Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Empty Space (Suggestions Needed)

With minimal amounts of complaining, I was able to get rid of a problem piece yesterday. The girls protested some, but ultimately I won and the play kitchen has a temporary residence at a kids' consignment sale. I am now blessed with beautiful, glorious empty space (minus a diva model dog)....

Now you see it.

(PS. Travis is pretty much the nicest guy you'll ever meet. And handsome. I'm just saying, girls.)

Now you don't.

This may seem cruel to you if you don't have children, but if you do have small ones, I bet you understand. My kids played with that kitchen set exactly 2.3 times in the last couple of years. It takes up a fair amount of space, and they used the area behind the leather chair and around the play kitchen to stash toys and play plastic food that they didn't feel like putting away.

It was the bane of my existence, and a constant source of complaining from T, who mistakenly believes that the living room is his "man cave" (that is for another post, entirely). So I took a chance and cleaned the piece off, attached all the extra accessories, and stashed it in the back of the Swagger Wagon. It felt so good to clear some of the toy clutter out.

I'd love some suggestions on what to do with that empty space. When you live in a small 1970s Colonial, storage space is minimal, at best. I thought about maybe a small storage piece because I want something that will serve a purpose and not just clutter the area up. No extra side tables for the sake of having a table there or anything like that...

The umbrella stand needs to be spray painted, and lack of funds require that I keep the current shades and window treatments. But it's nice to dream, right?

What do you think? Have you gotten rid of anything lately that freed up some room in your house?

For now, I am just enjoying the empty space....


  1. Amanda, how much room do you have to the right of the window? I noticed a door there as well. We purchased a piece for our daughter's room after seeing it over at Jenn's (IHeartOrganizing). It is the Ikea piece that is tall not very deep has a drawer at the top and then two compartments for shoes. We love it! I just wish I had a wall to put one on near our entry too.

  2. Hi Amanda - I feel you. I gave away our play kitchen a few months ago and replaced it with a shoe storage system from Ikea. The kids don't miss the kitchen a bit and I don't miss shoes all over the floor. You could make a DIY bench with some baskets underneath and add a coat hook to the wall above the bench (to the right of the window).
    PS> I could tell Travis is a nice guy from the UNC Tarheels jersey he is wearing - GO HEELS! :)

  3. IKEA shelf with pull out bins!

  4. Hmmm, maybe a low shelf or trunk b/c you don't want to cover that window with anything too big. Or a chunky side table? How big is that spot exactly, I can't really tell.

  5. I think a small dresser or console would be excellent. I would stalk the Goodwill for something non-smelly and spray paint it like crazy.

    Good luck!

  6. I like everyone's IKEA suggestions. But I think a small console table would look nice too. Something with several drawers and a good surface you might could place a lamp on top of. And if it was wooden you could paint it a bright color.

  7. Nice to open of my paintings would look nice on that wall...just saying!!

  8. I'm sure your friend Travis is happy that you are working for him :) I giggled when I read that :). I bet something like a bookcase would look good for kids books and some baskets for little toys and/ or craft stuff. Good luck, it's a great feeling getting rid of big honkin toys!

  9. A cute little dresser might be fun. Maybe a goodwill find??? Then you'd have storage and another flat space to decorate. ?

  10. Not sure if you could place a bombay chest right below the window and move the chair forward a bit? The umbrella stand could go right next to the bombay and add some life to the room with a tall plant. (Just a thought)I can't really tell the size of the window, but I'm picturing something like this from Kirkland's Lots of storage!

  11. I like all the suggestions everyone else has said, all great ideas...but what I really want to know is how old is Travis? Any guy who sits in a pink chair to play is a catch in my book. Mom approval for me! Does he like California girls? I have a single daughter :)

  12. And Travis is apparently a TarHeel fan, so he must be a good guy, right? :)

    Congrats on making the hard call about the kitchen. Feels good to clean out some space, doesn't it? Maybe you'll find a nice piece at a thrift store that you could use for some DIY magic!

  13. I like Alana's smaller dresser or chest idea. You would have a flat surface for decorating and then glorious drawers for storage.

  14. Amanda -

    what about a cute little bench with baskets for underneath. Maybe make it a special little reading area for the kiddo and of course Travis! :-)

  15. I would check out IKEA if you have one around you, or go online. They have cool storage pieces for entry ways. Or what about cubbies? Like the ones you see in fancy mud rooms.


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