Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Going to Blissdom?

Raise your hand if you're not going to the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville this week.


As I put this post together yesterday, I wondered if I'd be the only one left to raise my hand.

If you've been cruising around Blogland this week, you've probably noticed that many bloggers are traveling to Nashville for Blissdom, a conference to learn about blogging and meet other bloggers within your niche.

If you're like me and are staying home this year, whether it's due to lack of finances, lack of time, or even maybe a lack of interest, it's still easy to get caught up in the "woe is me" complex. You might be questioning your validity as a writer, a crafter, a baker, a decorator, a member of the blogging community. You might be feeling like maybe you're not good enough to hang out with those fabulous girls in Nashville anyways.

I know I did.

Why do we blog?

One of the reasons I blog is because I like to interact with readers and other bloggers. I enjoy finding out more about how other people live. I bet you do too.

There's no reason you can't also get to know some cool people this week.

What's one of the easiest ways to find a new blogging friend or two and maybe even a new Follower?


I'm talking about something deeper than linking your latest post up to a linky party and then leaving and linking up to 5 more.

I'm talking about something deeper than a comment that's limited to "that's cute" or "nice post."

You can do better than that.

Today, I'd like to invite you to stick around for a minute or two.

Leave me a comment: tell me your name, what part of the world you live in, what you think the blogging community could improve at, and what you love about the blogging community. Or whatever.

THEN, click on the person above and the person below you in the comments section and leave them a thoughtful "hello" on their blog. Take a moment to read what they have to say, introduce yourself, interact with them.

This is your chance to find your own little blogging Bliss today, right at home.

Will you take it?

*Come back tomorrow for a super neat Giveaway from ME! I've never done one quite like this, so I hope you'll stop by.*


  1. Well, I am pretty sure you already know me. haha! I'm from Michigan. I love the inspiration I find in blogland. And I love the friendships I've formed. :)

    I'm not going to Blissdom either.

  2. Great idea Amanda! Yes, I might have had a little 'woe is me' time this morning as I'm not going to Blissdom this year either :( I too love blogland for the friendships & community feeling. I just became a stay at home mom and blogging is my 'adult' time & a chance to interact with amazing people and learn incredible things. I live in Jerusalem, Israel having moved here from New York City 2 years ago. Anyone else abroad??

  3. Hi Amanda. Blissdom would be fun, but maybe another year. This is a great idea for a post. I'm from Greensboro, NC and love the inspiration found on blogs. It is also nice to interact with others on projects, etc.


  4. I love this idea, Amanda! Thanks for doing this.
    Blissdom sounds like a neat opportunity. Maybe one day when my blog has grown more I will try to go.
    I am from North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. I'm a native Charlottean, which is rare these days since we have so many from NY and NJ moving into our area. I am an at-home mom with 2 kids ages 10 and 7.
    I started blogging to share some coupon info and recipes with friends. I had no idea what this whole blogging thing was all about so it has been a real learning experience as I continue to teach myself. I love meeting all sorts of people through blogging and I love all of the ideas and inspiration I am getting from such talented ladies.
    As always, I love your blog, Amanda. And I am looking forward to meeting a few new people through this today.
    Have a great rest of your week,

  5. Who doesn't have the occasional woe is me moment :)
    I, too, am living in Charlotte, NC. I am a pretty new blogger (6 months or so) so I didn't even know about Blissdom until a week or so ago.
    I love all the inspiration that I find out in the blog world, not just crafty & food inspiration but Mommy inspiration, too. Working from home full time is very isolating, I miss the social interation of being in an office, and since my husband travels a lot, I have about 2 friends here in town that I get to see about 3 times a year. So blogging helps me feel a little more social.
    Thanks for the great oppurtunity to "meet" some new bloggers Amanda!

  6. Hey there! I'm in snowy western Kentucky today checking some blogs on my wonderful day off from school!! I, too, am not going to Blissdom. I thought about it (Nashville is only about 2 hours away from me) but then I saw that is a weekday event, not weekend. I couldn't take that much time off from school. I just couldn't justify it. Plus I'm a little of an introvert and having to "put myself out there" and introduce myself to the likes of the Nester and Thrify Decor Chick made me hyperventilate. What you said about commenting reminds me something I thought about after Debbiedoos talked about the same thing. Visiting blogs is really like a conversation. The author is sharing something with you, talking to you about something, and when you comment you are responding to them. If you were talking IRL, surely you would say something other than "cute." I have really tried to improve my commenting (not leaving miles long comments like this but...) and it has helped me form something more like a relationship.

