Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Handmade Gift: Christmas Apron

I was so excited about this gift last year, but I couldn't share it with you all because my sister-in-law reads the blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I've had such *great*experiences with my own apron, I wanted to share the love with Susannah.

Patterns are overrated.

And when I say "overrated," I mean I have the math skills of a chimpanzee and I find the wording confusing, which is saying a lot for someone who can recite the opening stanzas of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in Middle English. And if you would like to know how that has helped me in my life as a desperate housewife, the answer is not at all. Children are not impressed with this skill, but maybe my dogs are. I'm not sure.

I found this cute cute Christmas themed fabric last year at Joann Fabric for the skirt of the apron and picked up a coordinating print in green and white for the apron strings. I wanted something Christmasy without having country snowmen or bells or something on it.

I used the unfortunately charred remains of my grandmother's vintage apron to make a "template" of sorts on poster board and then traced it onto the fabric for the skirt. Having pieces of the original apron fried to bits made the tracing part a bit difficult.

A little bit of hemming and a good half an hour of contemplating how in the heck to make the apron strings and attach them properly resulted in my first apron.

I think SuSu seemed pleased. We paired her new apron with a Christmas cookbook. If you don't have time to make an apron, I've seen some super cute ones at Target and Kohls!

Hopefully she has better luck with her apron than I did with mine.

Word of advice if you're planning on making homemade gifts this year? Plan ahead, don't wait until December 23rd to begin your projects, and make sure to have plenty of Christmas movies on hand to distract the kids while you work!

I have a couple of homemade gifts planned this year...guess you'll have to wait until 2011 to see. {wink}

{Are you making any gifts this year?}

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  1. Heehee! If you think sewing patterns are hard, wait til you see some crochet patterns. I deserve an award for picking up a third language in crochet lingo :-) I LOVE the apron, it's so cute, the print is great. I definately want to make most of my gifts this year but have I started any? No... *hanging my head in shame* I usually do the freak out, panic attack the week before Christmas & work non-stop for days on end finishing everything. It's great, but not really. Haha!

  2. Very cute! I love the fabric:) I hate patterns too! The only pattern I've ever really been able to follow was one for little boys' john johns that only has two pieces:)

  3. HI - thanks for stopping by my blog! This is great . . . I have problems with patterns, too, and pretty much use this method when making things. I've been wanting to make an apron . . . I should just go for it. :)

  4. We are kindred spirits.

    Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote
    The droughte of March had perced to the roote. . .

    Not sure about the spelling, but those first 17 lines remain locked in my memory. Wait'll your girls get to high school; then they'll be impressed that you and Geoff were friends.

    Other kindred spirit stuff? I'm fairly intelligent, but I can't make sense of a pattern guide! I'm with you on that, girl! I like your method of apron-making. And the finished product is adorable!

    My finger bandage is finally small enough that I can type again without too much trouble. I need to do some serious catching-up!

  5. So cute! I just made an apron for the first time this year for my hubby's grandma! I can't post it yet either because I don't want to ruin the surprise! Your "template" seems easier than the tutorial I found though. I'm going to have to copy it! Also, why are the apron strings so hard to understand when you're sewing them on?? I was stuck on that part for a bit, too!

  6. You are so cute and funny. Great project - love the fun prints! Can't wait until next year - ha!

  7. Ha! You are a crack up! I loved this post and it sounds like I have something in common (can't read a pattern). I love the finished product!

  8. I am so very impressed. It turned out so cute! I *wish* I could recite those lines...I try to supress any reminders of my high school English with Mrs. Grubbs :)

  9. That's sew cute! I know, I'm a dork. Anyway, very cute fabric. Great job. Love the idea of giving it with a cookbook too! Great job. I'm sure she loved it!

  10. The apron is super cute but I really like your advice!

  11. I love it! I cannot figure out the apron patterns for the life of me either! LOL So I am creating my own too! How funny! Finishing up a craft apron and starting on Christmas aprons tomorrow...have a few to do. Thanks for the confidence boost! Glad to see you use similar methods as I do. :D

    Can't wait to see what else you made this year!


    Mary Joy

  12. Amanda, I have been making aprons since last spring when I started participating in Apron swaps online with other bloggers. I have a Facebook page with my aprons on it..most are spoken for. I have a couple of patterns that I use, once I figured them out I just keep using the same one and I know them by heart now..check out my page and let me know what you think!
    let me know you stopped by!

  13. I think they turned out really cute - what a fantastic gift!

  14. Adorable apron! I really like the fabrics you chose. Just adorable - and your sister is a cutie, too. :)

  15. The apron looks fabulous!! Love the fabric!!
    PS No...unfortunately I am not making this year. Sigh!!

  16. I love homemade gifts. It seems they are the only ones I have years later. I think your apron came out great. I can't wait till 2011 to see what you made this year :)
    thanks for stopping by,

  17. Susannah looks like she loves this cute apron. I can't make a thing without a pattern! I'm excited to see what homemade gifts you have come up with for this year.


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