Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: You Won't Believe How Good It Is- Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I'm editing this oldie but goodie to share in Tidy Mom's Love the Pie! party. This party has the potential to make your search for the perfect Thanksgiving pie much, much easier. Go check it out!

I've mentioned before that chocaholism runs on my side of the family. It should be no surprise to you that today's recipe features an equisite combination of chocolate, cookies, pie, and peanut butter. That's a recipe for success, if you ask me.

I am pretty sure the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie can be found in one of my Southern Living cookbooks, but don't quote me on that one. I've had the same dessert in different variations, but I like this recipe. I usually add my own flair to it, and the name didn't quite suit me, so I changed it to:

{You Won't Believe How Good It Is-Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie}

1 graham cracker pie crust, store bought (I buy the extra serving one)
1 pkg. original original Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies
Cool Whip (I usually use 1 large or 2 small ones. If you have leftovers, eat it with strawberries!)
A glass of milk

As you can see, I bought the Target brand of "Cool Whip." It didn't make any difference at all in the recipe's outcome, as far as I could tell. The peanut butter and chocolate sauce are optional, but really why wouldn't you want to make it even more fabulous?

First, start dunking those cookies and placing them in a layer on the pie crust. I had to use whole milk because that's what my girls drink (Michaela Byrd looks like a starving Ethiopian child and needs all the fat she can get; and I'm too cheap to buy Natalie her own 2% milk). You want to be sure you get the cookie in the milk all the way so it's not too dry.

I crumble up a cookie or two to fill in the "cracks." I like even cookie distribution.

Then cover those cookies with a layer of Cool Whip (or a store brand "Whipped Topping"). This is where you can be creative. I drizzled some chocolate sauce over the CW. Then I brought out the big guns: peanut butter!! I microwaved a heaping spoonful until it was melty.

I saw a tip on Pink Sugar Desserts that came in handy. I took a plastic sandwich bag, stuck it in a glass with the edges of the bag over top, and poured the peanut butter in.

Then I snipped the ends, and voila! I had my own little decorating bag! I cut the hole a little big, and I didn't have quite enough peanut butter, but whatever.

Add another layer of milk-dipped cookies and Cool Whip. Cover with one last layer of Cool Whip.

"Decorate" your pie with more chocolate and peanut butter swirls, or leave it alone. I like to crumble a dry cookie on top for an added effect of decadency.

Cover and freeze for 4 hours, or overnight. I'll be honest...it's really hard to wait overnight. Just ask T.

Enjoy your handiwork!

We invited my brother,(Jamie) and his wife, "Su-Su" over to share some with us on Friday night, and Su-Su said she about panicked when they showed up and there was no pie out. When I suggested we all have a slice, she admitted her lack of faith.

"I wondered why we were here if there was no pie." she joked.

It's that good.

This pie is an easy, throw-it-together dessert to share for a potluck or date night. Hope you have a chance to give it a try. Please let me know if you like it!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!

Today is a Tasty Tuesday party over at Jen's Balancing Beauty & Bedlam blog. Please be sure to check out her site today for some great recipes and cooking ideas!

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  1. That looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How yummy that looks and also simple. I just learned that glass trick recently too. It is a great tip.

  3. Yes, the original recipe was a SL recipe, found in Easy Weeknight Favorites, and I'm sure in other SL publications....but I am so gonna try your version next time I make it. Who doesn't love choc. syrup and peanut butter with choc. chip cookies (except my husband!!!???)...thanks for the tip.


  4. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious....YUM!

  5. That's some pie! I love chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Visiting from SITS.

  6. Alright, I'm officially NOT coming over here on Tuesdays any more! You make me HUNGRY!!!

    Looks amazing...

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I do love sharing tips :) hehe nice pie too! looks yummy!

  8. That looks completely and sinfully delicious!!! YUMMY!

  9. This looks wonderful! I can't wait to try it.

  10. Hi there, I am here through Blue Cotton Serenity... Just had to comment and say, "YUMM!!" I think I am going to have to try this sometime this week! It looks so so so good!

  11. Why do I read these things in the middle of the night... Now I want some! Probably a little late to start a pie though...

  12. Mmmmmmm...so good! You are soooo not helping me and my big old thighs with this one.

  13. Ooooh! Sounds Yummalicious!!!

  14. that looks very yummy! I am definitely trying it. Thanks!

  15. Looks so yummy! I will have to try it with my boys!

  16. Oh AMANDA my family will LOVE you for this recipe!♥ they will think they died and went to heaven!! We'll definitely be making this one!

    Thanks for linking up too!!


  17. Yummy! A delicious pie that would be welcome at any dinner table.
    Now, I'm off to enjoy visiting other "Love the Pie" blog participants.

  18. Oh my I think I gained 10lbs reading this, looks so good cant wait to try it out thanks so much this is my knid of pie!!!!

  19. Oh yum! This is my kind of pie as I am also a chocoholic - LOL! So simple - that's great.

  20. all of that... and no baking! WOO! HOO! people at work are going to be astonished on treat day! thanks!


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