    I hope you have a wonderful Blissdom free week.

  7. do you see my hand?? i'm not going... maybe someday. of course, when i think that thought it makes me all nervous and "not enough." but He tells me otherwise so i hang on to that!!

    so i am dawn... living in sunny south florida, perhaps the only warm place on earth today? i love hte friendships in this lovely blog world... and while the world tries to chip away at my faith in mankind, the people in blog world are working to secure those chips right back where they belong!

    thanks for this fun idea... this little bliss-from-home idea :) hope you feel the sun on your face today!

  8. I’m not going either! Last year I was a little more bummed about it but this year I’m fine with it. Who knows maybe I’ll go in a few years. I think it would be fun to see all the “BIG Name” bloggers and fill my mind with inspiration and random blog knowledge but this year I’m fine staying home.

    I agree with you on the comment thing! I try really hard to take the time to fully read a post before I comment. I feel that you get to know people better when they put some thought behind their comment (just as you’re saying). I’m not going to lie through I’m sure there will still be times that I just leave a short comment on someone post. Sometimes they don’t give you a lot to work with.

    -Texas, and yes I have BIG Texas hair and ride my horse everywhere I go. Okay I was joking about that last part but I go have big hair. :o)

  9. I am a humor writer. I live in Alexandria, VA. I started blogging as a step to my dream: a syndicated humor column. It's been a wild ride. I didn't know about the blogging world/culture. I've had so many positive experiences already. It's weird; I feel like I am living my dream now. I write a humor column - it just happens to be in blog format. I'm still getting used to the idea that I'm an actual blogger. A conference sounds like a great idea. I'll look into it. It's always fun to make new friends and have more funny stories to tell:).

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  11. oops sorry about that just wanted to add something...

    Hi, I am pretty new to blogland. I have a blog, but it's not public yet. I am not sure why I am so afraid to make it public...
    I find the other blogs so inspiring and helpful from how to's and inspirational... to do things from decorating, cooking, baking, gardening, etc.
    I have cried reading blogs and smiled, even laughed out loud....
    I have related to many bloggers and enjoyed the differences/uniqueness of others so.
    It's why I started my own little blog because I was inspired by a blog and encouraged by a friend.
    I can journal and keep record of ideas and progress etc. even though it's private for now.
    I am from PA where it is snowing this morning

  12. Hi Amanda! Just little ol me stuck between MI and IL soon to be permanent IL : ) I'm not going to Blissdom and I did feel like I'm not good enough (kind of like not getting the rose *wink* *wink*) with 92 followers...which I love each and every one! Any way...I will check in with the one above me and then the one below me later. Great challenge!

  13. Hey girl...I wish I were going to Blissdom but life calls, so what do you do?

    I am a blogger down south in South Carolina and have been blogging for almost 5 years about what ever hits my fancy! I love blogs in the same way I like magazines. There is such a variety of talent in blogland that I am usually left filled with awe. I do love getting to know people and have made so many wonderful friends in blogland that have become IRL friends also.

    Great post and maybe we should do a Virtual Blissdom complete with virtual pool boys to serve us! LOL

  14. I'm not going although I'd love to attend someday.

    I'm in Silicon Valley, California, mom to two darling boys, wife to a loving husband, I love my life and blog about my family, my crafts, my ever-evolving home.

  15. Hello, My name is Dominique, I'm from Ohio (even though I rather be living in florida right now where it's warm lol). I'm not going this year I started my blog two weeks ago lol. I had no idea about this blog world I have entered. I love it because I like sharing ideas & projects with people. I like seeing what other people come up with too. I also love to read other people's stories, deff when I relate to the story lets me know that i'm not the only one that feels that way lol.

    This is a great post :) thanks.

  16. I'm not going to Blissdom! I don't know why though because I am from TN and only live 2 hrs. away from Nashville in KY. I choose to go to Creative Estates in April instead of this one for my first conference but this one may have been a cheaper route for me! lol All well!

