Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I {Heart} Blogging


Today's post was inspired by an article written by Laurie over at Tip Junkie. She wants to know why her readers blog, why it's not a waste of time, and perhaps a tip or two.

I don't know that I'm qualified to share any blogging tips, but since my little bitty blog grew to reach over 200 Followers this week, I thought it's as good a time as any to share why I started blogging and why I continue to do it.

I typed up my very first blog post when my youngest was just a few weeks old. It pretty much summed up my reasons for starting a blog: I was feeling frustrated after being cooped up in the house with a newborn and a two year old, it was January, my husband was at work all day, and my friends were busy. I had things to say, but no one to say them too. Nothing particularly earth shattering, just funny little things that were going on, or my opinion on various subjects from fashion to TV to food.

I wrote one or two posts and then took an 11 month break. The newborn baby phase was wearing on me, and it seemed like I was just talking to myself. It wasn't until after I started reading other people's blogs that I realized a potential for community within the blogosphere.

Sure, I could write about dirty diapers and Starbucks all I wanted, but no one was reading my words because I wasn't putting myself out there. When I took some time to visit other blogs, leave thoughtful comments, and get to know the writers behind the screens, I felt so much more connected.

Some women blog to chronicle the cute or embarrassing things their little ones do. I certainly do some of that and a lot of the other. Some women love to write about the way they create a beautiful, welcoming environment in their homes. I try to do some of that too. Others share their love of fashion. Me too.

I guess for me, blogging is slightly more than a hobby. I truly do it to find some "Serenity Now." Taking some time to write about things I find interesting or things that are going on in my life is like pouring all of my jumbled up thoughts from the day into a strainer. Once filtered, I can see things more clearly. It's not a waste of time to me to feel a bit of serenity in my life because I was able to express myself in words.

The icing on top of the cake is that some of you stop by to offer feedback. Whether you are a man or a woman, a mom or a single college girl, the fact that you take the time to share your thoughts with me means that I may sometimes find something that resonates with you, despite our differences in life stages. That is community. That is my serenity.

Visit Tip Junkie to share your own story of why you blog! I hope you'll return to Serenity Now!

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  1. Very cute! I love your blog & look forward to reading more of it. Reading yours (and w/ a few nudges from friends & loved ones) inspired me to start my own as un-interesting as it might be. Haha! :-) Thanks for being a great bloggy friend!

  2. I love to connect with you and coming to your blog usually brings a smile, a chuckle or an outloud burst of laughter. You are an excellent writer and I love reading about the girls. Keep up the good work, girl.


  3. Community really is what it's all about. I've seen several blogs take comments off altogether recently, and there are other bloggers who I never see commenting on other blogs at all, and I think they're really missing the point of the whole thing. If there's no conversation going on, then you're just talking to yourself!

    I'm glad you started blogging. It's been fun getting to know you! :-)

  4. Thank you for the inspiring words. I, just this week, joined the blogging world and enjoy reading everyone's blogs. I LOVE the encouragement that others offer and the community of bloggers seems so positive and uplifting. It too brings me a little piece of "serenity" and joy that I get to share with so many wonderful and inspiring people. Blessings!

  5. Yes, I love the blogging community! It's been a great way to find more like-minded friends!

    I also like the writing part - putting things into words and sharing fun parts of my life. :)

  6. yeppers, community is 'where it's at!'

  7. Hey Amanda
    Thanks for stopping by :) i am returning the visit and i am loving your blog!

    I love bloging because i get to meet people i would have never met if i wasnt an active blogger.

    Looking forward to reading more

  8. i'm new to the blogging world (less than 2 mos. in!) and appreciate your tips and thoughts. i love blogging as a way to recap my days and my blog encourages me to try new recipes. i loooove the community of the blog world & that's something i definitely did not anticipate!

  9. Very well put. Somehow it's just a little bit easier for me to be real on my blog to total strangers than it is for me to admit to my in real life friends and family what is going on in my head. I know, weird.

    I'm off now to read through your archives.

  10. Well said. I love your strainer analogy. Perfect description of what blogging provides. Thanks for sharing.

  11. so true, about community. i recently wrote about this on my blog; the perception that blogging was a personal online diary rather than a way to reach out to people.

    so, so true.


    p.s. i wrote about it here:

  12. I think all moms can definitely use a little "Serenity Now."

    Now I just need to tie up the kids so I can have more time to spend in the blogging community.


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