Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites Feature ::Weekend Bloggy Reading::

Happy Friday! I'm going to mix things up a little today. Don't panic...I still have some great links for you to check out, but I also wanted to highlight a few of the Show Me the Progress party submissions, announce the winner, and tell you a little bit about what's coming up here.

First things first. The winner of the copy of Celebrate Spring is Tanya from Frou Frou Britches. (Email me so I can get your mag in the mail, Tanya!)
Thanks to everyone who linked up to the party and spent some time visiting around. This was the largest party I've hosted so far, and I was pleased to see that many of you took my request to heart and blog-hopped to offer lots of encouragement. To me, that is what makes a blog party successful!

~Holly got right to work after the last Decorating Dilemmas party and posted a completely updated room in a matter of days! Her family room is so warm and cozy now:
~I loved how Meg shared the inspiring progress she's making on her Guest Room Progress Report. She's on her way to a lovely guest room. I want to go and stay there for a weekend.

~Leigh Anne was busy in between blog parties! She completely transformed several rooms. My fave is her fab Dining room:
~You won't believe how much Nellie completed in her back yard! I needed a nap after reading her post.

There are bunches of great progress reports in all stages of completion. I hope you'll take a look!

When I wasn't visiting party posts this week, I had a bit of time to take note of some other fabulous posts from Blogland. If you don't already have enough Weekend Bloggy Reading, check these out:

Small Notebook's 31 Things You Can Do in 1 Minute or Less

My friend over at Mom in High Heels shared a not-so-secret (anymore) that is offering a FREE 14 day trial. I am dying to find out just how the crazy snuck into my family tree.

Amanda's procrastination led her to make these adorable, unique picture frames!

Stacey's post on 10 Simple Ideas for a Welcoming Home

I think that Melissa sometimes reads my mind: Contentment in Any State (Or House)

Jennifer posted a couple of great tips Wednesday on Dressing a Salad. I bet I'd save a billion calories this way...well, maybe not a billion, but you know.

If things work out, I hope to have an interview with someone special up next week, as well as another GIVEAWAY!

Upcoming parties:

Aaaand...drumroll, please:
Y'all know I like to talk. One of my favorite things ever is having a girlfriend over for coffee and dishing over anything and everything. I've been wanting to "advertise" this party for awhile now, but I didn't have a button yet!

Dishing It! is going to be a new monthly party--my way of getting bloggers together to chat about a common topic. I'll post a question/topic a few days before the party, and ask everyone to link up and hop around. I think it will be a fun way for us to get to know other bloggers. I hope you'll come by and link up on April 14th!

T's birthday is on Sunday, and Natalie is convinced that he must have a Batman birthday party. We'll see...

{Have a wonderful weekend!} 
Linking to kojo designs' Friday Fun Finds! They have an awesome sewing tutorial linked up this morning!
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  1. Congrats to Tanya!
    Still enjoying the party!!!

    I like the dishing it idea and will be linking up!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Maybe just a Batman birthday cake...and maybe a cape. Wouldn't he like that?

    Dishing it sounds like fun. Can't wait!

  3. That zebra area rug is TOO fun! Gave you a shout out in my post today lady!

  4. Stopping by from SITS!

    I love that zebra print rug, I wish I had the guts to decorate with that much pizazz. I'm from Virginia too - I'm up North, outside of DC.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting such a fab party!

  6. Great party! Thanks so much! And that dining room is TDF!!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new blog friends :o)

    I'm really excited about the two parties you are hosting! i'm putting them on my calendar now. I have a couple of decorating dilemmas that are driving me CRAZY!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. Fun new party idea! And also wanted to say "Thanks" for linking to me today :)!!

  9. Oh dishing it sounds like a blast! Can't wait!

  10. Great! Now I get to spend more time on the computer-my husband will be so thrilled!

  11. Congrats to Tonya! It was a fun party and the new party sounds so much fun!!! You're a doll for hosting them!


  12. Ohhhh those pictures from your links are just awesome! Have a great weekend my friend!

  13. Oooh, the "Dishing It" idea sounds great!

    I LOVE to share my opinions!!

    Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  14. I still haven't finished visiting everyone who linked to your party. You really had a lot of participation on this one!

    I'm heading to Culpeper today to see my niece. Have a great weekend!

  15. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  16. LOVE these ideas and works in progress... fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up! :)

  17. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I NEVER win anything! I'm so excited!!! Thanks Amanda! you rock!

    I'm not sure how I missed Leigh Ann's dining room, but Oh My Gracious! I've got to check it out! GORGEOUS! Her zebra rug is exactly what I'm thinking of doing - only floorcloth instead of rug.

    Thanks again Amanda!

  18. Dishing It sounds like it will be a good time, can't wait!

  19. Thanks so much for mentioning me! Your parties are about the only ones I'll link to because I'm usually shy but yours are just too helpful to resist.

    So helpful that I ran out this weekend and put together a project thanks to all of the awesome suggestions. Can't wait for the next party!


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