Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ode to the Dog Water

Ode to the Dog Water
by Michaela Byrd, age 12 months

Oh, Dog Water, your murky depths sing to me from across the linoleum.

How I long to splash with reckless, joyous, abandon

But Her restraining arms pull me away yet again.

From the confines of the high chair, I gaze at your cool, glassy surface.

She can place me in the playpen, strap me in a car seat, or banish you to the sideboard,

But She cannot take away our love.

Someday, sweet Dog Water, we shall be reunited...

When She is not looking.


Cathy said...

Hey Amanda! So good to find your blog. Look at Miss Michaela, she's such a cutie. Off to read more of your posts.


Anonymous said...

Look at that face... She has no shame! - Susannah

Tracy said...

Again, you should be a writer! Great post!

Boagie (Janice) said...

You are so great with words and you have an absolute adorable daughter. The joys of children and pet food/water in the same house...I remember with my own and the hundreds of children, Tracy & Trisha used to babysit.

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