Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Don't Know if She Reads My Blog, but...

Dear Mother Nature,

So I know I complained a lot last week about the pollen problem here in the 'Burg. Really, can you blame me? It's pretty gross! This is just a small sampling of what my dog would track in. Every. time. she. came. through. the. door.

Seriously, you're a "mother", don't you know how much it stinks to vacuum three times a day? I could be watching TiVo'd episodes of The Office, cruising the aisles of Target, putting the laundry away (okay, that was exaggerating). But no, I am stuck vacuuming the living room forty times a day while my sixteen month old gleefully shrieks as she rips the plug out of the wall. Maybe you can work on this issue for next year?
My problem the past few days has been the rain. Yes, I know I complained about the pollen, and I am very grateful that it's slowly being washed away. But you are just not cooperating with the Weather Channel.
See, I got this new desk last Wednesday and I haven't been able to paint it yet because the Weather Channel has been telling me every day that we will have all this rain. Torrents and torrents of rain. And because the Weather Channel is so accurate, I stayed inside every day. While the sun shone bright and cheerfully down on my back yard. I really, really want to makeover this hideous, God-awful table. It makes my eyes bleed every time I look at it. But I can't bust out the spray paint until it either rains or doesn't.
So, mom to mom, can you help a girl out?
Thanks. a. lot.


  1. I feel your pain on the little thingies that are everywhere from the trees. They lay everywhere, uninvited. They sneak inside, they lay all over my freshly laid mulch. They end up in the dryer somehow. I will be glad when they leave...as for the rain, if you take one step toward painting, I bet it will rain and get it over with. you will only have to scramble once...maybe. :)
    Hope she listens....


  2. ummm...if it's any consolation it has been raining here forever. i keep waiting to an ark go by, because we gotta be on like the
    38th day of it or something.

  3. You should totally write for a living. You're adorable!

    I feel your frustration...when I was making over my chest, it kept raining when I wanted to paint it!

    Doesn't she (MN) know how much we have to get done?


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