Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rhinestone Easter Egg (Frame Makeover)

Easter project time!

I'm taking a hiatus from my Commenting 101 series today because the I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter link party is live and open for new posts all week! Please come by and link up any Cricut, Silhouette, stenciling, transfer paper projects, tips, or tricks you have.
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I got to try out some of Silhouette's rhinestone starter kit this month, and I thought I'd share one of my projects with you today. My goal was to do something simple that anyone (even those of you who claim to be "uncrafty!") could recreate. I wanted to use only items I had on hand...no going out to shop for t-shirts or onesies or extra rhinestones.

I had a plain, empty white frame sitting around and I decided to use one of the FREE shapes from Silhouette's shop to create something Eastery.

TIP: Every week, the Silhouette blog puts up a post announcing their free shape of the week. If you have a Silhouette machine, you just have to open your software, click on the online shop icon, and stick the free shape in your cart! Totally and completely free. I loves it.

Silhouette rhinestones can only be used with the rhinestone templates, and they can't be resized, so I was careful to check the size of the egg template before cutting it on the template material.

Outside of the rhinestone starter kit (which came with everything I needed to use the rhinestones, even a CD of images!), my main supplies were scrapbook paper from my stash, burlap, glue dots, and ribbon.

I followed the simple instructions on Silhoutte's printable instructions (very easy to follow!) and cut my egg out on the template material before adhering it to the white backing board:

The only hitch I ran into (which wasn't really a hitch) was that my shape called for rhinestones of all the same size. It wasn't a big deal because I had plenty, but it meant that I couldn't just brush the rhinestones on the way they do in the directions because I wanted different colors in different areas.

That's where the cute little Pick Me Up tool came in handy!

I love fun little gadgets, and this one was very, very useful. I watched a show on my DVR while I used the tacky end of the tool to pick up my rhinestones and the flat end to place them in the holes:

Once I had all the clear rhinestones in, I added pink and then got to work with my frame! I used the transfer tape and an iron to set my rhinestones in place on some pink cardstock and layered with some burlap and ribbon.

The rhinestones were much easier and much less scary to use than I thought they'd be. I'm finding that as I play with my machine and the software, I am becoming more comfortable with everything!

Thursday will bring a really neat Silhouette promo, so I hope you'll drop back in to check it out, along with my next rhinestone project. It will be another simple one that any crafter (or non-crafter!) can do. Hop over and see what these machines can do...it's pretty cool! If you go shopping, please use my affiliate code SERENITY!
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

*Don't forget to link up your own crafty cutter posts at the I {Heart} My Crafty Cutter party. I know another bigger, better blog decided to start hosting one this week too, but I hope you'll take a minute to check out mine. I've been working hard to grow this party over the last several months, and I really appreciate your support!

{Happy Crafting!}


  1. Amanda it is too cute! I don't think I've ever seen the rhinestone's done like that! How cool that the machine cuts out the pattern for you! I love the burlap underneath too:)

  2. That is adorable! I've never used rhinestones like that before.

  3. Oh that Silohette is so cool. Wish I didn't have to buy school books. :( I see so many awesome projects made with it. I have the old original Cricut and like 2 really old cartridges. I think your rhinestone egg looks great! Going to look at everyone's projects.

    Have a great day.


  4. Bigger, better? Hmmmm. Well, I LOVE your blog. And think it's DEFINITELY a case of bigger isn't always better.


  5. I have Silhouette envy. What a great idea!

  6. I love a little sparkle! Your project is so cute and fun. And I definitely need that Pick me Up gadget.

  7. What a darling project! I have yet to pull out my kit and play. I have plans to do so later this week!

  8. I love it! I'm so glad you posted about how to use rhinestones with the Silhouette. I was a bit foggy on how is was done. As long as I have a vinyl project I'll be linking up. I wouldn't miss your party!

  9. Hi Amanda! I love all things that sparkle. What a great sweet sparkle for Easter! I have not heard of the Pick Me Up tool. What a great help that is. Thanks for sharing the gadget info. I will need to check it out. Have a super day!

  10. VERY CUTE!! and crafty! love it! xoxo Shelli

  11. That is really cute! I think the burlap and ribbon are so nice layered together.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. :)

  12. Is there anything that machine can't do? Love the bling!

  13. I had been wondering if you could use the rhinestones on paper. (Wasn't sure if you could iron on paper or not!) Way cute project!!

  14. Your step-by-step instructions made this project seem easy. Not having a machine, I love reading about its uses. I had no idea you could cut a stencil with holes and then use it to apply rhinestones. You can save the stencil for another project, right?

    The pick me up tool is ingenious. I haven't even tried glue dots! I'm going to look for those.

    This is a fun project. you should do something similar with a flag for Memorial Day and the 4th.

  15. BLINGtastic, Amanda! I really want to be you Miss Crafty! Love this project.

  16. Wow! I'm really impressed! You have a great ideas here. I just can't wait to try this one. Huge thanks for sharing this.

    cheap rhinestones


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