  17. Raising my hand here as another blogger not going. I doubt that I'll ever go because there's no way that I could miss school to attend. Honestly, I would be chicken to go any way unless I went with a few blogging friends that I felt really comfortable with.

    What I love about blogging is the inspiration that I get from others. I love to get decorating and crafting ideas and recipes. The friends that I've made through blogging is another plus. My blogging friends are as important to me as my in real life friends.

    I'm from central Virginia and I'm hoping to meet a few new friends through your challenge.

  18. This is a fantastic idea! :)
    I'm here in sunny Phoenix! No cold, snowy weather here! ;)
    I'm a new stay-at-home mom (and new public blogger) blogging is not only a creative outlet, but as Ruthie said, blogging gives me a chance for some adult interaction and "meeting" some great people!

  19. Hey Amanda - It's Kendall and I join you in the "I'm Not Going to Blissdom" pity party. Honestly, I didn't even think about it this year, since I really just started blogging again after a 6mo "vacation". Maybe someday, maybe not. And that's okay with me. I just enjoy being a part of the community from the comfort of my little office, in my PJs with a bowl of Cheetos (hahaha)
    Why do I enjoy blogging? So many reasons...meeting other people who enjoy the same interests, sharing ideas, getting ideas. It's my "me" time.
    What I would love to see different? I think it would be really cool to have a service where you can bookmark ideas you like from other blogs, compile them in one place and have the ability to catalog them by subject. Or does that exist and I just don't know about it?

  20. Hi, Amanda! I'm Katherine, and I live in Birmingham, Ala. I do not have a Southern accent, even though I've lived in the South all my life. *I* am the person the Today Show needs to interview after the F5, NOT the overall-wearing, missing-teeth redneck they USUALLY find. ;)

    I love blogging, although my audience is small in the big scheme of things. I enjoy telling stories and reading other people's stories, and I look forward to posts on my favorite blogs almost as much as I look forward to dessert at the end of a meal. Or instead of a meal. Whatever. ;)

  21. Hi Amanda! I am not going to Blissdom either. I don't feel like I am experienced enough with the blogging thing to go...does that make sense? Maybe someday...

    I live in Virginia Beach, VA (where the weather is so unpredictable and can change 20 degrees from one day to the next. Today is rainy...blah) I have been "blogging" privately (and following blogs) for about 5 years now, but "publicly" for almost a year.

    I love the variety that is available in blogland. I add more things to my "to do" list than I could possible ever finish from all of the inspiration that I find. I also love seeing how other people live and pick up tips and tricks from each one. I love it when I read a blog and totally relate to that person even though we have never met.

    I look forward to getting to know you better. Great idea!!

  22. Tara here. You know me, although you may not remember. You did come to my house once after I had my youngest daughter to bring me dinner (which my husband ate all of before I could grab any of it!). So, was in Maine for a while, now back in the Burg.

    I started my blog because a lot of my pregnant friends were asking me questions about being a mom. Or just being pregnant. They were worried and looking for answers and apparently I seemed like a good person to ask. :-P So I figured I'd just compile all advice, stories, etc in one place.

    Not really sure what blogland could improve on. I LOVE though that you can find a blog for absolutely EVERYTHING. Crafts, cooking, tattoos, reading, all kinds of stuff.

  23. Hand up here too =). My name is Alicia and I would love to go to Blissdom some day, maybe. Like Molly I am a bit of an introvert and don't know how I would handle initially not knowing anyone there. I live In New Mexico, dry and dusty. I got into blogging because I needed something other than playing on Farmtown to do while I was also job hunting. I quickly switched gears of my blogging and got into the crafting side of it. And got back into crafting. The crafting and blogging has truly helped me come out of my funk of losing my job (though not selling anything at the craft fair didn't help). Thanks for doing this Amanda =)

  24. This is such a clever idea, and no I am not attending. As a matter of fact, since I am a newbie blogger, I just heard about it from the blogs I read. So my name is Amber, a write a fun little amature blog in South Florida (born & raised in Michigan). I think the blogging community could improve on commenting. I say that because I know I don't comment on the things that inspire me, then sit and wonder why nobody comments on my blog.I personally blog for the sake of meeting new people across the world. I love to decorate and what a great way to display your work via blog. Sometimes I get personal with my blogs, and hope to inspire someone else. :)

