Monday, May 4, 2009


In her three short years, Natalie has had many disappointments:

She was dethroned from her status as an only child after just two years.

Michaela Byrd doesn't always cooperate with her plans.

God didn't send a "brudder" the first time she asked.

Most recently, it turns out that Jasmine, Mimi's new kitten, is a "he" and not a "she." After many a car ride this week spent planning to feed tiny Jasmine some "cut up green beans," brownies, and grapes, Natalie was more than a little flustered to learn that the kitty's name has been changed to Mr. Darcy. And also he can only eat kitten formula and soft food because he is so young.

"Nooooo, her name is Jasmine." Natalie stated when when we greeted the kitten at Mimi's house.

Michaela Byrd just grinned and said "Meow! Meow!" over and over. This tragedy has clearly failed to move her.

I am personally glad this didn't happen later in life with a college boyfriend or something. As with most disappointments in life, you just have to roll with the punches. Mr. Darcy is now referred to as "Mr. Darby" or "Ditty," as Michaela Byrd prefers to call him. Natalie chose instead to redirect her grief into planning for this "brudder" she is convinced will arrive at some point or another. She has already planned to "play with him," and "feed him," and "let him sleep in [her] room and [she] will sleep in Michaela's room." I'm not really sure how to address this, except to say that at least she's not planning on feeding him cut up green beans.

Maybe I should just get the poor kid a cat.... a girl cat.


  1. Well, I'll be waiting to see how you work out the brudder thing....??? :)


  2. You.Are.Hilarious.Woman. I always know where to come when I need a little pick me up or a good laugh! Good luck with that "brudder".

  3. Oh, and to answer your question...I'm not planning to use the trays for food. I want to use them to hold some of my crafting supplies. Although, if you were to use them for food (if you chose to spray paint them), you could just use a little doily or cute napkin under the food.

  4. poor natalie, life is so full of disappointment at such a young age. i gotta say though, i love that the cat has two names, one of which is ditty...he's kind of like the puff daddy/puffy/p diddy of cats. cool.

  5. You are so funny. You'd better get to work on that brudder!

  6. Mr. Darcy is such a cute name for a kitten. Of course, so is Ditty. :oD

  7. Awww too funny! Gotta love kids!

  8. That's pretty funny! I remember when my little sis caught 2 or our cockatiels "having fun", they were both supposed to be boys... turns out the one wasn't a Pete after all.

  9. If Jamie can name a cat, Pup, I think Natalie can name a male cat, Jasmine. Go for it, Natalie!


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