Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Christmas Card Holder (Simple Christmas Craft)

It's mid-December, and by now the Christmas cards are piling up. Do you have a pretty way to display your holiday cards? My lovely, talented, and stylish friend Chelsea (seriously, I have a love affair with bubble necklaces because of her) from Two Twenty One has a simple solution for those of us who are tired of finding ways to lean and pile cards on bookshelves, hutches, and sideboards. Keep reading for her Ribbon Christmas Card Holder tutorial.

Say "hello" to Chelsea!

Hey, Serenity Now readers! Happy holidays! I'm Chelsea from Two Twenty One, and I'm here to share my Simple Christmas Card Holder with you. It's so easy to execute you could do it in your sleep. Well, kinda; I wouldn't recommend using sharp objects, like scissors and thumbtacks, in your sleep.

This is the perfect card holder if you don't have your cards displayed yet and your family is coming over for Christmas. Because if they're like some people I know, they won't see their card displayed and ask if you received it, and you'll have to be all like, "Yeah, it's in that pile over there...?" Don't worry, I'm here to help.
DIY Ribbon Christmas Card Holder (Simple Christmas Craft)

All you need is ribbon, thumbtacks, double sided tape, scissors, and Christmas cards.

Cut your ribbon to your desired length (mine were about 40 inches). Attach the ribbon to your walls with thumbtacks. If you're lucky, you'll find the same holes that you made the previous year.
Organize Your Christmas Cards with Ribbon!

Grab your double sided tape. Slap a small piece of tape on the ribbon. Slap a card on top. Repeat until you cover the ribbon with cards. I leave about an inch in between each card. After putting all the cards on I secure the bottom of each ribbon with a small piece of double sided tape. That way when someone walks by the cards aren't flapping around.

If you're a weirdo like me, and keep Christmas cards every year for no apparent reason other than the fact that you have hoarding tendencies, don't fret about the double sided tape sticking to other cards when you store them away in your Ziploc storage bag labeled "2011". Most of the time the tape peels off. If it doesn't, I put a little piece of paper over the tape so it can't attack other cards.

Love it, Chelsea! I totally need to do this!

If you haven't stopped by Two Twenty One yet, you simply must. Chelsea is as funny in real life as she is on the blog, and she has super-fabulous style. If you like well-photographed recipes, home decor inspiration, and crafts, then Chelsea is your girl. Be sure to tell her I sent ya!

This post is part of my Season of Serenity at Home Christmas inspiration series. I have a great line up of recipes, ideas, crafts, activities, and more to inspire you...and keep your holiday stress-free! You'll find the line-up of all the posts (to-date) here!
A Season of Serenity at Home, Christmas Inspiration series from Serenity Now

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  1. I love a crafty idea that includes the word "slap" in the instructions. Now THAT I think I can handle. :)

  2. Great idea! It's always fun to have cards out where you can see them.


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