Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girls' Night Out!

After a few weeks of being cooped up (off and on) with snotty, coughy kids, I needed some time out that was longer than a quick jaunt to Target by myself. When my right eye starts twitching, I know it's time for a break before someone finds me locked in a closet with a bag of Hershey's kisses.

My friend Christy (who likes Target Playdates and IKEA Shopping and our NYC Girls' Trip) wanted to do something besides go to the movies or out for coffee, so she hosted a Stella & Dot party last night.

What had me most intrigued beforehand was the fact that Christy chose to host the party at a local ale house and restaurant in "old towne," which turned out to be genius. As a hostess, she didn't have to worry about cleaning or cooking or getting her kids out of sight or shoving all her clutter into a spare bedroom (what?! don't you do that?).

And everything seems better if you have a drink, yes?

And giant pretzels the size of a small child:

We all tried a Lambic, which is a Belgian beer that tastes like fruity Sprite. I had to limit myself to one glass, because I am old and unable to bear the thought of a hangover with two children shrieking at me all morning.

The restaurant had a party room and the Stella & Dot rep turned it into her own little showroom. (The party room was small and dark, so I had to use the flash...don't hate on me, okay?)

Don't you love this jewelry display piece?

Pretty things to look at everywhere we turned!

In full disclosure, some of the pieces were way beyond my budget ($100 +), but I did order an adorable Kristin Charm Necklace for Natalie's birthday and some Paradise Studs for me. Both were well within my price range, and Natalie's necklace actually comes with all three charms!

The best part was trying on all the jewelry and figuring out how we'd wear each piece.

(Adrianna is one of those saints who picks out gifts for each family member before even considering something for herself)

I've seen Stella & Dot featured online before, and admired the fun, colorful take on women's accessories; but the photos really don't do justice to the pieces. It was a pleasure to seeing the unique and stylish line in person.

More than anything, I appreciated having a chance to kick back with some girlfriends and try a new idea out for a Girls' Night Out.

{Do you have any fun ideas for unconventional Girls' Nights Out?}

(This was a completely unsponsored post. All opinions are mine!)


  1. A girls' night out in Old Town sounds like loads of fun to me. I've only seen Stella and Dot online and would love to see it in person. The things that you chose are lovely! You might have to borrow Natalie's necklace!

    In the photography class that I took, the teacher, who is a professional photographer, was all about using the flash. She even recommended getting an external flash to use. The restaurant looks really dark and I'll bet that it was hard to get any decent shots.

  2. So many pretty pieces of jewelry! And yummo to that giant pretzel! It sounds like you had a fun time, and nothing makes a girls night out better than coming home with some goodies!

  3. that huge pretzel looks so yummy!

    sounds like a fun night out-i've got 2 home sick this week and i'm running out of m&m's-i'm down to the plain ones now-and i'd love a night out very soon!!!!

  4. Girls Night Out? What's that? I've forgotten what that's like!

    Looks like y'all had a great time. I've never had that beer, but fruity Sprite sounds good to me!

    I love Stella & Dot! Such cute stuff!

    As far as shoving stuff in the extra bedroom - I don't have one of those so all my crap goes in the laundry room, which is way overdue for a cleaning! It's next on my list.

  5. Oh how fun! What a great girl's night out! No one had to clean, you ALL got to go out and eat good food and play with girlie things! FUN!!!

  6. I was at that exact spot (restaurant name censored by Admin) this past Sunday and my family and I shared 2 of those pretzels. Next time try the Purple Haze. Delish!

  7. Sounds like such a fun GNO!

    Oh how I LOVE jewelry. I wish I had tons of money to spend on oodles and oodles of jewelry!

    We have a group of ladies here who like to get together, only we usually do girls' nights IN. But we always have a theme.

    We have done Christmas in July, 80's night, Luau in January, and we just had a Fiesta! Nothing like some good girlfriend time to renew you!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Yes we do need a good pair of jeans! What's funny is... I held my first party last week and purchased one pair for each of my daughters at home. I thought I would buy a pair at my next party. Well, I tried on 2 of the jeans and could not believe what a difference really good brand jeans make. Amazing! Thanks for stopping by!


  9. I'm way overdue for a girls' night out! Maybe it would help me out of my winter blues.

  10. Gorgeous! Love the set you got! Very pretty.

  11. What a fabulous idea! NOT at your house!
    And those pretzels!! HOLY COW!
    I prefer a margarita on the rocks, but I could go for a Lambic, too!
    The jewelry is incredible--have never heard of Stella & Dot. But I love the versatile necklace you picked out.
    An unconventional Girl's Day Out I had once was a Nickel Auction.
    I will post about it...
    good idea ;)

  12. I had a great time playing dress up with you girls! This should be a monthly ritual :-). We were soooo over due for some fun girl time!

  13. Yes!!! what a great idea for a "GNO", I had an awesome time, and I can't wait for the next one, also I'm craving right now a glass of Lambic beer ;).....btw I love your blog


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