Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Virginia is for Bloggers

Hello, bloggy friends!

Pam from Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful emailed me a month or so ago to ask if I'd be interested in helping her plan a Bloggy Get-Together for Virginia/DC/Maryland bloggers.

Well, of course I said yes! Virginia might be "for Lovers," but it's gonna be "for Bloggers" too when everything is said and blogged.

Right now, our plan is to meet on Saturday, May 1st, in the Old Towne area of Fredericksburg, Virginia for some lunch, shopping, and fun.

We chose Fredericksburg because it's a fairly central location, halfway between DC and Richmond. The Old Towne area has the charm of Alexandria and Georgetown without the scary beltway. There are plenty of antique shops, boutiques, book stores, gift shops, and restaurants to browse...and don't even get us started on the history and the beautiful old homes!

If you are interested in meeting up with some other VA/DC/MD bloggers, please visit THIS POST on Pam's blog, and leave a comment. When we have a better idea of how many are interested, we can send an email out and plan a location to meet for lunch downtown. We'd like to have a firm head count by mid-April so we can make lunch reservations.

To read more about Fredericksburg, you can visit the official Visitor's Center online here and take a look at some more historic sites here.

I'd love to meet you (provided you're not really a 48 year old balding man who lives in his mother's basement in Michigan)!

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet a blogging friend? I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. Wow, that sounds like fun...wish I was closer!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!!! Wish I was a Maryland/VA blogger.

  3. What a beautiful area! Sounds like fun but alas, I live way too far away!! Sigh!!

  4. Y'all are going to have so much fun! I wish I lived a little closer; you can bet I'd be there!

    Last summer Nester had a Swap Meet at her house. I didn't care about swapping stuff, but I did care about meeting the bloggers who were there. Nester, Emily, Jen, Scooper, Bonita--what fun to put faces with names!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to be there. I tagged you in my post today, Happiness 101.
    Please visit my blog 1funkywoman, enjoy!


  6. This sounds like so much fun! Too far away for me, but I hope you'll have a great time! :)

  7. Ack...I would love to go, but alas I'm in NC! Awww, bummer! Maybe next time. Can't wait to see photos of all the fun!

  8. How fun! Wish I was closer. Can't come all the way from Arkansas though. Y'all take lots of pictures and give us all the details!

  9. Oh yay! Sounds fabulous. I think I'm available, will double check my calendar and let you know for sure! Work a trip to Carl's into that day, you know that is a must! : )

  10. You can TOTALLY find a cute cafe that would reserve tables for your group and offer a discount if you mentioned them on the blog! Actually if all those bloggers come - they'll be mentioned on a lot of blogs! And Cherish is right - you HAVE to go to Carl's.

  11. lol at balding man living in his mother's basement. Crack me up.

    And, I'm sad and jealous I don't live near.

    And, that I'm a balding man. Living in my mother's basement. JK

  12. How fun... I would love to be there, and I think you and I may have met before. Do you write the newsletter for MOPS? (I don't want to be too specific with the church name etc...) I spoke to my former mops group a year or so ago about decorating, and then wrote a couple of decorating blurbs for the newsletter, and thought you might be the Amanda I spoke with coordinating all that.
    If not- sorry- but if so, "hello!".

  13. I think it sounds like so much fun! I have had 2 "near" meetings with bloggy friends. Jenny Kate from JennyKate's spot almost flew down to go see NKOTB in Vegas with me when Tanielle couldn't go. But you know what happened with that.

    Then MiMi from Living in France and I almost rendzvoused in St. George after Christmas because her family was in Vegas and Hubby and I were going to head down that way for our anniversary. But then her family got really sick and they left 2 days early...boo.

    Also I live like 10 minutes away from JenJen of Tatertots and Jello, but we've never met!


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