Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I'll think of you all today as you barbecue, run in the sprinklers, and drink lemonade. T always works big "retail holidays" like Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, etc. His parents invited the girls and I over for dinner tomorrow night, so that's our big plan. We may hit up JoAnn fabric to use some more of my birthday gift card (thanks, SuSu and Jamie!), but that's it.

Take a moment today to say a prayer of thanks for all of our military service men and women. My sister, Alison is a nurse in the Air Force and her fiancé, Sam, flies Black Hawks ("heliploppers," as Natalie calls them) for the Army. They have both served in Iraq, and Sam deploys again this Fall after their wedding.

My dad went into the Air Force after college and did civilian work for the Navy after his service, and his father (my O'pa) is a retired Air Force Colonel. He fought in World War II, flying B-17 bombers over Germany. He also fought in the Korean War. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, 3 Air Medals (flying heavy missions), European Theatre Commendation Medals, and other Commendation Medals.

My mom's dad (my Poppy) served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy during World War II. He was a Communications Officer aboard the Miantonomoh CM-10, which hit a mine at La Havre and sunk in the North Sea. He and the radioman were the last two off the ship, and my grandfather was the only one of the pair to make it. He earned a Purple Heart, a President's Commendation for valor, and a Commendation for superior work at Fleet Post, New York and San Fransisco.

People like this are real heroes to me, particularly the World War II vets. They did their job and didn't ask for recognition.

Thanks to all who serve. You are appreciated more than you know.

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  1. You are right - they are heros and you're very blessed.

    "Heliploppers," how cute!

  2. Sorry I have been delinquent in my reading as of late! Trying to catch up while I have a few moments.

    I truly wish the youth of today could catch even a glimpse of the heart those men (and women) in those World Wars had for our country! May we never forget!

  3. Great Post! That is amazing that you have so many family members that have served. My boyfriend leaves for bootcamp in a week (coast guard) Yesterday was his farewell party at my house. We had a Marine, a Navy Seabee, a former Airforceman, a National Guardsman, and an Army Soldier, and my boyfriend's older brother who has been in the Coast guard for ten years. It was so much fun to be surrounded by all of them, and just beautiful that everyone was home safely and able to come to the party!

    Have a Blessed Memorial Day

  4. Both of my parents served in the armed forces- my dad as a sergeant in the Army and my mom as a WAF. I think because of their dedication and involvement in the American Legion and VFW, I learned the value of service and dedication to our great country. I still place my hand over my heart when the flag goes by in a parade, and I taught my son to take off his cap and do the same. Old school, perhaps, but this respect is a part of me that I hope will be handed down in future generations in my family. True heroes don't seek the limelight, and you obviously know some.... Good post. take care, Sue

  5. We owe them so much. What a neat line of military service you have in your family.

    My husbandalso comes from a military family.

    His brother has been to Iraq 3 times. And may be deployed again shortly.


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