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20 Christmas Treat Recipes for Your Cookie Tray

If you weren't already jonesin' for some holiday treats, this post will do the job! Tracey from The Kitchen is My Playground has 20 Christmas Treats for your Cookie Tray to show off today. This post is part of my Season of Serenity series, going on throughout the month of December! The photos alone make me want to ransack my pantry and bake up something delicious to Keep reading for Tracey's fab recipes!


Hello, everyone!  I'm Tracey from The Kitchen is My Playground, and I'm honored to be sharing here at Serenity Now today.  Thank you so much to Amanda for having me over!

The Christmas season is upon us. And one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is holiday baking.  With a blog name of The Kitchen is My Playground, there's probably no shocker there. Well, I've decided to focus today on Christmas cookie tray sweet treats! Oh, and I use the term 'cookie tray' very loosely, 'cause the Christmas day sweets certainly don't have to be limited to just cookies! Right?? Right.

We always have a cookie tray on Christmas day at my mother-in-law's house, and it's my job to keep it fully stocked. What about your family? Are you working on planning your family's cookie tray? If you are, then I've got 20 ideas for you right here!

Click on the item name link to see the recipe.  Enjoy the virtual 'cookie' tray!

First up absolute favorite Christmas sweet treat! My Mom has made these tasty little rum balls forEVER for Christmas. I honestly and truly can't remember a Christmas when we didn't have these.  

Naturally, I have continued the tradition we now end up with multiple batches throughout the holidays at both houses. But that's no problem for us! I've kicked 'em up a notch by using spiced rum and by ... well ... adding some extra splashes. Mmmmmm, they're good like that. But you may not want to light a match around 'em. I'm just sayin'.

2.  Turtle Cookies
Or, insanely delicious Turtle Cookies, as they're titled in their blog post. This is by far the top readers' choice over at The Kitchen is My Playground - and might I just say ... the readers have fabulous taste.

3.  Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods
Chocolate-dipped pretzels are always a hit. And with no baking involved, you can whip these beauties up pretty quickly. Use any type of Christmas-colored sprinkles you have on hand for embellishment. Dip ... sprinkle ... dip ... sprinkle ... it's as easy as that!

These may just be my new favorite chocolate chip cookie ... they're like gingerbread-meets-chocolate-chip-cookie, and it's a fabulous pairing. And guess what? ... these cookies are whole wheat.  Shhhhhhh ... I won't tell if you won't.

5.  7 Layer Cookies
These 7 Layer Cookies are a Christmas tradition from my husband's family. Since marrying him, I've heard many stories about his Mom having to make more batches of these like the day or two before Christmas ... because somehow they had all disappeared before the big day.

How can you go wrong with chocolate graham crackers, praline topping, chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut? Ummmmm, in my humble opinion, you can't.

7.  Classic Chocolate Fudge
Aaahhhhhhhh, Chocolate Fudge ... always a winner.  Especially when it's super creamy like this one.

8.  Candy Cane Cookies
The tradition of making these Candy Cane Cookies started way back when I was a kid. Mom and I made this batch Thanksgiving weekend last year to donate to a local women's shelter. Making them with Mom was a fun trip down memory lane!

9.  Mocha Swirl Cookies
I made these beautiful swirls a couple of Christmases ago to include in the sweet treat boxes I give my co-workers as a gift. Were they a hit? Oh, yes!

10.  Decadent Raspberry Truffle Brownies
Rich, dark chocolate brownies topped with a layer of creamy raspberry truffle filling. Oh, and then drizzled with more chocolate. Divine.

11.  Pretzel Cookies with Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chips
Love, love, love the sweet-and-salty combination in these cookies! The pretzels and a tiny sprinkling of fleur de sel bring wonderful flavor for us salted chocolate lovers.

We all need a little dose of peppermint during the holidays! I'll take mine in chocolate chip cookie form, please.

13.  Caramel-Walnut Squares
Cut these bars into small squares and place each square in a mini cupcake liner for a lovely presentation. These golden beauties are decadently delicious.

Want the taste of chocolate covered cherries in a cookie? Well, here you go!

Another one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I like mine 'naked' ... but add frosting and decorations, if you'd like!

Oh, these are soooooooo good! I'll just leave it at that. Okay?

17.  Raspberry-Almond Bars
Hmmmmmm, these oatmeal-based raspberry jam bars might just make an appearance on a Christmas breakfast treat tray, too. Oatmeal and jam make them count as a breakfast food, right?

18.  Cherry-Topped Brownie Bites
These little treats are so easy and so cute! Whip up a batch of brownies, cut them with a circle cookie or biscuit cutter, and top 'em with a cherry from a can of cherry pie filling. And, voila! ... pretty and festive little cherry-topped brownie bites.

19.  Yuppy Chow {regular or Nutella versions} ... or puppy chow ... or white trash ... or muddy buddies. Okay, this isn't even close to being a cookie ... but it's not Christmas at our house without a batch of this! It's my Dad's absolute favorite. So, hey, I say stick a bowl of it in the middle of the cookie tray and call it an extra good day.

20.  Christmas White Chocolate-Peppermint Popcorn
Don't want to stick a bowl of Yuppy Chow in the middle of your cookie tray? Okay. Then how about a bowl of White Chocolate-Peppermint Popcorn? You won't believe how amazingly yummy this stuff is.

I hope you've found a little 'cookie' tray inspiration from this tasty collection.  Happy holiday baking from my kitchen {playground} to yours!  Enjoy!!
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 Drooling a little bit!

Which recipe looks tastiest to you?

*You'll find more holiday inspiration for this season at my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity, which is running all December long. The posts are rounded up as each one goes live. I'd love for you to visit!*

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