Friday, May 8, 2009

What's the Deal with...

...the title of this blog? (Can't you just hear Jerry Seinfeld saying that opener?)

Every so often, I'll receive a comment from a blogger who noticed the title of my blog and decided to stop in. Most of them are Seinfeld fans who at once recognize the quote from Frank Costanza in the episode "The Serenity Now." 

If you were a Seinfeld fan, you'll appreciate this:

The Costanzas are driving in the car.

Frank: I got no leg room back here. Move your seat forward.

Estelle: That's as far as it goes.

Frank: There's a mechanism. You just pull it, and throw your body weight.

Estelle: I pulled it. It doesn't go.

Frank: If you want the leg room, say you want the leg room! Don't blame

the mechanism!

George: All right, Dad, we're five blocks from the house. Sit


Frank: Like an animal. Because of her, I have to sit here like an animal!

Serenity now! Serenity now!

George: What is that?

Frank: Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette. When my blood pressure gets

too high, the man on the tape tells me to say, 'Serenity now!'

George: Are you supposed to yell it?

Frank: The man on the tape wasn't specific.

George: What happened to the screen door? It blew off again?

Estelle: I told you to fix that thing.

Frank: Serenity nowww!

I can relate to Frank, as there are moments in just about every day when I feel like my head might explode, but I can't let it because then there would be a big mess for me to clean up. I love my kids, but...."Serenity Now!"

Enjoy this little montage I found, and have a Happy Friday!


  1. two things...i have already commented about the "serenity now" and how much i love it, and i am going to see jerry seinfeld live in june. can't wait! the other thing is "my head will explode" which is currently my favorite threat to my children! in fact, my facebook status yesterday said that if "one more person touches me or ask me for something or opens my refrigerator door, i am fairly certain my head will explode."

  2. LOL! I love that episode. As a homescholing mom I'm constantly thinking "Serenity NOW!"

  3. Oh...those were the days! How I miss Seinfeld. Yes, I think all mothers can relate to that mantra...SERENITY NOW!

    Oh, about your question regarding the chalkboard paint. The canvas I painted over had a slight texture, but nothing really bumpy or raised. so there the chalkboard surface does have a texture, but it still works great. Let me know if you try it!


  4. I first came here just because of your title!! Love it! And I really do say it to myself often.. It works!!

  5. Not a huge Seinfield is funny though.

    But I am definitely going to start saying that!

  6. Very fun!

    You know I do believe for sure every mother thinks her head will explode ~~ even with adult children! ha! We wouldn't trade it though, would we?

    Happy Mother's Day Sweet Mother Amanda.

  7. Just stumbled onto your blog. It's super cute. Hope you have a great Mother's day tomorrow.

  8. Ha, ha! I was going to ask if you remembered that the second half of "serenity now" is "insanity later". I think I've made it to that second point!


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