Sunday, January 25, 2009


I will say again that my friend, Tracy is possibly the most creative mom I know. Her recent creative endeavors put me and just about all the moms I know to shame. In fact, Tracy, I don't think we can be friends anymore because I am going to have a complex. After attending a party for Tracy's older son's birthday today, I am not sure how anything I can come up with will compare. I'd have to fly the girls and 20 of their closest friends to Disney World, where the Disney people would resurrect Walt himself for a grand party in the Cinderella castle, complete with fireworks, princesses, and a leprechaun who pops out of a cake dipped in gold to give each girl 3 wishes. That might come close, emphasis on might.

I didn't tell Natalie that we were headed to an "Under the Sea- Mini Golf" party, because she had no idea what golf is anyways, and I didn't her to ruminate any longer than necessary about the possible alternative uses for a small club. We arrived at the party hot-spot, Tracy's neighborhood clubhouse, a few minutes late, but ready for some fun. Natalie was particularly excited to see that Mikie's "house" had a pool around back, and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I am not planning on wearing a bathing suit any time soon. Plus, it's January in Virginia. Plus, we don't have a membership. (Can you tell I am good at coming up with reasons not to wear a bathing suit?)

Tracy really outdid herself! Here are some pictures from the party:

Hours of work went into this party!

La-La peeking out from underneath the "waterfall".
The Pink Floyd room...Natalie freaked out when the door closed. "Get me outta here!" she shrieked. I thought it was kinda trippy.
Poor Zachary. Zachary is Mikie's younger brother, and Natalie is convinced that he needs a foster mother. She mothered (terrorized) him at our Bible study last summer, and is probably still doing it at our current study. She insists on patting his head, holding his hand, and telling him what to do. Have I modeled this behavior? Tracy, if someone calls CPS on you, it was probably Natalie--gunning for the hostile takeover. (Told you she'd be a shark in the corporate world)
This is me, Tracy, and Boagie, Tracy's mom and fellow blogger. I'm a fan of Boagie's blog, and I think Natalie is a fan of Boagie now too. I love to read about farm life in Iowa. I've never been to Iowa, but I think I would like it. Natalie has also decided that she would very much like to visit Boagie's farm and take Michaela Byrd for a ride on the tractor. Poor Michaela Byrd missed the party because she had to have a nap at Mimi's. It's for the best...she'd probably cheat. Inherited it from me.
Well done, Tracy! I would like to thank you most effusively because as we were on our way home, I heard a little voice pipe up from the back seat: "Mommy, I want a party like what Mikie had for my birfday."
Thanks. a. lot. ;)


  1. i can't wait to show R this! my descriptions just can't do it justice! thanks for the write up and pics. and i totally second your way it would need to be topped.

    tracy- see? you've got your first customer!!! ;) amanda wants to throw a birfday just like that!

  2. You have such a way with words. I love it. It was wonderful meeting you in person; you are so sweet, friendly, poised and intelligent (I don't feel worthy of our new friendship, but I'm glad to have it.)
    Natalie is such a beautiful name and now that I met your cute little daughter....her name fits her perfectly.

  3. Amanda, You make me laugh! Can I be one of N's closest friends that flies to Disney...that sounds like fun! Thanks for all the nice things you said about my party. It was exactly like I had it all pictured in my head. It's so fun to watch months worth of work all come together! I am working on the post for my blog. I just want to make sure I get a photoshow link uploaded to it because I have too many picts to post on blogger. Glad you could make it to the party. Let me know what you'd like to borrow for her 4th bday :)


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