Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grace at Home

As a mom of two small girls, there are many times where I send the kids off to bed at the end of the day and feel a complete lack of grace in my home. Did I raise my voice too much when they didn't pick up their toys? Did I spend enough time with them? Should I have folded that laundry instead of watching Downton Abbey on DVR? Why didn't I come up with something better for dinner?

The questions and self-doubt could go on and on. I think that when you have a baby you are immediately embedded with some sort of guilt chip that fires off in your brain cells at least 5 times a day. Many of us live in a perpetual state of mom-guilt. And if we're not feeling guilty, we're feeling guilty that we don't feel guilty. You know what I'm saying?

After reading my friend Richella's latest announcement about her new linky party over at Imparting Grace, it occurred to me that perhaps I am just not looking for those moments of grace when I should be

The whole family (even the four year old!) engaging in a meaningful conversation at dinner, watching my girls play together without shouting or flinging My Little Ponies across the room, taking a moment to reflect with friends at Bible study, just relaxing on the couch with the dog and the man at the end of the day...those are all moments of Grace. 

Richella is my newest sponsor here at Serenity Now, and I've actually had the pleasure of meeting her in person! I wanted to share her own words about this wonderful new link party:

"I want my home to be full of grace, too. I want it to be a place where my family, my friends, and my guests feel special and loved and welcome. I'm betting you feel the same way about your home.

To celebrate all the things we do to make our homes places of grace, I'm starting a new weekly linky party: Grace at Home."

I love Richella's link party idea because it's not just another "come link up your 52 crafts" type of party. This one has purpose. You can share anything related to making your home a place of grace. Talk about encouraging!

Posts that are welcome:
DIY projects
homemaking tips

Whatever you do to make your home a place of grace, Richella and her readers want to hear about it.

The Grace at Home link party will be open each Thursday, and it looks like she's off to a great start. If you have a post that fits with her theme, I hope you'll edit in a quick link to her blog and link your post up to her party over at Imparting Grace.

And if you just need a little bit of encouragement, please head over to Richella's and spend a few minutes browsing both the links and her beautiful blog. You won't be sorry. I've yet to meet a kinder, more thoughtful, or graceful woman!

Here's to keeping an eye out for those moments of Grace in our lives!

Do you have a hard time spotting Grace in your life and in your home?


  1. Thank you so much, Amanda! I don't think I'm deserving of such kind words, but I surely appreciate them. :)

    I am hoping that people will link up with Grace at Home--I want this to be a successful party--but mostly I'm hoping that people will be encouraged to see that they can create and celebrate a real atmosphere of grace. I love your reflections!!

  2. I love Richella! She is such an inspiration...I want to be more like her:) Those first two paragraphs totally describe my life, and probably a lot of other moms too! I need to take more time to notice the small things that bring grace into our lives.

  3. Now THAT's a good linky party idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello from the coocoo Momma, I am going to go right over and check out your friends party. I just wanted to say I get where you are coming from with the guilt. I have three little kids and I wanted to tell you what one wise older mom once told me "Guilt is NEVER from the Lord!" Obvioulsy, you are a good mom. I think it is nice of you to remind other moms of the things we frequently feel. You go girl, good momma!

  5. What a beautiful idea. I will definitely participate. Thanks for sharing this. There is always more room for more light in the world and I appreciate your efforts to inspire.

  6. That is a great idea! Sure I'll love this party. God bless you!

  7. The very thought of you feeling the guilt tells that you are a good mom. :) That party sounds very interesting. I might drop by very soon. :)


    p.s. I found you through Lori's blog at bleak2unique. I'm your newest linky follower! if you want you can linky follow me back at :)


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