  25. What a great idea! I'm still very new to blogging, and I felt a little "uncool". I was "bliss"-fully ignorant. I didnt even know what Blissdom was until a few weeks ago. Then I felt left out.... I'm in TN, just three hours from Nashville. But I just love to blog, get encouragement and ideas from others. Maybe Blissdom would be important to me later, but right now...not so much. While I do enjoy the link parties, I get great ideas from the blogs I visit, I get annoyed. It seems that some people link the same post to 10 different parties week after week. Always try to visit the person before and after me, and many more, on a link party. It doesnt seem like most do that. And if they do, they're not always leaving comments that are meaningful. I'm also bothered by link party hosts who are obsessed with having their buttons posted (which I'm happy to do) but don't bother to visit the blogs that link up.

  26. Well, I'm not going, even though it's an easy drive from here. Largely because of the cost, and also because I get nervous just thinking about it. I would be the one without a roommate, hanging out by myself, and feeling woefully under-dressed. There is no way I could compete with the cuteness!

  27. This is such a great idea! I love meeting other bloggers & I'm raising my hand because I'm not at Blissdom either. Just started my blog this summer and I loove reading other blogs and getting great ideas! I'm from New York... currently covered in snow! I'm also a newlywed and teacher looking for another permanent position, therefore, I have time on my hands and love to share my diy projects with all of you! I would love if you all would stop by and become my newest nest follower at:

  28. I love the connections that I have made through blogging! And how fun to actually meet some blogging friends IRL...I think Blissdom sounds like BLISS:) But I'm at home too, so I guess my hand is raised! I honestly love when I get a heartfelt comment from someone who actually reads my blog posts, and I love it even more when I can email them back and say thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great week Amanda...even if you aren't at Blissdom!

  29. Just linked this little partayy back to my blog!

  30. I am fairly new to blogging, and I honestly have never heard of this event called Blissdom, but it sounds fun! Maybe someday I will attend. Is it anything like the BlogHer event, that I heard so much about? Hmmm. Yea, I'm still wet behind the ears in Blogland :)

    My name is Katrina, and I first began my blog to keep a "journal" for my family and friends so that they could see what we are up to. I have always been a journal keeper and so blogging seemed perfect for me. It wasn't until recently that I learned there is a WHOLE WORLD out there full of people who keep blogs!! How exciting this is for me, to be able to read others blogs and learn from them! I am loving it! (but tend to spend waaaay too much time on the computer now!) So now, I not only do it to record my own family's happening, but I also enjoy connecting with others. With my blog I hope to inspire other mothers like me, who are just doing their best to keep it all together on a daily basis, knowing that it's okay to not be "perfect" but to instead strive to be our own best each day. I also have a nav bar that links to things that are important to me where I would like to pass knowledge on to others ( regarding brain injury and car seat safety) Blogging is a way to share your knowledge with others, and I just think that's the neatest thing.

    I'm the mom to nine children, and I live in southern CA :) Thanks for doing this - what a great idea!

  31. Hey there! I'm Jennifer and I from central PA! I'm a very infrequent blogger, and really only do it to help myself see things in a different perspective, but I LOVE, love, LOVE learning more about people, how they live, and decorate their homes. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, and forget that the little things are most important, and I like seeing everyone's "little things" that make them happy.

    Thanks so much for suggesting this!

    PS. I honestly had no idea what Blissdom was all about! But I'm raising my hand.

  32. I am a sahm in New Jersey. I've only been blogging since last June and didn't even know Blissdom existed, but now I am all waaah, I want to go to a conference.

    I started a blog to keep in touch with my sisters who live far away, and blog mostly about my kids and my house. I don't have any suggestions for improving the blogosphere, but I've liked all the inspiration and other bloggers I've met so far.

  33. Hey Hey Amanda! It's me, Sarah from Mississippi Mud over in Georgia.
    Although I've been blogging for a little while now, I'm still finding my focus and my niche. Blogging has acted as sort of an accountability tool for me. I love to craft, write, design, cook, and having this outlet helps me to organize myself in some way. I love to read other blogs because it's like getting a sneak peak into someone else's life.
    I think this is post was a GREAT idea. Thanks for "keeping it real" :-)

  34. Amanda, I wish I was going to a conference, but this is a great idea!
    I'm Madigan and I live in southeastern PA. I started a blog as a crafting/cooking journal and a way to share ideas/inspiration with other 'creatives'.

