Monday, April 4, 2011


Don't worry, I won't be posting video from the Broadway show or singing "Aquarius."

Instead, I have a sad tale of a hair cut gone wrong. If you are my fan on Facebook, you already know about the fateful trip I made to the salon this weekend. I am sharing highly sensitive, personal information here...please refrain from pointing and name calling, okay?

Y'all know my hair is a bit high maintenance. I share the epic tale of The Frizz last year.

PRE-HAIR CUT: To demonstrate what we are working with here, this is the progression of what my hair looked like after washing and blow drying (no product) to hot rollers and conditioners to slightly tame it:

1. The "Cousin It" married Weird Al Yankovic Look

(Please stop laughing so I can continue my story)

2. Post Product and Hot Rollers

Some of you think this is funny. Some of you pity me. And some of you just have no words at all.

It's okay. It actually gets a lot worse.

I decided my hair was way too long and unruly, so I made an appointment to have it cut and styled yesterday. I wanted something new, but not too drastic.

I knew I wanted long layers, and I wanted to keep some of the length. I have no clue as to how the stylist managed to translate that into "let's chop it off all to one length, no layers, and make it about 4 inches shorter than what we agreed upon."

I now resemble "Ramona Quimby, Age 8," except with a slightly longer mane and better shoes, I'm sure.

Not only do I have weird helmety hair, now I have to mess with the Frizz and helmety hair all summer.

I drove home in tears and was relieved to find that T had taken the girls to the park. When he called to let me know they were walking back, I told him that he was, in no uncertain terms, to speak of my hair when he arrived at the house.

They stood in the driveway for several minutes before they came in. The front door opened, and before the girls even laid eyes on me, Natalie called out "Mommy, I love your short hair!"

I grimaced slightly and replied (for T's benefit), "Thanks. That wasn't rehearsed at all."

Michaela Byrd walked into the kitchen and said, "I like your bootiful short hair, Mommy."

Natalie chimed in with, "Yeah, Daddy was afraid that your hair was going to be bad."

Aaaaand, my worst fears were confirmed. Even my own children are forced to lie for the sake of my vanity.

I'd show you guys a photo, but I think it would bring on post-traumatic stress disorder.

{Instead, can you please regale me with stories of bad hair cuts, perms, whatever?}

My ego needs it today.

Back tomorrow with more confidence and Session #4 in my Commenting 101 blogging series!


  1. I once tried to dye my hair from red to blond (yep by myself). It was a horrible shade of peach for a couple days and I had terrible burns on my scalp. Yikes! The things we do right!?

    I'm sure it's not that bad. You probably just have to get used to it. Going from long to short is a huge change. You have a beautiful face so I'm sure you can pull it off :)

    Your girls comments made me smile. Kids are just so sweet sometimes!

  2. We’ll I kind of already told you my hair horror story on your facebook page. Just imagine getting a bad cut and color job just weeks away from your wedding.

    I went to a swanky salon thinking there is no way they could go wrong. Now I’m out $375 dollars AND sporting a too shot, thinned out (not sure when we discussed thinning my hair), orange highlighted doo. Does that make you feel a little better? Don’t really have the $ to get it redone so I’m just going to have to, in the words of Time Gun, “Make it work.”

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  3. Oh sweetie, I think *everyone* has had a bad haircut/style experience. I once had a relaxer put in mine to tame my curl & frizz & it was left in too long & ended up burning my scalp! It was sooooo tender & hurt so bad, I had to cake my scalp w/ neosporin & burn creams for weeks, it litterally fried little spots that were "balded" for months & grew back in a peach fuzz like fashion. I'm sure it'll be ok, can you go to another salon to see if they can salvage anything? It can't be too bad so that you can't slick it back in a ponytail til it grows out can it? Your pretty face I'm sure out shines anything your hair is doing :-) Chin up! :-D

  4. Oh Amanda. The good thing is, hair GROWS. It is already longer today than it was yesterday. :)

    I have had some unfortunate hairstyles that I do not care to relive thankyouverymuch.

    I will say that because of the trace of Irish in me, if I don't color my hair at all, it looks ORANGE in pictures. Not a pretty red. Bozo the clown ORANGE.

