Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Hurricane

Does anyone else out there feel as if perhaps their home should be classified as a National Disaster Area and maybe FEMA ought to step in at some point?

It's like a glittery, sugary, plastic-filled holiday hurricane hit our house full force.

I didn't even bother taking a photo of the addition because the damage is so extensive. I don't want to scare you.

I'm about to call the governor and ask for some assistance here...some dump trucks, sanitation equipment, and a wrecking ball oughta do it.

I bet you can guess what I'll be doing today. Some major rearranging and decluttering when the girls aren't looking. (I managed to throw out an entire trash bag of used up coloring books, very old crayons, and crumpled stickers yesterday.) Thank God for Verizon's cartoons "On Demand." Max and Ruby were very helpful yesterday.

Signing off from Disaster Zone 2...


  1. I completely feel your pain! We are in the same boat here!

  2. Oh Lordy, my house looks almost the same way & I don't have kiddies yet! :-) Maybe if you sing like Snow White a bunch of birdies, mice & chipmunks will show up at your doorstep to help! I've tried it to no avil but maybe one day they'll show up. ;-P

  3. hey-how'd you find those pictures of my living room floor??? yes, my house looks just like yours!! i'm going to try to work on it today and I'm definitely going to try some singing to see if the animals will come help me clean up-too funny Nadir!

  4. Looks like fun was had by all :) Although when it's time to clean up somehow I'm the only one left standing...hope you have some help! (be it animals or people)

  5. Yep! I know exactly what you’re talking about although our mess is more food related. Oh Christmas how I love thee and secretly have mixed emotions about thee. ;o)

    Kent is a fabulous cook so he cooks the meat for our Christmas feast each year. Well let me just say he is not the cleanest cook. There was food on the floor, food on the walls. I couldn’t even see the counter tops. Pure craziness! We’ve been going nonstop since Christmas so we haven’t really had time to clean it up. We got home from a game night last night around 12ish. I headed right up to bed without even looking at the kitchen. This morning I went down to make my coffee and almost fainted. The kitchen was clean! It was a Christmas miracle.

    Congrats on the new camera!!! I need to record a new photography clip soon. The next one is going to be about lighting. I just feel kind of funny doing them since I have in no way mastered the art of photography. Not sure that I ever will.....I’m having fun trying though.

  6. I so completely relate! And we aren't completely finished with Christmas here yet. We still have both sets of grandparents left to go. LOL

    Today I am taking a break to rest and hopefully miraculously get well all in one day so that I can start cleaning here soon! :D

    Have fun clearing up after the hurricane! :D

    Mary Joy

  7. I almost made a very similar post yesterday... we were bouncing from one house to another all weekend only being home long enough to unload the car, take a nap and leave again. I love christmas but I had to clean house yesterday so all the decor came down now I just have to catch back up on neglected laundry.

  8. Ugh! I'm attempting to dig out today too. Whoever decided that Polly Pockets needed to have shoes oughtta be strung up by their toenails.

  9. lol....this was so funny, seeing your pictures. My house doesn't look quite so bad, but then again my mom lives with me and she's done all the cleaning up this week while I'm at work...she's an angel! Happy New Year!

  10. Oh I feel so much better that it's not just my house LOL!

  11. For real, you are a saint in my book. I can't imagine adding any more kid stuff to Hurricane Woodward. Thank goodness, the first floor is cleaned out and cleaned. Now, I just need to finish the upstairs and then tackle the office, where everything without a home has landed. Terrible. I have this week off work, so far I've spent it cleaning and putting away decorations.

  12. Oh yeah, we've got glitter galore! And it's so hard to get rid of. I think James' face will be shining for weeks!

  13. It doesn't look quite so pretty after the gifts are opened, does it??

  14. LOL! My house still looks like that except there are tiny legos and dried beans everywhere:) The beans were in a sand and water table that Eli got...because I thought beans would be less messy than sand!

  15. Hmmm..I think I looked identical to your daughter on Monday. After 3days of cooking and cleaning.....Monday was a "good enough" day.

    I love all these links that you included...looks like I know how I will be spending my evening. I am so honored you came over to my little corner of blog world. It was truly a delight to have you as a guest...hope to see more of you in the new year.



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