Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Organized 2011

I am so excited to be guest posting today over at Honey We're Home. Megan is the kind of girl you might wish you could hate because she is so cute and so stinkin' talented, but her sweet heart makes that pretty much impossible (hugs, Megan).

Megan is on the second week of a simply fabulous organizing series called Getting Organized 2011.

She's got a wonderful line-up of bloggers sharing their best tips and ideas on organizing. I'm honored that she asked me to contribute. Today's guest post gives you a step by step plan to get your PHOTOS organized. (Yes, I'm talking to you!) This is a great project to work on in winter weather, so head over to Megan's now and see what you can do to get started.

I also highly recommend going back through the series if you've missed it. There are more posts to come this week. Here's her schedule:

If you're new here and stopping by from Megan's, welcome! Grab a mocha (my fave), and have fun reading. I wrote about some IKEA Eye Candy just yesterday.

Until tomorrow, friends!

{What's the most recent thing you've worked on organizing?}


  1. I'll definitely head over to Megan's to check out your post.

    My next task is to organize my sewing supplies. I have my supplies, my grandmother's supplies, and now my mother in law's supplies in a jumbled mess. The amount of equipment (some of which I don't even know the purpose) is overwhelming!

  2. I just converted my front room "coat closet" {which was NEVER full of coats-it is in a bad location far from the front door}...to a toy closet!

    This way I can manage the clutter and rotate toys for the kids.

    Photos and post to come shortly...

    Your newest follower,

  3. Amanda!!! Long time, no talk! I'm baaacccck! I've been on hiatus from blogging WAY too long. Just wanted to say hello again, and I'm back at it (one of my NY resolutions!) Talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks for the link Amanda -- just what I needed!! :)

  5. Good post over there, Amanda! If only I had kept up with the photo organization/scrapbooking when I only had one child. The pile just keeps growing! I really need to at least get them into some albums.

  6. I'm headed over to check it out! And haha...I need to go back and read the putting away Christmas one! Because I still haven't! I'm making blogging my top priority so I can get back into the habit of blogging and ignoring everything else!! HEHE!

  7. Oh how I need to read this! LOL Lots of mine are on my computer in files there...so I'm looking for new ways to organize! :D

    Still have some prints hanging out in the storage closet that need attention though so thanks for the reminder...

    Have a great day!

    Mary Joy

  8. I havne't been by in a while to say hi (just trying to get caught up on blogland happenings after the holidays) and you seem to have the post I so need to get in gear for 2011!!! Thank you and as always love you!

  9. Were you spying in my house?
    Did you see me trying to figure out my new Dell Netbook's Picasa program (I am used to Photoshop)?
    Did you see me trying to make and find folders?
    Thank you for being a Peeping Amanda.
    Gonna go check out the post!
    P.S. You should have heard our family rolling in laughter when we watched our two neighbors. They actually were cleaning the driveways at the SAME time. Doesn't do them any good. They can't leave their driveways, anyway. The roads are closed! That's even funnier to me.

  10. How rude of me. I didn't answer your query.
    I am working on organizing our whole house so we can move. But, for now, I'll start in the office.

  11. Heading over to her place now! I've seen some of her beautiful spaces, but haven't gotten to know her yet--but if you say she's a winner, I'll believe you! :)

  12. GREAT post over there! I really need to do a better job at organizing my photos! And, I'm with you...I love to have our photos visible or at least easily accessible. The kids love looking back on them.
    Thanks for the tips and encouragement!

  13. Wooty woo! Doncha just love belated christmas gifts? My SIL just got a silhouette too. I'm looking forward to borrowing it!


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