Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rhinestone Tutorial and April Silhouette Promo

I thought I'd show you another quick and easy rhinestone project today, as well as share the new Silhouette promo for the month, and a neat video on how to work with rhinestones. I'll be back later this morning to tell you about my birthday plans ('cause I turn twenty-faux today!).

If you just want the project or video, you'll find them after the deal.

If you've been waiting all month for a great Silhouette deal, today is your lucky day!

From now until Tuesday, April 26th, you can purchase a Silhouette bundle package for $229. (It includes the machine, a rhinestone starter kit, 3 additional packs of rhinestones, and 1 Pick Me Up tool)

Here's your breakdown:

  • Silhouette SD machine and software
  • 2 sheets rhinestone template material
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
  • 2 rhinestone backing boards
  • 1 rhinestone placement brush
  • 1 CD of rhinestone images
  • 1 pack clear 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack clear 16ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack clear 20ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack pink 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 Pick Me Up Tool
You'll find this specific bundle deal here. Please use my affiliate code SERENITY when you check out. 

This is a savings of $125...and if you already own these items, you can get your Silhouette rhinestone products for 30% off this month! Please use the code SERENITY when you shop. 

When I shared my Rhinestone Easter Egg project, I mentioned that this month was all about using what I have on hand and not spending extra cash on projects. I also wanted to try very simple ideas that anyone could recreate on their own in just a few minutes.

To make today's project, I started by choosing a rhinestone template in Silhouette's online shop. The CD that came with my starter kit and contained free shapes was defective, so I am waiting on a new one. That was a small hitch in my plan to not spend any money...but with the rest of my store credit, I only spent $0.19.

Once I chose a shape and downloaded it, I made sure my cut settings were correct:

I used a pink blade and was sure to stick the template paper in, green side up, NO cutting mat:

When the Silhouette finished cutting my shape, I trimmed the excess template paper away to save for another time. I had well over half a sheet left, and it seemed like a waste to toss it when it could be used for a different cut.

The green peeled away easily, and I placed it on the rhinestone backing board after punching out a few stubbornly remaining dots.

I was only using one color/size of rhinestones for this project, so I got to test out the brush tool with this one, and it was every bit as easy as they make it look! I dumped some rhinestones out, and they brushed right into the template:

I used my Pick Me Up tool to fill the few remaining holes:

The next step was to place a piece of transfer tape over the design, pressing down to make sure each rhinestone adhered before peeling off:

Next, I laid out my fabric (a bandanna) and pressed the transfer tape down:

You're supposed to use a thin cloth in between the transfer tape and the iron when you work (on wool setting!), but I just folded over the other edge of the bandanna:
Then flipped it over and ironed the other side to get the glue to really adhere.

Finished bandanna!

I needed some models. Emma was willing to sit pretty, but only for a treat:

Penny heard about the treat and came out from her lair under the couch:

I wanted to show you guys that you don't have to use the Silhouette for expensive, fancy, involved projects each time. The machine can create things that are fun, easy, and inexpensive.

Here's the video I promised from Silhouette:

{Happy Crafting!}
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

*Do you have a Silhouette/Cricut/Stencil/Transfer project? Come by to link it up to this month's I Heart My Crafty Cutter link party!


  1. Love the rhinestones!! So cool!!

  2. Love the rhinestones! Cute project too (coming from a momma of 3 dogs).

  3. Your two dogs look so cute all blinged out with their new bandanas!

  4. Awwwww,..this is too cute and looks really easy to do.

  5. So fun! I love that you can iron the rhinestones onto paper and fabric!

  6. You're just blinging it up all over the place! I'm loving it, the silhouette just keeps getting more & more versatile. :-)

  7. You make it seem so simple.
    I've been waiting and waiting for to get my machine...this deal may be too good to pass!!

  8. cu-ute!! the girls look so fancy with their new icey bandanas!! happy twenty-faux, my sweet friend :0)


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