Monday, February 2, 2009

Rock On!

My friend, Emily, hosted a bunch of moms from our MOPS group last night for the annual "Game Night" (or "Watch Me Cheat Night," as I secretly call it). I don't cheat at all games, just most of them. Especially Spoons. If you've never played spoons, it can get pretty heated as the players rush to grab the last remaining spoons on the table. I think I saw a girl lose an eye once. So in my defense, when I cheat at Spoons, it is for my own safety. Technically, it's not cheating. I just don't look at the cards that are passed to me. I sit and watch for the first person to grab a spoon, and then I follow suit. Unless I get distracted by something shiny.

You can only cheat for so long before you start to get bored. I was skeptical when Emily broke out her family's Wii and decided we needed to give Rock Band a try. Can you cheat at Rock Band? I wondered. Before you judge me, I should tell you that the last time I played a video game was probably 1993. My brother had a Play Station and spent many hours in the basement with Fifa and Madden. He's lucky that he's athletic and played lots of real sports, or he could have turned out to be on of those 600 pound kids that lives in his mom's basement playing video games all day. I just never got into the whole video game thing.

Emily set me up with the drums, her sister E took guitar, J grabbed the bass, and Emily and KO shared the microphone for vocals. We are the most pitiful rock band ever. Not a tattoo, pierced tongue, or ripped jeans to be found. Even our groupies, the other moms, were sitting in the back of the room playing cards and wearing their nice suburban garb. Our tentative name is "MOPSS Rock" due to a spelling error with the Wii. Kind of like KISS, but cuter and with better make-up.

"Wait!" I called out. "Don't start yet! I have to get my glasses!"

I rushed across the room while everyone laughed...what kind of hard-core drummer wears DKNY frames on tour? That's really not a fair assessment, as J was discussing her astigmatism with KO as they strained to see the tiny lyrics on Emily's big screen TV. So I'm not the only one with a handicap!

Um, we pretty much rocked it out. Well, the drums are hard to use, but I eventually got my score up to the 80th percentile. I pretended like I was drumming at a Metallica concert. Or maybe Blink 182. After you get used to the way the Wii works, it's actually really fun! I can see how it can be really addicting, and this is why we will not be purchasing one. T and I don't have a separate garage like Emily does, so the strains of our beautiful music would be heard throughout the house, and then I'm sure the kids would want to play, and I don't like sharing. Plus, I already have visions of the girls standing in the doorway.

"Mommy, can I have a snack?"

"Not now, sweetie. Mommy's playing Rock Band."

At any rate, our first gig as a garage band was successful. At one point, we added some new friend L tried her turn at vocals, and AS gave J a breather on guitar. We signed autographs in Emily's driveway, and I'm pretty sure some of our groupies were crying. Our agent, a Ms. Byrdie of Nollie's Talent World has already booked us a second gig at a local Bar Mitzvah. I envision a world tour, a platinum album, and a pony. The pony is really because I've always wanted one, and I'll be rich enough to buy one after my check from the record label comes rolling in.

MOPSS members, if you are reading this, can I wear pink in our first video? Is that not hard-core enough?

Rock on, chicks!
MOPSS ROCK! You can buy tickets now at ticketmaster for our summer tour.


  1. aaaah.....the memories! it feel like it was only yesterday! ;)

  2. i hate you for posting that picture!! you just wait, my friend...payback!:o)

  3. oh you are going down, thomasson!!!!! although, i have to say, once i started using the children's finger settings on the guitar, my score did shoot up about 15%! the great thing about our band is that we are multi-talented and can switch instruments on a dime!!

  4. It sure was fun watching you guys for awhile. I would have liked to have tried the bowling Wii. Watch out, you might just end up with an invitation to join the praise and worship team on Sundays.

  5. Send me a ticket for the front row seat for the concert. I want to be down where the action is; especially if the pony craps on stage. ha,ha So glad you girls can get together and have fun times without the kiddies & hubbies.


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