Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!

Today is my final installment in my quest to lure you into my obsession with the cult that is "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Because SYTYCD will premiere tomorrow night on Fox, I'm going to share more than one video today, just because I can. (Reminder: Tomorrow night is just auditions. The real competition will begin in all its awesomeness in another episode or so.)

I am so pysched!

This first video is another contemporary routine. Wade Robson choreographed "The Hummingbird and the Flower" for Jamie and Hok, and it is just beautiful. I believe he won an Emmy for it! I know a lot of you (Emily, wink wink) think that contemporary dance is just a bunch of rolling around on the floor, but if you really watch these two dancers, they encompass their roles so well. Hok nails the frantic, quick movements of a hummingbird, and Jamie is so graceful.

This next video is "Mercy." I love the scorned girlfriend idea...she just won't leave, huh? If I were the scorned girlfriend, I think I'd just slash his tires and call it a day, but that's just me. (Sorry for the quality of the video, but YouTube took down the original) Mia Michaels, a brilliant choreographer, created this piece for Twitch and Katee, who were amazing together.

Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed "No Air" as a hip hop routine for Katee and Joshua. For those of you who think that hip hop is just a bunch of gangstas jumping around, check this video out and see how smooth they are! They play an Army serviceman and his girlfriend who just found out he's being deployed. The ending is great.

I'm sharing this last video one more time just because I loved it so much. Another Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop. So smooth--they really use the music and lyrics to blend with the movements.

I hope I got you a teeny bit interested. You won't be disappointed if you stick around for the actual competition (the first couple of episodes are a lot like American Idol with the bad auditions. Funny a few times, then it gets tiring)

Hope you'll tune in!

I'm going to warm up right now, Blair!
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  1. You are absolutely ridiculous. I don't get that excited even for House, and I'm a medical major for pete's sake. The summer season SUCKS for me, as nothing is on (except Wipeout, which is a guilty pleasure of mine). I just have to stick to my movie list....

  2. I love your enthusiasm. I completely understand being excited about something...I get that way with too many shows to mention. I set my DVR to tape it so I'm on the bandwagon with you girl. By the way thanks for becoming a follower. I look forward to getting to know you:)

  3. GUESS WHAT!? I have a stupid school board meeting tomorrow night, AND I don't have TiVo! I'm going to miss the premier!

    I know it's just the
    auditions...but it's where you first start falling in love with your favorites!

    Loved all the vids you posted. However, since you didn't ask, I'm going to put in my 2 cents that I think last season was kinda weak compared to all the others. Just sayin'.

  4. Never watched SYTYCD. Never really wanted to. YET, I think I'm addicted this year already! Thanks to you.:-) I might have to fight Matt for the remote...


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