    You hit a couple of blog topics right on. I agree with you about leaving meaningful comments, don't link & run etc. I'm also all about quality over quantity when it comes to blogs... I'd rather see a great topic from a blog vs. another giveaway worth $15.

    What do I love about blogging? The interaction, the inspiration. I was kinda surprised and pleased to see that crafty/decor bloggers were such a supportive bunch! I'm so enjoying this creative outlet.

  35. Angie in Tennessee here! Yes I am about 60 miles away from the fabulous Blissdom but I will be at home! :) I am okay with that! :)
    Improve at -- support. Of each other that is! :)
    What do I love?? I think it is the motivation that blogging gives me. It makes me accountable to my readers there fore motivating me to keep at it!! :)
    Thanks Amanda for the fun!! :)

  36. I need to really thank you for doing this post today! I now have 2 new followers thanks to you! : )

    I may need to borrow this idea from you some day...if that's ok with you! : )

  37. Amanda, I think this was a great post idea. Personally, I really enjoy finding new blogs to read, meeting other bloggers, having them check out my blog, checking out theirs, etc.

    I blog for many of the same reasons you do. My blog will never be a money-maker or a full-time job. I do it for the other reasons.

    Since I'm the latest comment here, I'll check out the two commenters above me and come back later to see who commented below me. Thanks.

    P.S. I live in Cleveland. But born in Pittsburgh and a die-hard Steelers fan!

  38. Hi Amanda :) I am not going to Blissdom either. I don't think I'm ready for that. I haven't been serious about blogging for long enough. I think it would be fun to go but with only nine followers I might be getting ahead of myself :) Ever since we went under contract on our first home I have been addicted to blogs. I love all the inspiration and the creativity out there. Plus, everyone seems so real and so friendly. I wish I could meet someone like that IRL! the thing I don't like about blogging?? I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm just trying to find my way. Maybe I'll get there one day :) Oh and I live in Northeastern North Carolina but born and raised in Boston, MA :)

  39. I'm not going. The sad part? I'm only 3 hours from Nashville. But gosh, that thing is expensive! And now that we have had the 2011 from hell, I'm glad I hadn't planned to go.
    I'm still jealous!

  40. Hey there, The thing I love most about blogging is that you get to see a little glimpse of peoples lives and peoples thoughts. Being a SAHM in a small south Australian town sometimes you get to feel a bit isolated and alone. When I read others blogs it helps me feel like there are others out there on the same page and some how we are all in it together :)

  41. Thanks Amanda for thinking of this! I am one of the ones who does not desire to go... but I love this idea! You know your my comment buddy! And that is what I love about you, you take the time, you put fun and interesting content on your blog and you crack me up!

    I can't wait to go read and comment on some of these blogs.

    My name is Stephanie from Cre8tive, I live in San Diego Ca I blog about design and craftiness that I do (cause my family is tired of hearing about it)

    One thing that I have found recently in the blogging community is the continuous tirades of promoting advertisers. A lot of the DIY projects lately have not been up to par, it is evident they quickly thought up of something to use for their advertisers product and HAVE to make a post about it. It is starting to get real old.

    I love the blogs that are real, a DIY to improve their living or for the love of it. I blog to share with other designers, craters and DIY'ers who might care or get inspiration from what I have done. I blog for input, inspiration, constructive criticism, and meeting other bloggers. I follow a variety of bloggers of all ages, I love to see what other people think and do. I love to interact with people, but just not in confined forced setting such as Blissdom. I comment frequently, not because I want to bring in more traffic, I do it because I genuinely care.
    Thanks again Amanda!

  42. Hi all,

    Amanda, I'm a new follower of your blog and look forward to reading more about you and your projects. Thanks for allowing us to "meet" like this!

    I'm Jessica from and blogging is something I like to do because it's completely different from other things I do (my professional day job). It gives me a creative outlet which I love.

    I'm somewhat new to blogging and have recently started meeting more people and starting some nice friendships. I'm always looking for more!

    One area of improvement I see in blog land is the required use of sponsor products in order to link to parties. I don't participate in those because I feel it's not organic, like most blog projects, ideas and posts.

    But I've loved the journey so far and look forward to meeting some of you too!

