Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girls Gone Yard Saling!

Hitting the yard sale circuit was more about having fun than finding a slew of bargains this weekend! I was so excited to go out and explore some sales with a friend!

I woke up a little earlier than normal on Saturday morning to get our "gear" ready for our big yard sale shopping trip. By gear, I mean a sippy cup and water bottle filled with ice cold water, snacks for the girls, a stocked diaper bag, and some cold, hard cash. Cha-ching!

I ended up being ready much earlier than I expected, so I ran up the street real quick because I knew the yard sale there would have some crafty stuff.
I found some Stampin' Up items in great condition, but not much else. I'm slowly but surely stocking up my craft area at home so I don't have to go to AC Moore, Michael's or JoAnn's every time I need something. It will be nice to be able to work at home after the girls go to bed at night. $5 for everything I bought...that's a steal, as the roller stamps are normally that much by themselves.

Around 7:45, my friend Meri pulled into our driveway in her mini-van with two of her four boys in tow! She was gracious enough to allow Natalie to finish up her "haffle" (waffle) before we did some seat assignment shuffling and were off. Natalie, overjoyed at the prospect of her first minivan ride, didn't complain at all about not getting to stay home and watch Cinderella for the 678th time. Michaela Byrd was really just grateful to be able to play with some toys that Meri's youngest left behind in his carseat.

The kids stayed with us in energy! They shopped hard, walked through a neighborhood, enjoyed the amazing weather, picked some weeds flowers, lost said weeds flowers in an unfortunate crushing accident, sang the "Bational Nanthem" repeatedly (Meri's boys), asked 453 questions (Natalie), attempted a stroller escape (Michaela Byrd), and generally had a great morning.

I felt bad that Meri and I didn't find much of anything, but sometimes yard sale Saturdays are just hit or miss, right? Meri did find an adorable little white bench with some storage in it that I hope she'll post about on her blog (that was a subtle hint, Meri).

I found this set of apothecary jars for $3. I am dying to attempt a burlap table runner for my dining room, and I am hoping that Jamie and Su-Su (brother and sister-in-law) will bring me some shells from their beach trip this summer. I am totally copying countless bloggers with that, and I'm okay with it.

The most fun was spending a Saturday morning with a friend, having some good girl talk, and watching our adorable kids interact. Next time, I'm taking my camera, Mer!!

Go see Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for more of the weekend's thrifty finds!

{What did you find this weekend?}

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  1. I can't even imagine garage saling with all of those kids! Sounds like you had a great time! Love the apothecary jars! Good deal too!

  2. I love your apothecary jars--you got a fantastic deal! I've just started collecting these, and they're not cheap!

  3. Oooooh, love the apothecary jars, girlfriend...sounds like a fun morning!


  4. Wow garage sales with kids in tow...yes, I remember those days !
    Your deal on the jars was great, have fun filling them !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. Shopping with babies is HARD but I do love your jars! You can put all kinds of cool things in them!

  6. Love the jars & you got a great deal.

  7. Love the apothecary jars and can't wait to see the burlap table runner and what you will be doing with the shells :)

  8. Sounds like you had a fun time with a good friend. And if all you got were those jars, then I think you had a successful adventure.

  9. Now, that sounds like fun, hitting the sales with a friend. Love your jars!

  10. The apothecary jar set was enough of a find to make it worth it!

    I am ALWAYS searching for some used ones for cheap, and can never find any!

    Sounds like a great day!

  11. Um, you mean we're NOT supposed to have other people bring us shells? Oops.


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