Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Case Closed

About two months ago, my car keys mysteriously disappeared. I am pretty meticulous about putting them on the key ring when I come in the house, but occasionally I'll leave them in my purse.

I have searched high and low for those keys, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. My Panera card was on those keys! This is serious business. Thank goodness my house keys are on a separate ring....

So I think I know what happened to them....

Exhibit A:

Along with her dog water obsession and fascination with the toilet, Michaela Byrd has developed an interest in the trash can. We were playing yesterday when she toddled back into the family room.

"Ta!" she said urgently. "Ta!"

Um, okay.

I followed her into the kitchen where she gestured at the trash can. (Oooooh, "ta." Now I gotcha.) I opened it up and saw the little pink cloth she'd been "cleaning" the coffee table with.

That's when it clicked.

In recent weeks, I've discovered the phone in the fridge (although I think Natalie may have had a hand in that), my TiVo remote in the trunk by the stairs (can I just tell you how panicked I was when I realized I would not be able to turn on TiVo to view my recorded episode of The Bachelorette?), and my wallet in the dog toy box.

I'd be willing to bet my keys that they ended up in the trash two months ago.

But I can't stay mad at that face!
(P.S. If you're wondering why her face is puckered up in the first photo, I found a penny in her mouth! I knew I hadn't given her anything to eat, and she was acting all secretive. She didn't give it up without a fight)

I have resorted to putting the trash can up on the rarely-used portion of the counter. Do they make trash can locks? Do they make straight jackets for toddlers? Is it wrong that I really miss my Panera card? I doubt that the rats at the landfill will know what to do with it.


If you see a rat at your local Panera ordering a Turkey Bacon Bravo, kindly divert his attention so I can come and pick up my card.

Oh, and my keys too.

Mystery solved. Elementary, my dear Watson.

(Anyone want to help me solve "The Mystery of the Expanding Waistline?")

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  1. When my first child was two our phone went mysteriously missing...I searched high and low...nothing! Then we saw her doing the same thing as your above photo with the trash! UGH!!

    But truly, you just have to laugh sometimes! If I see that rat; I'll let you know!!

  2. how can you accuse such a precious little face????? I'm SURE she did NOT throw away your keys....maybe she snatched them for a spin around the block when you are watching????
    haha...funny story.


  3. sadly, the trashcan is one of the first places i look now. and i totally need a refrigerator lock!

  4. No, I couldn't stay mad at that face either! How cute, and mischievous, she is!

  5. Great story and brilliant deduction. I think you might be right.

    I was at Panera yesterday rats. So I think your card is still safe.

  6. So I read those two posts that you linked to after reading this one.

    When I was a toddler, my cousin was already potty trained but never flushed. I was found in the living room holding something awkward that I fished out of the toilet...

    Toddlers keep things interesting I guess...

  7. What a doll! I too have experienced the loss of property that I am SURE ended up in the garbage can!

    I do think they make garbage can lid locks, and how 'bout you and I designing and patenting a new straight jacket for children!

    We'd be rich!

  8. Amanda, she is a cutie! I have had some of these same experiences! Good thing they are so cute! lol. I love Panera too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment! Can't wait to show you all what is going to be up for the giveaways...only the best for my Whimsy friends!!

    Hugs to you!

  9. Oh my gosh that is the cutest lil girlie ever. How could you fuss at that...hehe. I so can remember those days like it was yesterday. Hug em up!

  10. Coming over from SITS. My little girl hides everything behind the couch cushion! I love the textured look on your blog. Makes me want to touch the screen. Hope you will follow me. I will be back. Your blog was a pleasure to read

  11. one more thing, well, two, I also love the Shawshank Redemption and anytime you want to discuss the bachelorette, let me know.

  12. She is too cute to get mad at for sure!!! What a smart girl!:-)

  13. Our oldest used to drop the remote in my tea or coke glass. FWIW, a remote can recover from tea if one pulls it out, takes it apart and lets it dry. It will never recover from Coke. I was so lucky the cable company didn't charge me to replace them every few months.

    Trashcan under sink and childproof locks. It was just easier. Also kept the dog/cat out of it.

  14. What a cute just have to laugh at her instead of being angry. Hope it gets easier when she is a teenager or you & T will be in big trouble ;) I really thought you were going to tell me you found the keys in the dog food container but that would have been to easy.

    FYI they do make little remotes to attach to keys or other small items and when lost you just click away.


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