Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas, In Pictures (2013)

Here's what our Christmas looked like this year. Not like I planned, but is it really ever like that?

I'd show you a picture of me on Christmas Eve, but I think I'd scare away all my readers. Between having a baby, recovery, hosting a home birthday party, decorating, pumping, feeding the baby, late nights, Nutcracker craziness, and keeping up with all the girls' stuff, I just plain wore myself out this month. This meant that T had to cancel our Christmas Eve plans to host family, and I pretty much laid on the couch all day, except to feed Harris and to pump.

The tree never did get completely decorated. I don't think Santa cared. I didn't wrap any gifts until 8 pm on Christmas Eve. They're usually wrapped and under the tree for at least a week, but I didn't trust the German Shepherd with the this year. But somehow Christmas came anyways.

For the first time in twelve years of marriage, we stayed our own house...all day long on Christmas Day. No getting dressed. No rushing through gifts. No packing the car up and loading kids in. No traveling around town to put in appearances. Just a quiet day at home. It was really fantastic. So much fun to watch the girls spend the whole day in their Christmas pajamas, enjoying their gifts and spending time with each other. My mom spent part of the morning with us, then the rest of the day it was just us.

I hope your day was extra special!

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