  5. Oh Amanda...I am so sorry :( I was hoping you'd have a great experience.

    I guess my worst hair cut experience is from my senior year of high school. I have incredibly thick hair (as in WAY too thick). I had tried to add curl before but my thick, heavy hair always pulled the curl out. So my hair girl suggested a piggyback perm, which she had just learned all about. This kind of perm used about double the amount of curler-things so the curls would be tighter and last longer. OMG! It was horrible! I don't even know how to describe my hair. It was really bad with all of these super tight curls. To make it worse I had finally been asked out by an older guy I had a major crush on and the date was 2 days later. I cried and was horrified. But I got through it...with a hat on my head. And that darn perm stayed in my hair for almost a year! Never again. I am happy with my straight hair.

    Hang in there...this too shall pass...or grow :)

  6. Oh no. I have thin hair that's 1/2 wavy and 1/2 curly and don't think I've ever met a stylist who truly "gets" my hair. They all want to style it so I can blow it dry {which with two little boys, just isn't happening}.

    My worst cut so far was a mushroom do. I asked for layers. She gave be two. One long. One short. My hair looked like a mushroom. *sob*

    On a brighter note, as your hair grows, you'll find that "sweet spot" between the old length {which looked like WAY too much work} and the new length {which makes you unhappy}. Then, you can take a picture of that length & take it to any appointments...and hopefully have a stylist who listens to the agreed upon length.

  7. Oh Amanda, we've all been there...good for you for having the courage to try something new and not get stuck in a hair rut. Would you consider finding another hairstylist (someone a girlfriend recommends) and having some layers put in like your originally wanted? Also, I battle frizz big time...I like Argan Oil products to help control it. You want a bad hair story...I went for a few blonde highlights right before my graduation photos. The stylist left the bleach on too long and my hair combed off in chunks, plus it was white blonde. It took me years to trust chemicals on my hair again.

  8. Oh Amanda, I feel so bad for you. Hopefully, once you get over the initial shock, you'll fall in love or at least like with it.

    I had a similar experience right before graduation. I had long hair and wanted to get a loose curl perm (like Bernadette Peters at the time,...though I've probably just dated myself there, huh). Anyway, she cut off nearly 8 inches and the curls were so tight that it was just an afro on top of my head. The worst part was that I stood in the graduation procession next to a boy with the exact same hair style. Horrid.

    Hang in there. Your hair tends to grow even faster in the summer so you'll be at a length you like before you know it. :)

  9. The comforting thing about hair is that is does grow out! Now, it's not always easy to be patient.
    I have a messed up right side and have had for several months. I just keep waiting and waiting for it to grow out.

  10. Not long after our son came to live with us, I got home from haircut and the first thing he said to me was, "Mom, you look funny". I just turned and left the room. My hubby had a man to man talk with him after that. :)

    Send me your address and I'll send you a flower clip. Seriously!

  11. Oh Amanda I am so sorry. I have definitely had bad cuts, the worst was about 3 years ago when the stylist, who smelled like she'd been enjoying a few "special brownies" cut my hair so short on top that it spiked. But the rest was long. It was a nightmare and I refused to be in Christmas pics. Hugs and good luck!!!

  12. Oh no! I also had a bad experience of "long hair gets chopped to look like small child short hair" about 5 years ago. It's not fun. Especially since my hair is so thin, I looked like I was a 5 year-old. I have to say that I love your long, thick hair... but everybody always likes other peoples hair more than their own!

  13. Amanda- been there. In college I asked for the short Gwenyth Paltrow cut-- and the hair butcher basically buzz cut the back of my hair. I have unrulely hair as well and recently got a brazilian blowout-- BEST decision ever. A little pricey-- but usually unruely hair is now sleek and straight-- and it lasts a long time. Best of luck-- I'm sure it look fine :-).

  14. Bless your heart Amanda! We have all been there. Was this a new stylist? I am VERY loyal to a good stylist that knows my hair. There are two kind of curly hair. 1) the kind that's curly from the root - the kind that gets even more curly when cut short, and 2) the kind that gets curlier the more length and weight it has. I have the second kind, which is rare. New stylists NEVER get this!

    My worst experience is when my stylist I used in high school and college got married and quit working. One of my very close friends' mother was a stylist so while we were hanging out at her house one day, I agreed to let her cut my hair. OMG! It was about an inch and a half all over my head, with this weird almost wave to it. It was AWFUL! I was supposed to get my picture made with a friend of mine two days later. Obviously, I cancelled. I wore a headband for months and my boyfriend couldn't help but giggle when he saw me. I cried for a week. It eventually grew out and she NEVER cut my hair again! EVAH!

