Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well, This Can't Be Good...

Exhibit A:
3 Tupperware Bins of Christmas Goodies.

Perhaps I was a bit overzealous in the treat making department this year?

I suppose I could take one for the team and finish them off. Or, I could save them for company on New Year's Eve.

What to do? What to do?


  1. haha-that's exactly why i didn't make alot of desserts/goodies this year-i always take one for the team!

  2. Haha! That would never happen at our house. I baked about 6 dozen shortbread jam cookies on Christmas eve & gave a few dozen away to the neighbors & friends & then hubs *always* polishes off the rest. I swear he eats like a 500lb man, if you want to borrow him let me know ;-P Hope you have a great new year!

  3. If you're like me, you're not up to taking one for the team. I've been eating so much junk that last night my stomach finally rebelled. I think I'll be a dry toast eater this morning!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  4. I would do the only decent thing to do and take one for the team! Enjoy :) ps - you can always freeze them so you have something around for when you need it.

  5. I have two Christmas tins full of cookies and peanut butter balls! I can't seem to keep my hand out of them either:) We are going to be out of town for New Year's Eve, so I guess I only have one more day to finish them off!

  6. If it's more than you can eat take them to the local fire station or do a random acts of kindness thing.
    You could also play ding dong ditch and leave a plate of cookies on random neighbors' doors.
    (We've been overloaded with goodies, too) Trying to get rid of 'em.
    Happy New Year!

  7. I would eat them. That is why I need to go the gym.

  8. Normally, we have tons left over too but this year I didn't make as much. Everything is gone except for few gingerbread squares. :) I say just eat them. Start your healthy eating after the new year. lol!

  9. Hmmm...maybe eat just one or two (or three) and save the rest for NYE?

  10. Or you could always send them to blogger friends!!! hee hee ;-)

  11. Share some and freeze the rest!! Ha!
    Happy New Year hun

  12. Well, if you saved them for NYE company, it would be that much less work you'd have to do! :) But when there are treats and goodies lying around, I always find it hard to resist eating them! I'd have to put them out of sight somewhere.

  13. I can't stay out of treats like these. You must have baked up a storm to have so many leftovers! You could freeze some if you really don't want them around.


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