Monday, April 11, 2011

Adding Some Easter

I spent so much time on Friday getting ready for my Girls' Craft Night that I didn't have time to do much seasonal "fluffing" in the house before my guests arrived. I wanted to have a few little Easter touches, so I scrambled up to the attic to grab my bins while yelling at my kids to keep off the rickety pull-down stairs.

I don't know about you, but we seem to have an overabundance of those colorful plastic Easter eggs. Before Natalie and Michaela Byrd could commandeer some for indoor play that would lead me on a never-ending hunt to clean them all up, I tucked a few in with my Blessings Unlimited lantern.

I found a paper Easter banner in my stash, and hung it across the family room window. It worked out nicely that all I had to do was loop the ends over the curtain rod!

It probably looks kind of weird to have a paper banner hanging down in the middle of the window, but the girls love it, and they're a big part of why I get into holiday decorating.

Elsewhere, we seem to have an explosion in the bunny population.

My "bunny on a stick" sits by the sink so I have something cute to look at while I was dishes 158 times a day. (wow, do we need to re-grout, or what?!)

I tucked a bunny pick in with some faux hydrangea in an old Southern Living at Home farmhouse basket:

I stuck my Newspaper Easter Eggs in an apothecary in the dining room. Haven't had a chance to do much else in there yet.

The girls begged me to put out the Bunny Family, and even though they aren't my personal favorite, the girls get a kick out of them. I added some fabric carrots that I won in a blog Giveaway last year:

That's about it so far. I'm hoping to dig up all the Easter baskets to display soon.

{Do you decorate for Easter?}

I hope you'll come back tomorrow for Session #5 in my Commenting 101 blogging series. We'll be discussing commenting and linky parties.

I'm linking to Kate's Fair Weather Forum at Centsational Girl today. Fabulous Easter ideas are being shared!

If you have a chance, I'd reallllly appreciate some comment love on my guest post over at The CSI Project today. I'm sharing how I gave a wall slate an Easter/Spring makeover!


  1. I had every intention to decorate for easter, it is our first real year in our home, so I don't have a stash yet. Maybe I will try to pick some stuff up from hobby lobby after since they have great sales.

  2. Oh yeah, the "regrouting" project is super easy, we used to have those counter in our rental house. I just cut the old caulk off with a flat blade, cleaned up any excess dirt and ran a small bead of caulk across. HTH

  3. Kids definitely make the decorating for holidays event more fun. I have been so lazy about gathering any Easter items.

    I love that you found a use for all those plastic eggs. My children adore collecting them and hiding them EVERYWHERE for months after Easter. I hate to bring them out since I feel like I just found and put them all away.

    You've inspired me to go find some of the Easter fun and spread it around. I actually love the banner on your curtain rod because my kids would love that too...and it's simple!

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh you decorations are great. Where did you get the bunny pick? I want one! lol. Surprisingly, I was able to pull out some decor. I wish I could have gotten something new this year. Thanks to rising gas prices that is not an option! lol.

    Till then,

  5. i love the sweet touches you added to your home :) my eye especially liked how your easter banner matched one of your couch pillows! very pretty!

  6. no easter decorations out here yet-i'm always behind! i like the plastic eggs in the lantern-looks cute! i have to hide all our plastic eggs too or the kids have them all over the house-they love to do egg hunts with them but not to pick them up!

  7. YES I decorate for Easter. It is my favorite holiday. Because HE is risen, I will rise one day too, and get to see my baby boy that got to heaven before me. ;-)

    Love your green bunny on a stick! Can you share where you got him, or how you made him??

  8. You've inspired me to pull out my Easter stuff. Gosh, I can't believe it is coming up so soon, where has the time gone? I love the bunny family, I can see why the girls love it too.

  9. I have a couple of shelves and a spot for seasonal decorations, and I like to switch things out every month. I too have an abundance of plastic eggs. This year I filled a big basket with them and I'll use them later for egg hunting fun.

  10. I love your bunny on a stick (even if I am a vegetarian--hee hee). Thanks for visiting and I'll definitely be back to visit you too :o)

  11. Thanks for checking out my blog. Your Easter decor is adorable. Love the apothecary jars!!!

  12. Thanks for checking out my blog. Your Easter decor is adorable. Love the apothecary jars!!!

  13. I love all your little Eater touches. I'm like you. A big part of why I get into holiday decorating is for my kids. So, I've been known to throw in a banner or two like that as well. Cute stuff.
    I'm so behind. Haven't pulled out any of my bunny stuff here. Guess I'll work on that this week.

  14. No Easter decorations yet. I need to get down to the basement and find the box.
    My oldest was 3 or 4 years old before I realized that I never needed to buy those plastic eggs again. Even though we donate some every year to the church egg hunt, we always come home with more than we had to begin with.
    Your Easter things look cute!

  15. Love the news paper Eggs and the bunny topiary. But, Everything looks Awesome!!

  16. You've done more Easter fecorating than me!! We don't really decorate for Easter in England...but I'd like to give it a go.

    Those fabric carrots are the sweetest!


  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your decor! :)

  18. I love your moss bunny! Where did you get it? It's so adorable!


  19. As soon as we get our new house, I will.. I doubt I'll make it by this year though... HA! I have lots of holiday decor stashed away in storage just waiting to come out. :) Headed to comment at CSI!

  20. I think your banner is too cute and your bunny family is adorable too:) I have a bunch of Easter decorations, and they are still sitting in the attic! I like to decorate for all the holidays, but this spring has been so busy I haven't had time to do anything around the house!

  21. We always have an abundance of the plastic eggs, too. I think it's par for the course with young children. I decorated for Easter. I don't have a ton of things but enough to make it look festive and not be too much to store after the holiday. :) Looking forward to visitng tomorrow for Commenting 101.

  22. As usual...I have done no decorating.

    I do have my mod podge eggs that are part of my regular decor. That counts, right?

  23. Hey girl--at the hospital now. I've fallen so far behind in blog reading, and I feel a little disconnected! But I'm trying to visit a few of my favorite people just to say hi.

    I see that I'm not the only one who likes your Easter decor! I love the way you used that moss bunny by your sink! I look forward to doing some Easter decorating after we get home.

    Take care! Thank you for all your encouragement.

  24. I totally agree with you-having kids makes it easy to get into holiday decorating. No matter how lazy (oops, I mean busy...) I am, I always pull out our egg ornaments for our Easter tree. My son bugs me to get them out the minute he sees Peeps in the grocery store!

    By the way, I love your green bunny! =) Where'd you find him?

  25. You are way ahead of me on the Easter decor. Everything is adorable. I'm slowly but surely getting stuff up. I'm glad it comes late this year.

    Speaking of late - I saw where you were wrapping up taxes today - me, too. The dreaded things are done and going to the accountant tomorrow. PTL!!!

  26. Yes I do decorate for Easter/Spring! And I keep my tree up all year so I can decorate it with the changing seasons. It is filled with eggs and crosses right now...really cute!!

  27. I love deocrating for Easter! Your bunny on a stick is to die for I am obsessed with topiaries! Super cute. Stopping by from CG's FW forum.

  28. I really like the paper banner! I'm afraid I have yet to do anything Easter-ish in the house. I have a barnyard baby shower this weekend so my house has become cow-print central. ;)


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