    Don't worry! Try some cute accessories. Google the stars that have doos the same length as yours and pay attention to how they style their hair. Maybe get a DIFFERENT stylist to add in more layers? Play with different accessories, etc. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think.

  15. Oh no! I'm so sorry.
    My hair has just enough wave to be a pain, and nobody ever really knows how to cut it. I've never had a really truly good cut. The lady I go to now is pretty good and reasonably priced, so I stick with her, but even she has had a couple of misses where it just didn't look quite right for a couple weeks.
    Maybe if you wait a few days to let it (and you)calm down, then find someone else to fix it for you?
    Have you ever read Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey? I know some people swear by it. Also Ouidad...check out her website and blog.

  16. I hate when my hair ends up looking totally different that what I had pictured in my head! I bet it's not as bad as you think it is though:) I have pictures of a haircut I had in the 5th grade that I bet would make you love your new was really short and really curly and I had that inbetween kid and preteen chubby was NOT good!

  17. girl, I could go on and on and on with bad hair stories. I have VERY curly hair that has gotten easier with age, BUT I was always wanting to tame it through the 20's and 30's. Once when I'd moved to a new town I went for a "trim" I had mostly all one length hair with a little WAS the early 90's, so you know I had a poof bang... Anyway, I came out of there with the worst haircut I'd ever had in my life. It looked like a stereotypical butch cut. TOO short layers and TOO many of them, but he left the length. It was horrible and took months to grow out.

    Prepare for the WORST hair story ever. One day at the salon that I'd gone to for a couple of years I impulsively decided to get a hair straightener. My stylist convinced me that it would be wonderful. Now, this stylist was an African American male, and he evidently used a straightener intended for ethnic hair instead of my fine hair. The first bit of worry hit when my buzzer went off, AND NOBODY CAME. It was at least 5 minutes later before it got washed out. When he dried it that day it was all good.. straight hair with NO frizz in Alabama..I thought it was gonna be ok...Fast forward 3 weeks. I'm fixing my hair in a hotel on a trip, and I notice that there is a PILE of hair in the sink. There was one entire spot of my head (to the left of my bang right at the hairline) that broke off about a half an inch from my scalp. Traumatized doesn't cover it. It continued to break for a few days, and then I was left with a mess. I cried and cried and cried and cried. My hair wasn't thick enough to cover it, and it was horrible. I ended up getting all my hair chopped off into this super short do. It was kinda like Halle Berry's short hair, except that I'm not Halle. She rocked it. Loulou did not. It took a year to have semi normal hair again. Ask me if this chick will EVER get a straightener again.... HELL NO!

  18. I so know what you mean, although, can you work WITH the frizz instead of against it? Maybe gel and scrunch until you "create" some natural curls? Natural curls are very forgiving....

  19. I'm so sorry. Having a bad hairstyle experience can be so traumatizing! Thank goodness for baseball caps? Really...they can be super cute.

    also, 2 short low pigtails on the side is a super cute look for shorter hair.

    I really wish you would show us a picture! Because I'm so nosy like that!

    I am so, so sorry - and hope it doesn't take too long for you to be happier with it!

  20. I've added ash to my hair before and turned it muddy green. Rocked that for a week before I could get in to get it fixed.. AND had to work that week. ICK.

    I've also turned it orange.

    I shouldnt color my own hair.

    I want to see yours! :) You might think it sucks now, but some day you'll laugh at it. :)

  21. Totally understand you Amanda! In highschool my hair looked exactly like your first picture! One day I decided to cut it all off after watching on TV the Girlie Show Concert of Madonna! (Remember her in the Rain video??) Good thing on that time I listened to my mom and didn't go blonde like her!!
    When I went home I really liked my hair! Than a few days after when I washed them...reality arrived!
    I had lots of thick hair back in the days and they were frizzy too.
    So I went from looking like a Madonna wanna be to Will Ferrel in Elf!
    Going back to school the following morning was awful.
    Not much to do, just had to wait a few months. And mine were shorter than yours so I had to go in that phase where they are not "short" but not even long enough to hold them back in a pony tail!
    Hope I made you feel a bit better :)

  22. Amanda, you are so silly!!!! That coming from someone who really resists change in the hair area, so what do I know! You are gorgeous either way I AM SURE of it...heck you would be beautimus bald!!! Hopefully you won't have to experience this but I am just sayin'!

