Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I Love Toddlers...

Yes, that is my toilet, and no, I do not know when she did that.

I am guessing Michaela Byrd snuck into the downstairs bathroom after Natalie left the door open and I was washing the dishes from lunch. I remember going down the hallway from the kitchen and seeing her come out of the bathroom rather quickly, shutting the door.

Underestimating the craftiness of a 16 month old, I assumed she was just playing with the door, but I should have known better.

The kid has a slight obsession with water.

There's the dog water, which I often catch her splashing in, standing in, or just giving herself a refreshing face wash.

Then there's the bathtub. She likes to just stand next to it and throw things into it. As you can see in this picture, she took matters into her own hands one night when I literally walked three steps to her room to grab her towel. This had to be documented.

Most recently, she has turned her attentions to the toilet. I forgot to close the bathroom door a few weeks ago before naptime as I was reading Natalie a story. Sometimes Michaela Byrd will sit and listen if it's a story she enjoys, but most of the time she toddles around wreaking havoc on my upstairs. Out of the corner of my eye while I was reading, I noticed her wander back into Natalie's room sucking on a hairbow. Not seeing any imminent danger, I ignored her. Until she walked back into the room minutes later, looking rather wet. On closer inspection, I noticed the hairbow she was sucking on also looked pretty wet. We followed her into the bathroom and discovered that she had decided to throw herself a pool party in the (clean) toilet. Eww!
How could someone so adorable do something so disgusting???

I love toddlers. They make life so much more interesting. (This is what I am telling myself)

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  1. we are having some (playing in the) toilet issues right now, too. the joys of motherhood, right?

  2. I remember when my oldest put a whole brand new box of kleenex in the toilet when I asked him to go put it away in the bathroom......clearly he didn't know what the bathROOM was!!!! toddlers keep you on your toes, no????


  3. What, no toilet lid lock?! Worked wonders for me and my little hands NEVER fished anything out of the bowl! What a cutie, by the say!

  4. You were ahead of me in roll call so I had to come check out the toilet. I am so thankful that when my boys were little they didn't have the fascination of putting things in the toilet. They had a fascination with peeing on cheerios that were in the toilet instead.

  5. I had to run over here after seeing your comment...I'm laughing so hard.

    Only because I can SOOO feel your pain! My daughter once dunked her head in the toilet AFTER she used it! UGH!

    We always have toilet issues around here...drives me batty!

  6. What a cute picture of her with the flowers. How can you ever get mad at such a cute face?!?!? She is such a big helper....washing her clothes & taking a bath at the same time.

  7. Oh you poor thing! At least you'll have a funny story to tell her boyfriend someday. :)

    My oldest once flushed a candle. We had to have the toilet pulled up because the candle was wedged and wouldn't come out any other way.

  8. Oh my word! Look at that toilet, lol!

  9. Oh Amanda! You are bringing back memories! I can still remember similar toilet sites! LOL!

    You and my daughter are going through the same things. Her youngest son is almost 14 months and loves toilet water as well!

    good thing those kids are so cute, huh?

  10. :) Thanks for the giggles and smile this morning. What a precious story. Never a dull moment at your house.

    Happy Sunday!

  11. So glad you took a picture. They really do love toilets. Mine stuffed an entire roll of tp in the toilet earlier this week. Ugh. Thanks for the smile.

  12. Ahh, the toddler toilet obsession. I've had to go toilet fishing quite a bit myself the last few months.

    And as for husbands taking time off work...if it makes you feel any better, mine was only able to be on vacation with us for about half the week. I'll take what I can get.

  13. One more thing. Those hair bows are so cute! My big girl (age 8) doesn't do bows anymore but even she might wear those cute little flowers. Love those!

  14. Just love this! She is such a cutie...I used to tell my daughter...good thing God made you so cute! ; ) This too shall pass...enjoy it while it's here. it makes for some amazing memories!

  15. ha haha- i hate to tell you but i think la and michaela are cut from the same cloth. la was obsessed with the dog water and do you remember the pic of her in the bathtub fully clothed??


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