  43. What a fun idea! I love it!

    I think you know me and where I'm from, and pretty much what I'm about too. ;)

    I love the inspiration I get from other bloggers, and the wonderful friendships I have made.

  44. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog! I can't imagine how much work it is to put on a link party, it's all I can do to figure out the simple things some days :-) I definitely appreciate that. I understand what you mean, I always include the link back/ button. But your right, it seems to have gone by the wayside. You have an awesome blog, and thanks for starting a great conversation for all of us to participate in!!

  45. Oh you are so sweet! This is a wonderful idea :) I'm not going to blissdom either! I have also avoided Twitter for a few days because my feed is overloaded with conversations of blissdom and nothing else!! ;)

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  46. Oh and I forgot to tell you about myself! I am Suzy and I live in southern Minnesota... It's cold here. I was thrilled this morning when the news said that it was 17 degrees out! That's 40 degrees more than it's been for the last week.. sad, I know!

    I LOVE blogging because I love the inspiration! I try to post full tutorials of what I do because the whole point in showing what we've done is to show someone how to recreate it! Thanks so much for this fun post! I love your blog!

  47. Awww, Amanda, you're sweet. Back in my pre-blog days I lived less than an hour from Nashville (we were stationed at Ft. Campbell) and of course the blogging world exploded JUST after we moved away. Sadness. I would love to go to Blissdom, if only to actually meet some of my favorite bloggers in person. I kind of hate Blissdom week because that's ALL the blogworld seems to talk about. I'm sure if you're there it's fab, but if you're not, it's just...not all that interesting.
    About me...I'm a military spouse, married to James Bond for almost 16 years (yikes, that makes me feel old..nope, I was practically an infant when I married), and homeschooling mom to Indy (8) who makes every day an adventure. Oh, and I'm very unexpectedly pregnant with Han Solo who is due in April, but will likely make an early appearance. I love high heels (obviously), decorating, reading, dogs, dark chocolate, Edward Cullen and Johnny Depp (not necessarily in that order) and traveling. I've been to 23 states and 12 countries (so far) on 3 continents.
    I blog because...I don't know that there's a single reason. It's a great outlet for my insanity (and all the crazy things Indy says), a way for friends and family to keep up with our constantly changing life, a great place to find inspiration and a wonderful way to meet awesome people (like you!).

  48. not sure how i missed this yesterday?? it was a crazy day-my 10 year old got braces-first ones in the house-a little painful. i'm home too-nashville sounds lovely though :)

    my name is dawn-i'm a sahm mom of
    5, 4 girls and a boy, ranging from 14-3, from the very, very, very snowy northeast!! not sure where we're going to put the additional 12 inches we got today! yes, the kids are home from school!! i'm president of our school pto and a basketball coach who wishes she knew lots more about basketball.

    i started blogging because i was part of you can make it's thrifty under fifty challenge a couple of christmas's ago-guess i have kim and kris to thank :) it was a fun time and missed it afterwards and kept blogging.

    i love, love, love and am constantly amazed by all that the bloggy world shares with others-for free!- printables, ideas, recipes, tips, coupons, great deals....i've learned so much and have been so inspired. i just think it's wonderful how nice and helpful bloggers are to others.

    great idea amanda!

    i keep blogging and reading other blogs because i love gettting to know new people and the connnections-with other women and moms-especially on the days i'm stuck in the house-it's my little mommy time. love all the new ideas and projects i find. love that i can also share and help others sometimes.

  49. Thanks, Amanda, for this idea! I am pretty new (less than a year) to the blogging world, so it is like learning a new language sometimes. However, I am enjoying it! I am Lindsey, born in Haiti, married to a South African, and now living back in Maryland again.

    Thanks again for connecting people! I don't always comment here because I am not really a "crafty" girl, but I do appreciate the way you approach blogging and meeting people! Keep up the good work!

  50. Hi Amanda, no I am not attending Blissdom, not that I wouldn't LOVE to go. Tell you what, if you go next time, I will go..We can be roomies.
    I started blogging mostly because I felt I needed a place to 1)vent and 2) talk about my life. I don't really have a 'niche' blog, I just post whatever I.. am feeling or doing at the time. I wish I had a niche, but I am just ME. Blogging about my family and dogs..he he..
    Great idea, I am off to visit some fellow bloggers here..
    Oh, I am in the Southern California desert!