  23. Last summer I had my hair bleached, which in itself was fine. Then about October I decided that curly bleached hair would be better, so the (student) stylist put in a texture wave.

    My hair was so damaged that a teacher came by, took one look at it, and chopped it to my shoulders. Over half a year later, I'm still getting it cut shorter and shorter to get rid of the awful damaged hair.

  24. sorry about the bad haircut-i've been there too-when i was a senior in college, the stylist cut my bangs so short, i don't even think you could call them bangs anymore, they were probably an inch long, and this to a girl who had always worn bangs, i didn't get them cut for a year, hated it, hope you've had some time to play around with it a bit, do you know another hair stylist you could maybe go to to fix it up for you?

  25. I think at one time or another everyone has had a bad haircut or style. I know I sure have. My first really bad one happened just after my husband and I got married. I was going to school to become a beautition. I decided I wanted to become a blonde. Well let me tell you after sitting through 2 yes two differnt applications of bleach and still having bright orange hair they gave up. I loved red hair but not carrot orange. It all ended up breaking and I had the first original spike I think. This was back in the late 70's.

    My last bad experience happened just last fall. October to be exact. I had been going to a certain salon for a couple years after my regular hairdresser had passed away. I loved the way this girl cut it. I could do anything with it. ( I have several colicks that most can not work with) Well in Oct. I went in. The girl had quit that was doing it. So I let anther young girl do it. The first clue to a bad hauirdo should have been when she started to cut it without washing it. I asked are you not going to wash my hauir. Her reply Oh yes I should. Well she started cuting and had my back away from the mirrors. I kept thinking to my self. How the heck much is she taking off. She turned me around and I must have had a panicked look. She started trying to blow it dry and style it. If I had an inch of hair I was lucky. Here it is now early April and I still have not had to cut it . Just took a tiny bit off my bangs but still have plenty of short hair.Oh I might mention she finally handed me the comb and told me to do something with it.

    And for that I was charged 18.00-. .

  26. OK, first off there are lots of cute hat choice out there and you'll just have to rock a cool hat for a little while. What about headbands...?

    I once went to a new place to get my hair cut. bangsI told the stylist (using THAT term very loosely) what I wanted and she began to snip away. We had a delightful chat, which apparently she did not want to end, because she kept cutting so she could keep talking.
    Perhaps she was lonely?
    Whatever the reason, I left her chair looking like Leather Tuscadero from Happy Days and Joan Jett had a love child. I cried the whole way home and then had to go to another salon later that week to get it "fixed" which meant that they pretty much had to cut all of it off and start over.
    But it did get better.
    Hang in there. :)

  27. At least you can console yourself with bringing a touch of humor to my day. You made me laugh out load. Especially the Ramona picture. TOO funny. Hang in there. it'll grow back.

  28. Hang in there. That is what is nice about hair - it does grow. Hopefully yours is like mine and grows fast. I tend to yo yo my hair. I spend a couple of years growing it out and then decide to chop it off. And when I say chop it off, I mean chin or shorter each and every time. It started when I was about 8 and asked my mom to let me cut my waist length hair. I chose to Dorthy Hammel it. At one point after my senior year I decided to get a spiral perm, the super tight uber ringlet perm. In hair much like yours. Such a bad bad idea.
    Just last month I cut 20 inches of hair off. I donated it, but the gal who cut it all off gave me a very similar sounding haircut to yours. Take a deep breath, it took about two weeks and I was able to tame it. It seems an eternity, but it is better now by far and I'm happy with it.

    Your girls and husband are super sweet. Bask in that and you will be able to overcome any amount of bad hair cuts.

