Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are You Feelin' Hot Hot Hot? {A Birthday Bonfire}

My brother's wife, "SuSu," is not nearly as high maintenance as I am.

SuSu had a birthday last Saturday. If I was asked what I wanted for my birthday celebration, I'd want a big get-together with cake, ice cream, presents, and lots of attention.

Fortunately, T keeps me humble, and his version of planning a birthday celebration is ordering a cookie cake and giving me a nice card with a sizable gift card inside.

SuSu was okay with my brother's suggestion of a bonfire at her parents' place, which is off a winding road in the country.

Natalie's first question when I told the girls where we'd be going:

"Will 'dere be cake?"

Mimi (my mom) rode with us out to the party, and I had to stop the car once to take a few shots of the amazing sunset. My poor photography skills don't capture the beauty that sometimes takes a quiet drive in the country to notice.

It was almost dark by the time we arrived at the party. The pasture out on the hill was quiet and still.

After a quick hello out front, we headed inside for a meet and greet with the birthday girl. Yes, I am wearing T's Redskins sweatshirt and my glasses. I don't see well in the dark, and you can't expect me to wear a cashmere cardigan to a bonfire, can you?

SuSu and her mom.

My children always make themselves right at home when we are guests in someone's house. The girls found the piano, and immediately graced us with fine music. For you losers whose kids have to take lessons, my kid can play the piano with her forehead! That's talent!

Isn't this the cutest pumpkin?

My little pyromaniac.
Natalie wanted nothing more than to throw logs twice her size into the fire. Should I be worried?

Isn't the warm glow of a fire tantalizing?

Michaela Byrd does not share her sister's love of a good flame. She spotted the bonfire as soon as we arrived at the party, and started shouting "Hot! Hot!" Here she is sitting with Mimi, a safe distance from the fire.

My brother (Jamie) showed Natalie how to roast her own marshmallows. Hers might have dipped onto the ground once or twice, but I say that adds a little fiber.

Yum! First S'more ever....She's been waiting 3 1/2 years for this.

Someone else wanted one.
Boone kept eyeing the S'mores table. And the soggy marshmallow Michaela Byrd carried around for twenty minutes.

Natalie was kind enough to show the birthday girl how this whole S'mores thing works.

Y'all know I'm not much for camping, but the lure of S'Mores and a cozy bonfire is enough to lure me away from the comforts of suburbia.

I was just enjoying this neat overhead view of the tree tops, when SuSu's mom and dad started telling stories about the bear that was recently discovered sitting on a neighbor's deck, the coyotes, and the roaming neighborhood mountain lion.
Time to head back to civilization. Happy Birthday, SuSu.

Hope the bear didn't get any of the leftovers.

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  1. Lol. I feel you sister. Nature's nice and all, but there's such a thing as too much Nature! :-)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. I love a good bonfire and some s'mores with the kids. And extra fiber on them is always a good thing. ;-)

  3. What a fun time!! I don't get to go to a bonfire very often! And s'mores.....ummmm........


  4. Haha! Too cute & looked like so much fun. And you must be my cake twin b/c cookie cake is my all time, always favorite cake!!! :-)

  5. What fun! And I am so jealous that your child is a piano prodigy. I spent a fortune on lessons for mine.

  6. A bonfire is perfect fall fun! With the smores, of course.
    We haven't had our firepit out yet this year. Hopefully it'll stop raining soon so we can.

  7. How cute! I was supposed to go to a bonfire party on Saturday, but looks like we'll be rained out...bummer :(

  8. I swear, you have the most photogenic children ever! Michaela Byrd with her teeth and that smile--too wonderful :)

    ...and that is a beautiful sunset...I don't think I've seen one here that pretty this year...

  9. I'm sad I missed it! You should def print the pic of Mama and Michaela.

  10. aww - how fun! I am hungry for smores now!!! :)

    And that sunset is gorgeous!! I wish our skies got that pink here!! So beautiful!

  11. I think you look adorable in the glasses and sweatshirt!

    Bonfire...jealous! Sitting around a campfire has got to be one of my favorite things in the world.

    Gorgeous sunset pictures. Looks like a wonderful night!


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