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Paint and Glitter Dipped Pine Cone Cluster (Holiday Home Decor)

I'm welcoming Chaney from May Richer Fuller Be back as part of my ongoing Season of Serenity series. I couldn't wait to share this post with you all today. Such a classic and lovely addition to your holiday decor...a Paint and Glitter Dipped Pine Cone Cluster.


Hey y'all, I'm Chaney from May Richer Fuller Be. I'm thrilled to be a part of Amanda's awesome Christmas series this year! I've got an simple, inexpensive (it may even be free if you have all the materials on hand) decor idea for you today - a paint and glitter-dipped pine cone cluster. It would be perfect hanging in place of a wreath, hanging on the back of a dining chair, on a mantel...you name it! It's a great project to include kids on as well. Enough chatter though, let's get to it!

Supplies needed:
  • 5 large pine cones - store-bought or found
  • White paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Several yards of ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

To begin, I'd suggest putting down a couple of paper bags or newspaper on your work surface. Things are about to get messy! I also found that it helps to have a plastic bag or two handy to lay down the paint-dipped pine cones on - that way you don't have to worry about paper sticking to and messing up your pretty white paint.

Then, place all your supplies on your work surface. I poured some white latex paint into a disposable plastic bowl to make it easy for dipping. Go ahead and dip your pine cones (yes, you're literally going to dip your pine cones in paint!), rolling them around to cover the bottom half-ish in paint. It'll be drippy and messy and you'll wonder if you're doing it right, but let me assure you that you are. You can't mess this up! The messier the better.

Let some of the excess paint drip off back into the bowl and then lay them down on a plastic bag.

Grab your glitter. You only need a small amount for this project; in fact, I only needed about half of this tiny bag from a dollar store variety pack. Take a pinch between your fingers and sprinkle it lightly and evenly onto the wet paint. The method is similar to sprinkling salt when you're cooking. If you really like glitter, feel free to go heavier with it. I just prefer a light sprinkle :).
Allow the paint and glitter-dipped pine cones to dry overnight. The next day, you'll put them together in a cluster so they can hang.

Since it is Christmastime and all, I used some dark green grosgrain ribbon I had to string them together. Don't worry too much about the lengths - just don't make them too short! You'll likely have to trim them later once you get the pine cones positioned right. I used the thinner-width ribbon to attach to the pine cones, and the larger-width to make a big ole bow for the top.

Hot glue a piece of ribbon to each pine cone top. 

Once each pine cone has a ribbon, lay them out on the table to get an idea of how you'd like them to hang.

Then gather all the ribbons together and staple them together at the top to keep them together. 
Trim off the excess ribbon on the ends.

The next part is a little bit trick to explain in words, but the gist is that you want to tie a large bow around the stapled part of the ribbons.

The way I did it was to tie a long piece of ribbon into a bow first, then tie another short piece of ribbon around the bow's knot and the stapled area to secure the bow to the stapled area. Tie that into a tight knot to hold everything together. You may need to read those instructions twice, sorry! Let me know if you want more clarification on that.

In the end, you'll end up with something like this!

The pine cones look like they were dipped in fresh snow - especially with a hint of shimmery glitter. They're a perfect touch of winter for your home without actually bringing winter into your home, ha! You can rest the bow on a nail (that's what I did above), or wiggle the backside of the bow onto a hook. It would also be easy to safety pin it onto some fabric. Lots of possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed this little project. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment and I'll  be sure to stop by and answer. Thanks again to Amanda for asking me to be a part of this series!


Too much cute, right? Thanks for stopping by, Chaney!

*You'll find more holiday inspiration for this season at my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity, which is running all December long. The posts are rounded up as each one goes live. I'd love for you to visit!*

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