  29. here's a few tips that might help next time that I've learned being a hairdresser myself as well as being a client. Bring pictures of what you want your hair to look like, as one person's inch and another's can vary greatly as well as color shades ect. Do listen to your stylist about conflicts like how much time it may take to maintain, if your hair is the right thickness/texture for the style you are aiming for ect. That being said, try to ask around to find a stylist that deals with curly hair well, you can't cut curly hair like straight hair and there are a lot of stylists that don't understand that. Then once you find someone stick with them, and it may take a time or two for things to be awesome. Just like any relationship trying to figure out everything about your hair and your routine and such all at once is impossible, so if they do a decent job give them another try and tell them honestly what you didn't like so they can tweak things. Hope that helps for next time!

  30. I've been there. My last bad hair episode began with a perm and ended with my painstakingly, forever-to-grow-out hair being chopped off into a much shorter 'do.

    The last beautician/hairdresser I left did a beautiful job with the color and cut, but I wanted to grow out my hair. After I told her exactly what I wanted and NOT to cut the length, she did it anyway and styled it to her liking. When I commented on what I thought we'd discussed, she hatefully asked "well, do you want length, or do you want an actual hairstyle?" I paid and tipped without comment and never went back. It was a shame, because I'm not hard to get along with and I really liked her up to that point.

    The good news is that eventually, it will grow out and you have an awesome family who loves you no matter what!

  31. I bet it's cute! We are always too hard on ourselves..
    Well my story is I had my hair cut short. I loved it, my hubby loved it..
    We went to visit his mother and the first words out of her mouth when she opened the front door was, "Why did you cut your hair? Why did you that? Oh, it's okay. It's just hair. It will grow back".

    Um. Yeah we aren't the best of buds ;o)

  32. I will bet that it isn't half as bad as you perceive it. You have a beautiful face that can carry any cut!!

    My worst one happened when I was in eighth grade,right before a class field trip, when perms and short hair ruled. It was really hard to have a bad haircut in the eighties/early nineties, because, well, EVERYONE had a bad haircut, but there I was, with poodle tight curls that sat only on the top of my head, with the back of my hair shaved into a "V". It was terrible and not at all what I wanted. I am not sure why hair stylists think they know what we want more than we do?!

    Anyways, I have the hardest time finding and trusting stylists now. Remember, it is hair, it will grow, and um, prenatal vitamins help with that, just sayin' ;) lol

  33. I have thick thick hair. In 7th grade I wanted it short, and it seemed good at first (e.g. RIGHT after the stylist finished). And then... slowly, the hair on the left side of my head started to flip out instead of in. How can someone do that with scissors?? It would not stop flipping for about 3 months. One side out, the other side in.

  34. I think you are TOTALLY selling your hair short. This is how it looks to me:

    thick, with volume, lovely colour and has body.

    I have curly hair and I never understand it when people say how much they wish they had curly hair.

    I always want to mumble and grumble but I try and just say 'thanks'!!!

    I bet your hair looks way BETTER than you think. Really, I do.


  35. I was 12. I wanted waves. So, my mom and best friend got a bottle of wine and an at-home perm kit.

    Fast forward two hours. My hair hurt like hell from all the pulling and I looked more like Annie than I care to admit. It was horrible. There were tears (from me) and laughter (from my mom and her friend, with help from the wine I think).

    Moral of the story: Don't drink and perm.

    I was never the same. ;)

  36. As a girl with thick naturally curly hair I've had more things done to it than I care to count. I've had bad perms, bad straightening, bad hair color, and I've lost count of how many bad hair cuts I've had. I don't know why they can't or don't listen sometimes.

    I do hope you show us a picture at some point.

  37. You certainly have a gorgeous head of hair. I can't imagine it looking terrible. I think you should show us your new do! It must have been a shock to leave the salon without your intended layers and with four inches gone.

    My worst hair was in 1987 when I got a perm that was supposed to make me look like Tom Cruise's girl in Top Gun. Instead my hair was curled too tightly and ended up being shorter on one side than the other. It wasn't at all pretty...

  38. Newest follower here. Amanada I used to get perms, and they always used the smallest rollers they had. Having hair about to my shoulders, it would curl up past my neck and I would always look like the girl from Annie (I have red hair too.) My nickname would be curly top. Twice a yr. I did this. Finally I stopped in my 40's, couldn't take it anymore.