  51. I'm Mary, aka The Little Wife. Its a very young blog (less than a month) but I am having a blast. I mostly post about crafting, particularly sewing, but have a good dash of all about me posts...
    I am a fellow Virginia, and am immensely proud of this fact ;)
    The hardest part about blogging for me the waiting, waiting to see what people think, waiting to see how big this will be, waiting to be seen. But I don't think anyone can do anything about this, and besides, patience is a virtue, right?
    I think the blogging community has been very good to me, I couldn't believe how kind the "real' bloggers were in answering my emails and questions. I was very afraid about putting myself out there at first, but everyone has been incredibly helpful and kind.
    Thank you so much for this chance to get my name out there!

  52. Yes, I was feeling a little sad that I couldn't go to Blissdom. I didn't even realize until this week that it fell during BBC's birthday and a very busy week! This is my first day to really get to sit down at the computer all week.

    Anyway - my name is Southern Fried Gal, aka Carmella. I live in Arkansas, the Natural State (and recently home to 5,000 dead black birds and 100,000 dead fish for some unexplained reason). I love the relationships, too. I struggle most with the balance.

    Great idea! Too bad I'm a little late. Have a blessed weekend!

  53. My hand is held high, instead of Blissdom, I'm enjoying Bloggdom in the Southeastern US. This is a neat idea and it is obvious many of us are still home. I've been blogging for 9 1/2 months and before that I didn't know much about the blog world. Glad I entered it as there are great people out there. I hope to start a more personal blog soon.

  54. Well, what about me? I've been blogging for almost 3 years and feel like I'm just hitting my groove. Different season and hopefully better voice. I live in Nor. Cali and have two littles, ages 5 and 3. I love the friendships that I've made and the ladies that have been so understanding through various growing pains.

  55. I'm less than an hour from where Blissdom is being held, but I never considered going. My blog is so small, especially compared to some. If I get to 100 followers, I'll feel like I've done something. I just don't feel like I belong at Blissdom.

    I've been blogging for a couple of years and truly enjoy it. Though I'll admit to having my feelings hurt on more than one occasion. Once I joined a "party" showing rooms in your home. I posted pics of my kitchen and received not one single comment. I could tell people were stopping by because I had a counter. But no one said a word. Was my kitchen THAT bad? Apparently.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  56. What a great post Amanda! I raised my hand, I did not go to Blissdom and have to admit did have a moment where I actually felt bad that I wasn't going and would be missing out on all of the excitement. Glad to hear I am not the only one who felt this way.

    We have chatted a few times but let me introduce myself, my name is Karen and live in snowy, Cleveland Ohio. I have a one year old girl and love to blog about her, our life, and home decor. I also love your weekend bloggy read ups, I think that is how I found your blog in the first place. Have a great weekend!


  57. What a great idea! I am new to blogging and am having to learn how all of this works! Thanks for all of the great tips. I am really glad I found your blog. Don't feel bad I live in the Nashville area and didn't to go to Blissdom. Like I say I am new at this and really didn't know exactly what is was until recently. I will have to check it out next year if it is in Nashville.

  58. My name is Janet, nice to meet you. I live in Winston-Salem, NC. I am originally from Lon_Gisland, NY. I have a 10 yr old boy who I homeschool. I have been blogging since 2009.

    I got so turned off with the link and run blog parties last year. Also the blog parties where over 300 people linked up. Who has time to visit 300 links? What a shocker it would be if someone posted a blog party and only 50 people could link up. I imagine that blogger would get hate mail, so that wouldn't work.

    I haven't really blogged too much in 2011. I am overextended in my real life and thinking about my blog focus.

    I really want to make more meaningful connections in the blog community. I hope I can go to Blissdom next year and that I'll have a blogfriend posse to go with me.

    Great post for us Pity Partiers.

  59. Hi! I'm new to the public blogging community. Thanks for looking out for fellow bloggers like me. I am constantly seeking to add to what I know. Great resources!
    Now, about me... I'm a Christian, Latina blogger. I went from being a teacher to a stay-at-home mom, and loving every minute of it. (This is the most difficult, yet rewarding job). I love blogging because it is my best form of expression, and because of the great satisfaction I get when someone benefits or relates to one of my posts.


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