Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Forbidden Stairs

The Forbidden Stairs
by Michaela Byrd, age 13 months

Forbidden Stairs, your carpeted levels
Beckon me like a siren as I pause my play.
The danger lurking in your shadowed heights
Dares me to climb ever higher as I hear Her calling my name insistently.
Footsteps tap across the Kitchen linoleum as She seeks to end my adventure.
I stifle a giggle as I find delightful treasures hidden on step six:
Lint and Dog hair!
I know not what sort of magic awaits at your summit;
I only know I must reach it soon. I scale more quickly--
Drat! Forceful hands tear me from my climb. Flailing arms and legs, I screech in desperation.
We are separated by the impenetrable gate, Stairway to Heaven.
I mourn for a moment before turning to DogWater for solace.


  1. first of all, the answer to the dreaded carrot cake recipe is to make it when you are going somewhere and need a "gotcha" recipe. Especially when you need someone to do that which pleases you.....um, to get your way, um....you know what I mean. they will follow you anywhere! :) And you won't be faced with the whole *&#* cake!!!!
    Secondly, MB's writing has certainly improved and she is wise beyond her years!!! :) So, so cute....


  2. You are so creative. You should print this out and put it in MB's baby book. She'll get a kick out of it one day.

  3. I can just picture her cute little michevious face. (the pictures did not come through for me.) They learn and grow so fast.

  4. Today Michaela's pics came thru and they are cuter than I pictured in my mind.


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