Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Embracing the Albino Within

I am officially throwing in the towel on the hopes of obtaining a tan. Ever again.

I am naturally fair skinned. In my teen and early college years, I used to haul myself over to the tanning bed for a "base tan." (read: burn) On the beach, I'd slather my arms and legs with low doses of suntan oil, and oh, would I feel the burn later. Eventually, the red would turn a nice brown, but it took lots of dedicated hours poolside with my sister, who can tan by glancing at the sun on a semi-cloudy day.

A couple of years ago, I could see that my body was perhaps offering me a warning for all the times I forgot to apply sunscreen. What started out as a mole on my back showed some funny discoloration. My OB/GYN said she thought I should have it looked at, but then I had two kids and sort of forgot about it.

My appointment with the dermatologist isn't until July, so I've had some time to think about this tanning thing. I found an interesting short article entitled "Embrace the Pale!" that made my mind up about this pale body attempting a tan.

Come to think about, I really really don't want to look like my great-aunt Vera in thirty years. Aunt Vera was an avid sunbather in the 40s and 50s. She now looks like the leather Aigners that I wore for too many seasons.

You know, pale can be beautiful:

Of course, I can always change my mind and look like this when I'm 60:

I think I'll just embrace the albino within....

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  1. It's funny - but the older I get, the more repulsed I am by that dark tan that I once coveted. It looks scary and unnatural. I think pale is beautiful. No more tanning for me! Okay - maybe just a little color - but only a glow.

  2. Im with you. I'd love to tan but its just not right for me. So I live under the umbrella come beach days. At least Im staying cool :)

  3. Good decision! Coming from an era where we used baby oil mixed with iodine to fry our skin...don't ask me...and didn't know about skin cancer, I only wish I had known earlier! I've had two chunks cut out of my skin from a horrible sunburn that I got 20 years kidding. The dammage won't show up for years, so take care of your skin now!...Debbie

  4. Woah! Did I sound like a Surgeon General's warning? lol I hope you are having a great week! ...Debbie

  5. More and more of us are "embracing" the lack of a tan these days. Hope your apt. goes well in July!

  6. You are too cute! You know there's always sunless tanner! And pale is beautiful. My daughter has skin like Nicole Kidman...then my son has super olive should see how brown he is already!

    Cancer and wrinkles are definitely not at the top of my list of desirable qualities!

    Hope everything checks out fine at the dermatologist.

  7. I'll sit right next to you, Lilly! :)
    I've even got a few bluish areas now that i"m older and have a few veins showing...but I still think I'll always be lily white and blue!


  8. hahah who need a tan anyways! Stopping by from SITS to leave some hump day love!

  9. You're so funny! I cant totally relate to what you're saying. I am the same way! :)

  10. I am the palest person I have ever seen, aside from a true albino. And I'm not sure I've ever really seen an albino. I've had burns, but never, never! a tan. Every summer I start out putting sunless tanner on my legs, and about 2 weeks later I decide it's too much of a pain and just go with the natural glow-in-the-dark I was "blessed" with. I feel your pain, sista!

  11. I've tried to be careful with the tanning thing in the last couple of years, I am somewhat tan-skinned anyway, but have always worshipped the sun and tanning beds. Then my husband started pointing out women who have obviously tanned for too long, and I have tried to be more careful. I'd prefer not to look like the dog!:-)

  12. Reason #676 why we must somehow be related...I am a fellow albino. And my sister only needs to think about a tan and BOOm, she's savage. So.Not.Fair.

    BTW, I have found an awesome alternative to tanning beds and yucky self tanners. Dove Energy Glow is a lotion with subtle self tanners. Really, I have used every brand of this kind of lotion and this one is the best. Doesn't stink, not streaky, leaves a nice natural color within a couple days. Just my 2 cents worth!


  13. LOL! I love you for this post. I am quite possible one of the palest people you'll ever meet. I don't do the sun. If I am outside, I'm slathered in a minimum of 50 SPF. I do not tan. Ever. I burn, peel, and then burn some more. I have never been able to get even a hint of brown. I've come to terms with it though and know that in 30 years I won't look like a leather purse. Embrace your paleness!


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