Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spend Less Saturday: Date Night Ideas!

I received a great response to this week's Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to Be Cheap post on ideas for inexpensive date nights!

I loved a suggestion from Xazmin over at This is the Year. She mentioned finding a volunteer position as a couple! As a mom, I am already being forced to work serving in the church nursery, and I also help out at VBS for a week each year, as well as working on my MOPS group's steering team. I love the idea of finding something that both T and I care about. Xazmin wrote:

{I think an awesome way to connect would be volunteering together. There are so many service opportunites around, and working together for a cause that is important can really create some good conversation time, as well as just the good feelings of serving together...and it's pretty much free!}

Sara at Be Still and Know added that sometimes you can combine a date and some errands. A working date! I love it! She commented:

{I believe [Date Nights are] vital in a children all know the term "Date Nite" and that its reserved for daddy and mommy! Yes, sometimes we run errands but we also: go to our favorite restraunt (tapas mmmm...), but always end up going to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, then peruse the books and mags at Barnes and Noble. The best part is just talking together without being the phone, computer, children, neighbors, work etc,! Plus no matter where we go...if its just me and my man I glam up!}

Ashley at Domestic Fashionista had some good thoughts! Her ideas?

{Me and my bf like to do bike rides, picnics, renting free movies from the library or redbox...we try to do cheap dates as much as possible to save up for fun things to do every once in awhile!}

Ashley, I love Red Box! It can be hard for T and I to agree on a movie because he likes shoot-'em-up-guts movies and I prefer chick flicks more sophisticated films. I usually cave and watch what he wants to watch. As long as it's not horror, I enjoy most movies. And you can't beat the $1 ticket!

I am so glad that two bloggers feel the same way I do at times!

Julia at Hooked on Houses agreed that sometimes it's okay to {ditch the kids--er, leave the kids home} and go for ice cream!

And the fabulous Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful admitted that she doesn't always feel like having a Date Night, because let's face it...sometimes husbands can be clueless and unromantic. Boy, do I feel that way sometimes (or a lot of times!). Sometimes a girl just needs some time for herself without anyone else around to recharge. When she feels like she's not going to lose it anymore, then maybe she's ready to attempt a night on the town with the Man! Amanda's solution?

{I had a date with my little ol' self last night. Went to the movies solo and it was FABULOUS! I needed some ME time.}

Loved your ideas this week, ladies!

Hope you have a marvelous Saturday!

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  1. I also think it would be fun to have a couple book club...just the 2 of you!

    You could pick a book together, or take turns, and read together once a week, and discuss!

    I doubt my guy would go for it though...he doesn't quite enjoy the books the way I do!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!!


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