you're saying about the threats no working when he's gone. Hate that part!

  12. You can do it!! We're actually going to Vegas next month for my best friend's wedding. It will be fun to have some Adult time!!! I sure wish you were going to Blissdom Amanda! We will miss you:(

  13. Cracking up at Baygus and having your daughters on Cops. Cracking me up. Hang in there!

  14. Lucky guy! Maybe you can go next year? I haven't been to Vegas in ages... literally, I was 16 the last time I went. Good luck with the girls! Make sure you treat yourself to some "Mommy time" when T gets back. I see Starbucks, a pedicure and a wonderful lunch with some friends in your future! :)

  15. Hope you have a good week on your own and that your tv gets tuned only to girly shows. I'm on my own this week, too!

  16. Oh no! I hope you do get to watch lots of girlie shows while T is gone. Stay sane hun! It's almost over. :-)

  17. I am home alone this week as well(well, except for those 2 boys that live here). We haven't cooked in this house once...not once...oh, but my kitchen is shiny and clean. Hubs will be home Thursday and back out with oldest boy child for a Father Son weekend so then the dynamic changes to little boy and college girl home for the weekend...again, no cooking...none, nada.

    I felt pretty excited that I got to climb into bed Monday night and read...until I fell asleep...and college girl calls me at 11:15 pm "just to talk" (not a normal thing to do...ever). Anyway, hope you are keeping the appearance of sane. (((hugs)))


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