  39. YOU are beautiful. And it wasn't your hair that made you beautiful. It will grow faster than you think. Your haircut is cool and therefore you are adventurous too. Focus on these things. I believe them. You should too =)
    ps-one time i paid a ton to get my hair 'highlighted' and when i went to work (at the gap, in college), I was forced to look at my hair all evening. and it was green. and i was too poor NOT to go back to the same guy and have him fix it. nightmare. it didn't fix very quickly, it was gradual. Ugh.
    See? feel better? xoxo shelli

  40. Oh dear Lord. This was so funny. It can't be too bad! Maybe you could do some cute pin curls (: I love that your girls were told to lie. My dad made my brother and I do the same once...the haircut was so unfortunate that I don't even think I could lie about it hehe

  41. Breathe. I hope you are feeling better now. It is rough to feel your hair is butchered. Maybe try another salon for a re-do? It's amazing what stylists can do. I'm sure you are more critical of it than anyone.

    We really need a picture. :)

  42. Oh girl! I'm so sorry! Most of my hair disasters revolve around color- like the time when I was in law school that my friend "helped" me color my blonde hair chocolate brown except that it came out JET BLACK! Yep, and would not wash out. I looked like Elvira.

  43. Well, here is my story from hell:
    My 1st was - I was driving home from work late in the evening. I worked late and decided to pull into this hair salon that I had never been to in my life before. It was called GENESIS hair salon- like in the bible. I walked in and said - I need to have a perm. (it was 7:00 pm) - and the lady behind the counter said - I am sorry we are going to be closing shortly. There is no one that can give you a perm. There was a man behind his booth and said -I will stay - I need the money. Well, he looked at my hair and said - It will be a while, but I can do this for you. My hair is thin, frizzy, and curly.... so why I wanted a perm is beyond me. He permed my hair and it looked like one that an old lady would wear. It was about and inch long all over my head - and then it looked like curly pubes.... everywhere. I got home - to find out that one of my roomates had committed suicide. I thought it was weird because I went to GENESIS hair salon. (My roommate was an alcoholic and was pointing the gun at all the people in the house that evening - even the children) and he the blew himself away that night. I thought that if I was there, he might have killed me! So that is one horrible story -and here it is all based on my hair....
    My second one was - I was going to a lady that had cut my hair for about 2 years. She was very nice - but she said that I needed to have a perm... Hello... we went thru this bad ordeal once before. So, she convinced me that the perms were not as bad as they once were. So, I let her perm my hair. Well, she forgot about the perm solution on my head and it was on there about 40 minutes. Remind you that my hair is thin, frizzy and curly.... So, when she went to rinse my hair out - I told her my head was burning. SHE forgot about my solution... and then when she was rinsing - hair was coming out. Then she got me to her chair - and combed out my hair. It was falling out - my head was buring and I was crying and she was crying! She had the nerve to ask me for payment. When I paid her - I was still crying. Then I drove home and my husband had said - I can not believe what had happened. HE CALLED HER. IT was that BAD. The lady had said I could come in for hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning treatments until the hair changed. Then he said her scalp has blisters on it and you want to put hot oil on it? He was just as dumbfounded as I was. I trusted her - and it was a hot mess. I will NEVER get a perm again. So, I am soooo sooooo sorry about your hair - as they say - NOTHING GROWS SLOWER THAN A BAD HAIRCUT!

  44. One word....Sunin! Remember it! Sigh...I sprayed so much stuff in my hair - it didn't look like it was doing anything - the next morning - oh yeah - it bleached it all right!!! Just remember - this too shall grow out :)

  45. Hi. We're hair twins, and so I have all kinds of words, but they are words you've thought of before. I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow. I'm now reminded as to why I hate hate hate having my haircut.

  46. gorgeous! Your daughters are ALL YOU by the way! haha

  47. I am new to your blog and really enjoyed the hair cutting. Just remember the only difference betwen a good haircut and a bad hair cut is two weeks.
    P.S. I would love to have your long thick hair - it is gorgeous.

  48. Oh, I am SO sorry. I totally understand how a bad haircut can just ruin a girl's day (or week!!) When my husband and I were first married, I chopped my hair AND got a curly perm. I had NEVER had short hair...and it was a disaster! I still remember what that felt like... When I look back at the pictures, I think the girl looking back at me is cute. I just remember the feeling of helplessnes in trying to "do" somthing with all those short curls.

    I wrote about it here...

  49. Haha! I found it rather amusing. No need to be ashamed when stuff like that happens because we all have our days. Just keep us updated because we enjoy your daily updates.


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